Got a Vitamix blender for your kitchen? Welcome to the Vitamix club!

This is probably the best decision ever. The thing is built to last. And, it will replace many machines on your countertop for lots of recipes.

Vitamix is big bucks, it is usually used by top names in the food industry. So, it is important to know how to use it correctly to compensate for its high cost. (If you keep thinking why did you buy this costly blender read why are Vitamix blenders expensive to make you feel better)

You are in luck, we have compiled this guide to help you get the most out of your professional-grade Vitamix blender.

For first-time users, this guide has covered topics on how to operate and use the Vitamix blender for the first time, how to put ingredients in the Vitamix container and how to use different attachments with the blender.

Those who have been using Vitamix for a while would probably know what this blending beast is capable of. We have included some tips on making different recipes and using the Vitamix blender to replace other kitchen appliances such as food processors, grinders, or frothers.

You must read this one if you want to justify buying this high-quality, high-performance and expensive blending machine for your kitchen! Let’s go…

How to use a Vitamix Properly? Tips and Tricks

Using a blender properly can keep it efficient and make it last longer. For new users to avoid mishandling their Vitamix blender, there are a few tips to follow. (Do you know how long blenders last?)

Without any due, take the user manual that came with your Vitamix delivery package and start to read. The user manual comes for the specific Vitamix model in your hand. It contains the most accurate information on using your Vitamix blender properly.

If there is no user manual available to you. This article can also help generally for all countertop Vitamix models (except the quiet one which has a soundproof shell with tricky assembly).

All countertop Vitamix blenders have three common ways to operate:

  • Manual: Using Speed dials with levels from 1 to 10
  • Presets: Using automatic blending options with pre-programmed settings
  • Pulse mode: Using the pulse button for accurate blending for extremely small intervals

Depending on the type of recipes or the kind of person you are! you can use any of these three ways to blend with Vitamix.

Also, the modern Vitamix blender (Ascent series for example) can also be used wireless from the Perfect Blend Mobile App by Vitamix.

Once you get used to these settings, you can easily manage to make a variety of products and also mimic the functions of other kitchen staples using Vitamix.

How to Use My New Vitamix?

For starters who have bought a brand new Vitamix blender? There is a lot to learn guys!

Put Vitamix Together (Attach Vitamix Container To The Base)

The assembling of the Vitamix blender is super easy. There are no matching arrows (using a ninja blender is tough when it comes to that) or waiting for the click sounds. You just place the motor base on the countertop and put the plastic Vitamix jar over it. Super easy right?

Load Ingredients In The Vitamix Container Correctly

Once the Vitamix is assembled, you need to fill the container with ingredients.

There are a few tips for that. They are no hard and fast rules that you always need to follow, but tips are tips for a reason…

You need to put liquids first (unless you are grinding dry ingredients or nuts and seeds). After the liquid, you need to put soft ingredients such as bananas, etc. Then, if you are making a green smoothie and using hard leafy greens such as kale, you need to put them above the soft items. At last, you should put any frozen fruits or ice on top.

This order of putting ingredients in the Vitamix blender can push stuff down on the blades and also avoid cavitation (empty spaces in between ingredients with capture air and make smoothies foamy).

Quantity Matters: Do not overfill

Usually, with the Vitamix blender, you don’t have to worry about overfilling. But the balance in quantities of ingredients matters a lot.

If you overfill the Vitamix container with all dry ingredients, it is not possible to move the mixture around and circulate each part of the mix towards the blades to crush.

Therefore, keeping the Vitamix container up to the max line and adding enough liquid for creating the vortex and circulating the ingredients for uniform blending is necessary.

Blending Speeds Incrementally: Ramp up to the Highest Speed

Once you have properly filled the Vitamix jar. The blender is ready for a quick run. Pull out the cord from the bottom of the blender. Plug the cord in. Turn the Vitamix blender on.

If you want manual blending, select the speed level by turning the knob and fixing it at a speed level. After selecting the speed, push the button and the blender will start running and crush everything inside the jar.

According to Vitamix, “when in doubt – use the high speed”.

The best way to use the Vitamix blender with a manual speed dial is to start the blender at the lowest speed and quickly ramp the speed to the highest level.

This way of blending reduces the run time of the Vitamix and keeps the blender motor cool with high airflow.

How to Use Vitamix Accessories

Vitamix blender packages mostly contain a tamper and/or a spatula for scraping food bits out of the jar.

Other accessories such as dry containers or food processor attachments can be bought separately for your Vitamix if you need them. (Maybe you wouldn’t need them since you can use the common jar for grinding rice and making flour and use Vitamix as a food processor without an attachment.)

Use the Tamper Correctly

Using the tamper properly can save you tonnes of time efficiently mixing thick and dry products. We have a separate article on how to use a Vitamix tamper. Ascent series also has a Vitamix tamper holder which is convenient to store the tamper close to your blender and avoid staining all over your countertop.

settings and The Timer?

Vitamix preset settings are gold for walkaway blending ease. Some common presets are for smoothies, ice, soup, self-clean, etc…

These preset modes will automatically adjust the speed of the motor to blend the ingredients with the desired consistency.

Unplug Clean and Store the Vitamix

If a blender is easy to clean. It is the best one. Vitamix blenders are super blending machines. While on the other hand, they are ridiculously easy to clean. The container can be cleaned with the self-clean option. For more details read this article on deep cleaning a Vitamix blender.

How To Use Vitamix Containers: Wet Vs. Dry?

Vitamix has launched special blade assemblies and compatible containers specialized to crush dry ingredients to dust. These blades and containers are called dry blade containers.

If you make flour on daily basis, this container is the best option for making fresh, homemade, pure powders and custom multigrain or rice flour.

Vitamix also has another special kind of assembly called the Vitamix Aer Disc container this container is perfect for frothing and whisking.

How to use Vitamix for drop chopping/dicing and wet blending?

The lid of the Vitamix container has a lid plug that can be removed by rotating counterclockwise. The hole in the lid is used for using a tamper. But this hole serves another purpose too. You can drop chop in Vitamix from this hole.

For drop chopping, run the blender with an empty container at moderate speed. drop food items on the running blades from the hole in the lid.

The items will be chopped off and thrown to the sides of the container which you can collect easily at the end. For fine chopping, run the blades faster.

Wet chopping can be done by filling 3/4 parts water and 1/4 part veggies to chop. Run Vitamix on high speed and strain excess water. These options also give it superiority over food processing with Ninja.

How To Turn On Vitamix?

Rarely, you will find your Vitamix not working. In modern Vitamix models with digital displays, you may also find an error code. To turn on the Vitamix and solve the relevant issue, we have a detailed guide on troubleshooting the Vitamix blender, give it a read.

Frequent Asked Questions

How do you use a Vitamix machine?

Using Vitamix blender is super easy. You can simply put the container on the blender base, put ingredients in the jar (liquids and soft items first, greens and hard items last), turn the Vitamix on, select the speed manually or use the preset settings and run the blender.

Do you need liquid in Vitamix?

When blending wet food, you need enough liquid to efficiently circulate the mixture in the Vitamix jar. This way, all parts of the mix will blend with a similar and smooth texture.

What can you not put in a Vitamix?

Non-edible items, such as rubber, steel, oil, glass items, extremely hot stuff etc… should not be put in the Vitamix.

What is the best Vitamix blender for home use?

Vitamix 750 is the best Vitamix blender (hands off!) for your home.

Can Vitamix chop onions?

Yes, you can use Vitamix as a food processor to chop onions. Use the drop chop method for chopping onions in Vitamix.

Can I use my Vitamix like a food processor?

Yes, Vitamix can be used for many functions other than just blending. It can dice, dough, chop and grate just like a food processor. It can even replace a grinder by making flour.

How do I use my Vitamix small container?

Personal jars can be used the same way as large pitchers. You just need separate assemblies to use the small containers on the countertop base of a Vitamix blender.

Concluding Thoughts | How to Use a Vitamix

Using a Vitamix is easy when operating it for the first time. But using Vitamix for versatile recipes and products can be tricky for first-time users.

You need to practice and be creative to use Vitamix for other than simply blend.

If this article helped you achieve the purpose. Give us a thumbs up in the comments. Happy blending!