Vitamix has a variety of containers. There are tall, short, high capacity, low capacity, full size, low profile, classic, smart, plastic, steel, etc. containers.

Each container has its own compatibility. The Ascent and Venturist can take smart SELF-DETECT containers only.

The Small cups can not go with the legacy or classic series. Each container or blending cup or small bowl can work with only a compatible motor base of Vitamix blender.

During your blending journey, you might need to get a new blender. Either to replace your existing one. Or an extra blender for additional usability.

You would also want to know which Vitamix containers and motor bases are interchangeable.

We have listed all the containers you can get for Vitamix and listed all the blender bases they can go with. Have a look to make your blending more convenient.

Vitamix compatible container: Chart

  • For Classification of These blenders in the Vitamix Series, See this article about Vitamix Models.
Vitamix ContainersSeriesCompatibility and Interchangeable withPrice
Classic 64-ounce ContainerClassicC-Series blenders, 6300, Explorian, 5200, TurboBlend Three Speed
64-ounce Low-Profile Container with SELF-DETECTAscentAscent Series, 750, 5300, Explorian
Low-Profile 64-ounce ContainerG-Series5300, 750, Explorian, 7500
48-ounce ContainerClassicFull-size Classic C- Series
or G-Series Vitamix
48-ounce Container with SELF-DETECTAscentAll full-size Vitamix blenders (Without SELF DETECT)

Ascent Series (With SELF DETECT)
48-ounce Dry Grains Container with SELF-DETECTAscentG- Series Vitamix blenders (Without SELF DETECT)

Ascent Series (With SELF DETECT)
48-ounce Stainless Steel ContainerNoneAll full-sized Vitamix bases except the Ascent/Venturist Series
32-ounce ContainerClassicClassic C- Series, G-Series, 750, 5300, 6000
32-ounce Dry Grains ContainerDry Blade6300, 5200, 750, 7500, 500, 300, 200
Vitamix Aer Disc ContainerNoneAll household models
20-ounce CupS- SeriesS-Series blenders (Without Personal Cup Adapter)

5200, 5300, 6300, 6500, 7500, 780, Professional Series, Explorian Series (With Adapter)
20-ounce Blending Cup with SELF-DETECTAscentAscent or Venturist Series blenders
8 oz. Blending Bowls with SELF-DETECTAscent6300, 750 Pro (No SELF DETECT)
Vitamix 12-Cup Food Processor Attachment with SELF-DETECTAscentAscent and Venturist motor bases in US and Canada

Are the Vitamix containers interchangeable?

Not all Vitamix containers are interchangeable. From the comparison chart above, you can see that the Venurist and Ascent series blenders can work only with the SELF-DETECT containers.

If you try to use other than the smart containers with these machines the motor base would not detect a container and it won’t run the motor.

The 20 oz. blending cup is compatible only with the S- series of Vitamix and the cup is interchangeable only if used with a personal cup adaptor. While the SELF detects cup can only work with the Smart System Machines.

The classic tall full-sized containers can work only with the older designs such as the Classic series and cannot fit the newer Vitamix machines.

Vitamix e320 compatible containers

The Vitamix E320 comes with a Low Profile 64 oz. container. Other containers that are compatible with this blender are the 48 oz. Classic container.

The 20 oz. blending cup can be used with e320 with a personal cup adaptor. You cannot use the 32 oz. container with this blender.

The tall 64 oz. container from 5200 is also compatible with Vitamix E320.

Vitamix e310 compatible containers

The Vitamix E310 package contains a 48 oz. medium-sized container. You can get an extra low profile 64 oz. container that will go easy with the E310 Explorian blender.

You can also use a 48 oz. AER disc container with Explorian e310. If you intend to use a 20 oz. blending cup, you have to get a personal cup adaptor to run it.

The E310 is not compatible with the Vitamix Food Processor attachment.

Vitamix 5200 compatible containers

The default container for Vitamix 5200 is the Classic 64 oz. tall container. The 32 oz. dry grain container is also compatible with the 5200.

You cannot use the low profile 64 oz. or SELF-DETECT containers with this blender. The Vitamix AER disc container also works with the Classic 5200 model.

Is Vitamix container 058625 compatible with the 5200 model?

The OEM Vita-Mix container 058625 is perfectly compatible with the 5200 if you change the blades on it.

The only difference between the containers is that the 5200 default container has a rubber handle while the 058625 has not. You can easily change the blades on these containers at home by using the Vitamix wrench kit.

Vitamix a3500 compatible container

A3500 belongs to the Ascent series of Vitamix with SELF-DETECT motor bases. These blenders cannot run until they detect a compatible container. All Ascent blenders including A3500 require containers with SELF-DETECT technology to work.

What containers are compatible with Vitamix pro series 750?

The 750 Pro typically uses a low profile 64 oz. container. It is also compatible with the Steel container. The Vitamix Pro series blenders work great with the dry grain blenders and they detect large-sized containers with the SELF-DETECT option.

However, the small blending cups and SELF-DETECT blending bowls do not fit the base of the 750 Pro.