Both Vitamix 750 and A3500 are expensive blenders and everyone wants to spend their hard-earned money on a blender that is perfectly worth it.

If you want similar performance and power, both of these blenders will work great. You can get either one of them and will not regret it.

Vitamix 750 is an older yet more powerful blender from the Legacy Series. You can guess there would be no “Advanced” digital panels and touch screens.

Vitamix A3500 on the other hand is the fully loaded version of the most advanced Ascent Series.

It includes every feature Vitamix ever has. From touch screens to SELF-DETECT and wireless blending, Vitamix A3500 holds every bell and whistle.

If you are still confused to decide which one to go for, stay with us. To minimize your frustration, we have further details to guide you in making the best decision between Vitamix 750 vs A3500 comparison.

We tried our best to help you choose the right blender that will go well with your personality and solve your kitchen problems.

Vitamix 750 vs. Vitamix A3500: A quick comparison

Similarities between Vitamix A3500 and 750

FeaturesVitamix A3500Vitamix 750
Power2.2HP / 1640W2.2HP / 1640W
PerformanceTop of the Line
High Consistency
Top of the Line
Smooth Texture
Presets5 automatic settings5 automatic settings
Capacity64 oz. Low profile64 oz. Low profile
Accessories in the boxLow profile Tamper
Low profile Tamper
Noise Level85-90dB85-90dB
UsageEasy to UseEasy to Use
Vitamix Level of Quality
Vitamix Level of Quality

Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: What is different?

FeaturesVitamix A3500Vitamix 750
ContainerAll See-through PlasticRubber Lid and Handle
ControlsAll touch buttons with smooth dialLever Switches with smooth dial
Control panelDigital DisplayNo Digital Display
Speed Levels19 levels
(Each one has an additional ‘+’ level
like 1,1+ 2,2+)
10 levels from 1 to 10
TimerProgrammable TimerNo Timer
Smart TechSELF-DETECTNo Smart Detection Tech
App IntegrationFull Integration with the Perfect Blend AppNo Software Integration
Other Smart TechSmart Scale IntegrationNot so smart
The LooksFuturisticClassic


Vitamix A3500

Vitamix 750

Should you get a Vitamix Pro 750 or a Vitamix Ascent A3500?

The table above may have summarized a few main similarities and differences between the Vitamix 750 and A3500, but there is more to it when choosing the best one for you.

Why should you get the Ascent A3500?

A3500 is a solid option for tech-savvy who are fond of using smart technology and want to use accurate levels of ingredients and blending.

A3500 can use advanced containers and accessories such as self-detect jars, 8-ounce cups and a SELF-DETECT food processor attachment. Vitamix 750 won’t allow you to use such next-gen options.

A3500 can also fully integrate with the mobile app and Vitamix Smart Scale for blending your smoothies and drinks with a perfect taste every time.

Although both the A3500 Vitamix and the 750 Pro are the quietest blenders from the Vitamix the former is even quieter.

The A3500 will also look perfect with your new kitchen design and can go with all the smart tech that is in today.

A3500 has been doing great in blending green veggies such as kale. The end result is better than the one from the Vitamix 750.

The containers of the Ascent A3500 are dishwasher safe which makes your life easier.

The extra bucks would make you think twice about getting the A3500 over 750 but the Vitamix A3500 has all the top-class features and it is worth spending money on it in the long run.

Why should you get the 750 Pro?

If you are not into the tech stuff and want a ready-to-go simple blender with old-style switches. Vitamix 750 is for you.

With no bells and whistles like the A3500, 750 Pro is the choice of busy individuals and commercial users who want high performance with simplicity.

The Vitamix 750 has a classic look but the models such as the pearl grey with low profile jar are more advance looking versions of the 750 which can go with the smart kitchens.

The rubber handle and the rubber lid are also convenient because in the kitchen you often have your hands wet and it is easy to grip the rubber handle. The rubber lid is also more secure and cannot break if falls from the countertop.

The 750 works best for frozen fruits and making desserts. Compared to the A3500, the Vitamix 750 can make smoother and more consistent frozen products.

I am still confused! What do I do?

Relax, just look at the table above and think what will you regret not getting the most? The Vitamix 750 or the Vitamix A3500?

Are you a busy working person who does not want to mess with all the smart tech..? Go for the 750.

If you are more inclined toward accuracy and mobile app technology… Get yourself an A3500.

If you are low on a budget… Have the Vitamix 750.

If budget is not an issue for you… Definitely go for the Vitamix A3500.

If your kitchen is more futuristic and you are used to smart devices or using touch screens… Go for the Ascent A3500.

If you are old school and just want the perfect blending experience… Get a Vitamix 750 Pro.

As you can already see, it’s more of a personal preference and inclination towards technology or a classic lifestyle. Otherwise, there is no performance, quality, or ease of usage difference in the Vitamix 750 vs. A3500 debate.

We hope we have at least solved some of your troubles by deciding between the two blenders. (If not confused you even more at all! Sorry for that, it was a tough call)

Happy Blending!