1. A Vitamix blender can work as a food processor as well as other blending and grinding machines. You can use a Vitamix instead of a food processor to chop and course chop vegetables easily by following these steps.
  2. Put a handful of vegetables (about one and a half cups) in the container. You do not need to fill the jar for good results.
  3. Start the blender at the lowest speed by keeping the dial at speed level 1.
    At this speed, the blades will not completely crush the ingredients but just move them around the blades with slight chops.
  4. Use the tamper to constantly push the food down on the blades for consistent chopping.
  5. If you want more fine chop, increase the speed to the next level 2 or 3. Do not increase the speed to top levels, Vitamix is a powerful blender and it can emulsify ingredients at higher speeds.
  6. After the desired consistency and level of chopping are achieved. You can either use a spatula to pour the product out or use a cutting board on top of the blender jar and flip it.

Vitamix as a food processor for dry and wet chopping