Immersion blenders are very convenient. They would work with any container. While most people use silicon nonstick utensils and cookware.

These containers must not get scratched which could be harmful to health. Immersion blenders can sometimes scratch the pots and it is one of the main concerns most people worry about when using this tool (apart from splashes).

Before we can give a solution for how to prevent hand blenders from scratching pots and pans, you need to know why they scratch them in the first place.

Why do immersion blenders scratch?

If you look at any immersion blender, you will see that the blades are always covered. There is a bell-shaped protective blade guard around the blades. There is little to no chance that these blades could get in contact with the container and scratch it.

So, the main culprit for scratching is not the blades. It is the blade guard. These blade guards which are made of steel in some immersion blender models have sharp edges and could scratch the hell out of a pot when used without care.

There is also one more reason why you must be very careful with using an immersion blender with ceramic or other nonstick cooking utensils. The blade assembly of the immersion blender causes suction.

If you use it head-on near the bottom of the container it will start to stick to the bottom of the pot like a magnet. The faster the blades rotate the stronger the suction. And as a result, the bottom will get scuffed really hard.

How To Use Immersion Blender Without Scratching? Guide

We have already covered how to use an immersion blender without splashing and here we will give the right way to blend food in any container using an immersion blender without scratching.

One usual answer that you could possibly get is to “not use the nonstick pots” and to transfer the ingredients into a metal/steel container. Think that devalues the original purpose of a hand blender though. The convenience lies in the fact that it can blend in any container without the mess of transferring from pot to pot.

You need to keep the following pointers in mind when using a hand blender to avoid any scratches.

Follow these tips to prevent the hand blender scratch cookware

  1. Choosing the Right type Blender: Get a stick blender that has a silicone cover for the blade guard or get one that has a plastic shaft.
  2. Do not touch the bottom or side of the pot: Keep the blade assembly of the immersion blender just over an inch below the surface of the ingredients to avoid suction down to the bottom.
  3. Keep the speeds low: Always start with low speeds and if possible keep that low throughout the blending to have better control over the blending.
  4. Holding Immersion Blender at an Angle: Always keep the shaft at an angle with the bottom of the container to prevent suction near the bottom.

Do all immersion blenders scratch pots?

Not all immersion blenders scratch containers. Hand blenders have detachable blade shafts which are made of different types of materials by various manufacturers.

The shafts which are made of plastic won’t scratch. But, they are cheap and have overall low quality. Cheap plastic blenders could have other issues apart from scratching and are not usually recommended.

Brands like Breville and Vitamix make hand blenders with blade guard covers that do not scratch and have great quality.

The blenders having stainless steel blade guards are prone to scratch cooking pots and damage the bottom of the container made of Teflon or other nonstick material.

Immersion blenders that don’t scratch

According to design and build quality, there are usually three types of immersion blenders.

One kind is cheaper with blade shafts made of plastic. This also includes the blade guard which is also plastic. These hand blenders are mostly lower powered with low build quality but they do not scratch the pots they are operating in.

Other high-quality hand blenders have steel shafts and blade guards but the part around the blades that touches the container is made of anti-scratch material or covered with silicon coating.

Best hand blenders that do not scratch glass bowls and nonstick pans/pots

These two blenders are the highest quality and most versatile blenders for any type of container. They are safe to use without scratching the bottom of your deep pots or shallow nonstick pans.

Vitamix Immersion blender

Silicon blade guard
Vitamix Immersion blender

Powerful Motor 

5 Variable Speeds

Ergonomic Design

Scratch Resistance Blade Guard

Breville Control Grip

Silicon blade guard
Breville Control Grip

Long Shaft

Internal ribbing reduces the suction

Non-scratch blade guard


  • Immersion blenders scratch because of steel blade guards and suction at the bottom of the container.
  • Not all hand blenders scratch pots, there are plastic stick blenders and steel immersion blenders with nonscratch covers which prevent scratching.
  • Follow the tips above to keep your cookware from scratches when using a hand blender.
  • The best option is to get one of these top variants of immersion blenders for all types of cooking utensils without worry.

Happy blending!