Not all blenders are made equally efficient and powerful to mash ingredients well enough. To choose one for pureeing food, you need to be careful since it is very important to get the right blender to puree cooked food into a paste that is soft and easy to digest.

By researching and getting opinions from real users after testing many blender models. We came across 3 best models that do a great job when it comes to pulverizing food to purees.

The following 3 blenders are hands down The best blenders to puree food.

You can either pick one from these top blenders for pureeing food. Or see the list below where we have reviewed 7 more to provide more options for more precise puree tasks.

  • Vitamix Professional 750

    • Sturdy
    • Long Lasting
    • Smooth Blending
  • Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower

    • Compact
    • Purees Anything
    • Super Easy Cleaning
  • Ninja CI101 Foodi Power Mixer

    • Versatile
    • Powerful
    • Convenient

Do not worry if you did not like any blender among these three.

We have added more to the list below with details on how you could use them for precise types of food purees.

Let’s have a look at this large/small commercial, Immersion, baby food blenders for pureeing products in large or small amounts for different puree tasks and food items such as meat, soup, or vegetables.

7 Best Blenders To Puree Food

Ninja CI101 Foodi Power Mixer System

(Best hand blender)

Price$ Check Price
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity24 Ounces

When I was searching for a hand blender to puree food. I wanted to recommend a stick blender that is powerful, easy to use, and has a pan guard.

The pan guard was the top priority because we intend to use this blender for people with weak immunity i.e babies, old age and patients.

There are also other great immersion blenders on the market such as Braun or Mueller. But these other blenders do not have pan guards and may scratch the pot resulting in unhealthy products.

One option was to go with the Vitamix hand blender but that was too expensive and not much versatile.

Ninja wasn’t on my mind. But when I found it, I didn’t look back. This Ninja hand blender has everything you need to make healthy and easy-to-digest purees.

The Foodi Ninja hand-held mixer system has three tools in one package.

Power base: Ninja hand blender has a 750W motor that is a beast considering that it is an immersion blender. The motor base is very light, almost weightless. It can be attached to the immersion blending arm and also with the hand mixer attachment.

There are two-speed modes on the powerbase so you could blend in normal or turbo mode when using the hand blending arm.

The immersion Blending Arm:

The blending shaft is a 9″ stainless steel stick with a pan guard around the blade. The length is enough to go deep into pots and the guard helps to keep the pans safe from scratches. You can use it with metal, plastic, or silicone pots.

Hand Mixer attachment: The hand mixer attachment is unique for this Ninja immersion blender. It has its own controls to power on/off the motor. It has also 5 different speed levels for mixing and beating.


You can connect either a whisk or two beaters to this attachment. The whisk attachment is also well-built. It is all steel made so it would not break easily like those cheaper whisks with plastic bases.

Blending Vessel with Storage Lid:

There is a 24 oz. container with a storage lid included in the package. The blending vessel is tall enough to let you hand blend without splashes. You can also keep the pureed food inside the blending jar by placing the lid on it.

The main reason I love this blender for pureeing is its ability to blend, mix and beat the heck out of the boiled food into very smooth and very digestible nutrition for babies and adults. This immersion blender by Ninja is the most versatile hand blender for purees.

It is:

  • super convenient to use and clean
  • healthy and hygenic
  • powerful and well-built

Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower

(Best small blender)

Price$ Check Price
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity32 Ounces

The personal blender is best known for pureeing anything for a decade now. The small size, strong blades and jar design of this blender make it a powerful blender even with its low-power motor.

The blender is recommended if you intend to make food for the elderly or babies or to make soup from veggies.

It is not too good for chopping and slicing ice so don’t get disappointed. There are two types of blades for blending and grinding and multiple cups for on-the-go use.

The reason why we recommend this blender for puree making is because of its decade-long performance when it comes to making smooth purees from vegetables and fruits.

Vitamix E310 Explorian

(Best for pureeing meat)

Price$$ Check Price
MaterialPlastic (High Quality)
Capacity48 oz.

Vitamix blenders are best for a variety of blending tasks. Why we put the E310 on the list for pureeing meat because we have seen how great it could blend raw meat. So, pureeing cooked meat is not even a slight problem for Vitamix E310.

There are no preset settings in the E310 because it is a low-budget machine. But you may use pulse mode to get highly consistent and smoothest purees.

Vitamix blenders also have the ability to cook soup by high-speed blending without a heating element. So, it is a plus if you want your raw vegetables to become hot and soft pureed food without prior boiling or steaming.

Also, Vitamix blenders can blend anything and works well for food processing too. So, if you want a blender that could handle power-hungry tasks such as pureeing meat, crushing ice, making soups and making perfect smoothies. The E310 is a budget-friendly option with superb quality and performance.

Vitamix Professional Series 750

(Best for pureeing soup)

Price$$$ Check Price
MaterialPlastic (High Quality)
Capacity64 oz.

This is the MOST AMAZING countertop blender. I know Vitamix blenders are all great, but this one has everything. From the classical legacy to the advance presets, it is just perfect.

I love its performance, power, simple design and superb quality. The feedback from anyone who used it is always very very positive.

Talking about pureed food? It can crush the hardest ingredients such as ice cubes and hard seeds into fluff… If you want to make purees with some hard nuts or seeds, you will barely notice any chunks after blending.

Not going into its specs and other obvious tech specs, but this is a blender that you will regret NOT BUYING. Not only for pureeing food but for any kitchen task that involves a blender or a food processor.

The only thing some of you could call a drawback in this blender is the fixed blades in the container. But, with its auto-clean preset you can easily clean food out from the bottom of the blades.

nutribullet Smart Touch

(best for dysphagia)

Price$ Check Price
MaterialPlastic (High Quality)
Capacity64 oz.

Nutribullet is well known for its personal-sized bullet blenders. But this 1500W countertop beast is one of the strongest blenders by nutribullet. It also includes 4 preset modes for automatic blending.

This nutribullet blender is made for making purees and soups. it will give you perfectly smooth and creamy purees for those who cannot chew or digest whole food.

The blade design is best for liquefying ingredients without any chunks, which can be used for people that are on tube feeding.

The motor is very strong and the multiple speeds along with pulse mode help you control the consistency and texture of the product to the desired level.

The only thing that could worry you is that the lid sticks too hard into the pitcher and the blades are fixed so it is slightly more difficult. There are also no smaller cups, but that is not an issue if you need this blender to puree food mostly.

Overall, the power and quality of this blender are superb and the puree blending modes can be convenient for making liquid diets for dysphagia patients.

Ninja SS351 Foodi System

(Best for pureeing vegetables)

Price$ Check Price
MaterialPlastic (High Quality)
Capacity72 oz.

This AutoIQ Foodi blender is one of the most powerful machines. There are only a few Ninja blenders that could make smooth purees and this Foodi system is one of them. You can puree both vegetables and fruit in its large pitcher.

The blender can work for any type of blending such as soups, sauces and great smoothies. It will also as a food processor for chopping veggies. The airtight seal on the glass jar blends stuff without leakage from the top.

The Intelligent base will recognize the container placed on top and select the precise blending mode on Auto. Provides perfect creamy and consistent product after each blend within seconds.

The blender is a little louder and the glass container needs some extra care to avoid scratches.

Children of Design 8-in-1 Baby Food Maker

(for pureeing baby food)

Price$ Check Price
ColorGrey / Pink
Capacity16 oz.

Purees are the first thing babies get to eat when you shift them from a milk diet. The pureed food for babies needs to be very fine and smooth to help their digestive system adapt to the new diet.

When your baby first starts to eat, you get to make lots of different foods so a single machine may not do it all for you. Except for this 8-in-1 baby food maker.

It is great to make small batches of purees and blended food for your baby. There are multiple features like disinfection, steaming and blending. All these functions are necessary to make hygienic and healthy food for babies that are about to start weaning.

There are also preset settings for pureeing and making steamed food etc. The preset functions give you the ability to perform walk-away blending. You can take care of your baby and the machine will perform its function on its own.

This blender is indeed the best option for making pureed food for babies because of all the attachments and versatility in baby food making.

The only things (no deal breakers) that few users are concerned with are the price and assembling of this machine. The price can be justified by the abilities of this machine.

Blender vs Food Processor for puree

I would go for a blender. The reason is that a blender is a perfect machine to tear ingredients and pulverize them into smooth and consistent products.

Food processors cannot achieve the desired texture and there are tiny chunks left in the product.

Main reasons why a blender is better than a food processor are:

Blade design:

The blades of the food processor are not made for slicing and chopping. They are sharp and able to cut through ingredients and thus making rough cutting. If you want to make a puree with a food processor, it will take ages to get it smooth.

The blender blades are blunt which are made so on purpose. These blades can smash and liquefy any ingredients by tearing them apart.


The speed of a blender is also faster than that of a food processor. High speed also enhances the ability of a blender to make things smoother. A puree with uneven and unblended chunks is the worst! So, for purees, you should always choose a blender over a food processor.

How to make sure a Blender is the best to puree food?

To pick a blender for making purees from whole food, you must consider the following factors to make sure it is suitable for pureeing and pulverizing food into a smooth and consistent paste.

Here are the top features a blender must have to puree food.

Power and Speed

High power with fast rotation speed is the most fundamental requirement for a good blender no matter what you intend to blend with it. This criteria also applies to making purees.

If your blender is powerful enough and has a higher speed you will get a smooth and uniformly textured paste from whole food.

The finer the resulting puree is, the easier for the consumers (babies, the elderly and people who suffer from dysphagia).


In the case of choosing a blender for puree, blades play an important role in order to consider a blender. There are commonly two types of blender blades available in the variety of blenders and food processor machines.

One kind is the dull blades, the blades that are left slightly dull on purpose… The reason behind this is that these blades are perfect for pulverizing (smashing and pureeing) food by tearing the ingredients apart instead of slicing through. These blades work well in most cases.

Another type is sharp blades, these blades slice through and cut the ingredients. These blades are not well suitable to puree food.


For both babies and the elderly, you always need to be vigilant and careful in taking care of them.

If you are someone in their old age and want to get a blender, you should also consider what controls a blender have to use it for pureeing food in simple ways.

Auto presets are great to have for the perfect, walk-away blending style. Pulse mode is also a great option to have purees with the desired consistency.


The heating ability is an added feature in blenders for purees. Having a machine that can steam veggies and blend them into soft and smooth purees is great if the price is reasonable.
This function is just an optional factor to consider ONLY if your main concern is pureeing. Having a heating element can make your life easier in that case.

Can grapes be puréed?

Yes, any fruit or vegetable can be pureed. The only thing you need is a blender that is powerful enough to make smooth blends.

Can you puree with a Nutribullet?

Yes, both bullet and countertop blender models by nutribullet can make perfectly fine purees. We have already listed one of the countertop blenders from nutribullet for making purees.

Can you puree without a blender?

you can mash cooked or steamed food in a grinder or food processor or with your hands to puree them. Although you will not get the perfect smoothness with a blender, it will work.

Do you need a special blender for baby food?

If you can get one, it’s great. But it is not necessary. You can use a regular blender to make food for babies just fine.

What are the best vegetables to puree?

Fleshy food such as potatoes or carrots etc. is the best food to make a puree. You can also make soups from such food as well as purees. You may also pulverize green veggies such as kale.

What is the best appliance to puree food?

A kitchen blender is the best tool for making pureed food. Further in blenders, a blender with blunt blades and a high-speed motor is the perfect appliance for pureeing

Wrapping up | Best blenders to make purees

Purees are the best diet for weaning toddlers, elder people and patients having difficulty chewing.

High-speed Powerful blenders are best for making purees. We have listed a few best blenders for different puree tasks in which these 3 are the best options of all.

We have selected these blenders by researching a lot of blenders and after getting reviews from people who have used these machines for pureeing tasks. We hope you will find these blenders best for making purees.

Happy blending!