Blades can get stuck in any blender no matter it is a countertop, a bullet, or an immersion type.

Most blender manufacturers provide tools to remove the blades and replace them if they get stuck or stop spinning or get loosened. If you have slight experience in repairing home appliances or using mechanical tools, you can easily remove the blade and replace them with a new one.

If you are not the tech type and do not want to get your hands dirty. You can always get a replacement service from the manufacturer or any appliance repair center near you.

Is the Blender blade not spinning? troubleshooting!

There are many reasons a blender blade could need fixing. Most users complain about the blender not spinning. Some complain the blades on their blenders are wobbling. While others want to fix the blades because they may not blend or grind the food with proper consistency.

How To Fix Blender blade stuck

Last month, our viewer Linda has an issue with the Ninja blender Food processor blades, they got stuck. Now technically this is strange if you observe the design of the blade assembly on a Ninja. Their stacked blades just sit in the middle of the container with a soft click.


Their reason could have been the deposition of food ingredients from previous blends which jammed the blade assembly.

Other reasons may include unnecessary force on the blades which could over-tighten the assembly.

A stuck Vitamix blender issue can occur in almost any blender. From hand blenders to regular countertops to personal bullet blenders. Any blender can suffer the problem of a stuck blade. Worn gaskets or overtightening could also result in this issue.

To fix stuck blades open the blades and clean the components of the blades and the shaft of the blade assembly.

Clean the washers, bearings, and other nuts and screws, lightly oil the holes through which the blades pass and do not overtight the blades on the socket.

For blender blades with screws, misalignment could also get it stuck.

How To Fix Blender blade not spinning

To solve the issue of a blender blade that is not able to spin, you first need to observe a few things that could have caused the problem in the first place.

One, make sure everything is perfectly switched and turned on.

Two, check the ingredients in the blender jar. If the blender container is overfilled, the burden of the food items on the blade would make it unable to rotate (this could possibly occur in low-powered blenders).

To reject this possibility, run the blades on empty blenders to make sure it’s not due to overloaded ingredients.

Three, if the blender is not spinning even with an empty container. It means there is some problem with the drive coupling.

Cheaper blenders with plastic drive couples can wear out with longer use and there comes a time when they do not grip properly over the teeth of the blender assembly. Thus the blades cannot spin.

There could be a tonne of reasons why the blade on your blender is not spinning. Before doing anything, check the power indicators, and make sure the blender is powered on and the motor is up.

The next thing to check is the drive coupling, turn the blender on without the pitcher attached to see if it is rotating.

Now if the motor base is okay. Put the empty jar in the blender and see if the blades are spinning without putting anything in the container.

If the blades are not spinning, it means you have got problems with the blender blade. It may have gotten stuck, there may be a problem with the inner mechanism of the blade assembly.

Turn off the blender and remove the container from the motor base. Rotate the blades by hand to see if they spin freely.

If they are spinning freely by hand, then there could be a problem with the coupling of the motor with the blades. If the blades are hard to rotate by hand, you need to follow the following guide to fix them.

How To Fix Blender Blade? At home!

Each blender jar has a different blade assembly. Therefore, each one requires a different approach to fixing and replacing a blade.

The first step to fixing the blade of a blender (and this one is common among all blenders) despite their build and design, is to remove the blender blade from the container or the blade assembly.

In some blenders, the blades are directly attached to the blender jars while in other blenders the blades have separate assemblies.

Blades fixed inside the blending container
Blades with assemblies separate from the blending container

Removing blades from each blender has different procedures. Follow this guide on how to remove blades from various blender machines.

How to fix the blender blade assembly?

In some blender models where the blades have separate assemblies, the assemblies could also get damaged. These damages can sometimes result in irreparable faults, but other times they are very easy to fix even at home.

Issues in blade assemblies may include the wobbling of blades due to worn bearings or washers inside the blade assemblies.

To fix such problems in blade assemblies, you need to open the blade assembly and replace the bearing or washer with the blades in the assembly.

How to fix the hand blender blade not spinning?

To fix hand blender blades, you need to disassemble the blades. First, cover the blades with some cloth and grab the blade without cutting yourself.

Now, turn the drive coupling on the other side of the shaft of the stick blender Counter Clockwise. You can also use a plier for this purpose. This will loosen the blade assembly (the rod that connects the motor to the blade) inside the shaft.

The reason for the immersion blender‘s blade not spinning or getting stuck may either be caused by a corroded blade rod or food gunk filled inside the shaft.

To fix the corroded stick blender blade assembly, spray it with anti-corrosive and swipe it to remove corrosion. you should add some grease to the rod and then reassemble it.

To remove the gunk from the hollow shaft, use earbuds and clean the inside of the hand blender shaft.

How to fix a loose blender blade?

Loose blender blade issues mostly occur in blade assemblies of bullet-type blenders. Which are due to faulty components which turn the blades inside the blade assembly.

To fix it, first, you have to remove the blade. Use pliers for blenders other than Vitamix, for Vitamix, you should get a retainer nut wrench.

Once that nut is loose, you can remove the blade. Remove the washer and check if it has worn out, this could be the main reason for a loose and leaky blade.

Now, pull the whole axle along the blade. This would expose a thin, flat nut. This thing holds the seal together if it’s off you need to tighten it by turning the counter clock to fix the seal. Screw it in tight, then put the rest of the blade assembly back together, and that’s it.

Loose blade problems could also occur in immersion blenders too. Most users have shared their problems with falling blades from those shaft blenders.

This actually happens when the whole shaft falls off as they become loose if not set up properly. In this case, simply press the blades lightly together with a pair of pliers

How to fix the Cuisinart blender blade?

First, see if there is anything stuck at the bottom of the blade assembly. Try to put some hot water in the container and leave it for a minute.

Try to push the blades with your hand a little. If nothing works, there might be some permanent damage to the Cuisinart blades and may need replacement.

How to fix Vitamix blender blades?

Almost all Vitamix blenders have blades fixed at the bottom of containers. If there is some problem with these blades and they need fixing or replacement.

You can easily fix the problematic blade with the right tools. It is always better to replace the blades on the Vitamix blender if it is leaking or not working properly. Here is the video on how to do that.

Credit: Vitamix

How to fix the KitchenAid blender blade?

When a KitchenAid blender has some issues, there is no other fix other than replacing the blade assembly. Replacing the blade on the KitchenAid blender is very easy, you can easily follow this video to do that.

Remove the blades from the KitchenAid blender jar. Then replace it with a new assembly by the same method.

Credit: K A Parts Limited

How to fix Ninja blender blades?

Ninja blender blades are of two types.

In regular blenders, there are stacked blade assemblies. These assemblies have very less chance of getting stuck or breaking. If they get damaged anyways, you have to replace them with new stacked blade assemblies.

In bullet blenders by Ninja similar issues may occur just like other personal blenders which are discussed above in detail. You can also watch these videos to fix Ninja blender blade issues.

In this video, the issues are solved with stacked blades not spinning on a Ninja blender.

Credit: Fixing Everything Yourself

This other video will show you how to fix Ninja personal blender blade assemblies.

Credit: Sangeeth Mohan

How To Sharpen Blender Blades? Should you!

The efficiency of a powerful blender mostly depends on the type and design of its blades. Each blender brand has a unique blade assembly, and each blade type has its pros and cons.

Regular use of blenders can affect the performance of its blade. When a blender can no more blend smoothly and fast, most people think the reason is the blades.

And the next thing that comes to their mind is that sharpening a blender blade can make things better. But, this may not be the case. Not with every blender.

It is better not to try sharpening blender blades at home. Removing the blade assembly from the blender can cause damage to the seals and cause leakage. Also, handling the blades may cause severe injuries and should be avoided.

Instead, proper cleaning and maintenance of the blender after each use will keep the blades sharp and make the machine last longer.

FAQs: How to fix the blender blade?

How do you fix a leaky blender blade?

Depending on the issue, there could be many solutions. A loose blade might need to be fixed. A cracked jar could need replacement. Fixing misalignment between the blade assembly and the container may also fix the leaky blender blade issue

What happens if the food processor blade does not turn but the motor runs?

Either the drive socket has completely worn out or the blender is not fixed properly on the drive socket. If the blade is stuck the running motor will heat up and results in burnout.

How do you put the blade back in a blender?

For almost all blenders the procedure to put the blades back is similar to removing the blades from the blender. You need proper tools and must know in which direction the blade tightens.

How often should you replace your blender blade?

In most cases, for blenders like nutribullet, ninja, KitchenAid or the Oster. You need to replace the blender blades within a year of usage. If the blending efficiency is reduced instantly replace the blades on your blender.