Asking how to open a Ninja blender can mean a lot of stuff. To answer this broad question, we have included details about every component from the lid to the base.

If any of your Ninja blender or its component is not opening and has been stuck here is how to solve your problem.

Ninja blender not opening

In order to open your ninja blender first, you have to get to know what component is stuck. Most of the time it is the lid that gets stuck to the pitcher.

The reason why this happens is because of the locking mechanism which fixes the lid over the pitcher before running the blades for safe and secure blending.

Some users have also asked us about getting their blades stuck into the pitcher.

Although the stacked blade assembly sits softly in the middle of the ninja blender pitcher sometimes it gets stuck when there is any misalignment.

The Ninja cups and pitcher itself may also get stuck to the blender base because there too is a locking system between these components, unlike a Vitamix where you just put the container over the base and it starts running.

Most Ninja blender users are also keen to know how to open the blender base for various needs.

Why won’t my Ninja Blender Open?

The reasons why ninja blenders won’t open generally boil down to two main issues. One, there is some food remains that dries up around the screws or joints of two components that would not let the components open.

Two, during the assembly the parts are not put together properly or pushed way too hard that they won’t let go now.

Most of the time there might be mechanical systems that get damaged or gear and shaft assembly that could get together wrong and won’t let the Ninja blender open.

how to open a stuck ninja blender

As we have discussed there are many reasons a Ninja blender could get stuck. There are many tricks and tips to open each component.

We start from the topmost component (the lid of the Ninja blender) and will get to the lowermost (the base) component of any ninja blender to help you open your stuck Ninja blender.

How To Open Ninja Blender Pitcher and stuck lid

The top of the Ninja blender has a locking lid. Each Ninja blender with a stacked blade assembly has a lockable lid which needs to be properly set up and closed over the pitcher before running the blender.

This is because the stacked blades are razor sharp and if the blender runs with an open lid there could be a chance of very very serious injuries.

To avoid any health hazards, the Ninja blender lid has a mechanical lock system that sticks it to the pitcher before operation.

Unfortunately, sometimes the lid gets stuck and it is not possible to open the ninja blender top properly by unlocking the lid.

If this happens, try to push the button on the Ninja blender Lid if it is unable to pop up you will need to try the hard way.

To open the stuck ninja blender lid, you will need to hold your pitcher tight, open the little spout cover put your thumb inside and put some pressure to pop it out with force.

Open Ninja blender Pitcher with stuck lid Credit: Family Adventures

how to open a ninja blender cup

Unlike the stacked blade assembly, the Ninja blender cups are used in a way similar to the bullet blenders where the blade assembly cap is screwed over the blender cup.

For many reasons including a dirty blade cap with residues from previous blends dried out around, the Ninja blender cup might become really hard to open.

Another issue with the Ninja blender cup is that it could also stick to the base and won’t detach from the blender base for one reason or another.

To open the ninja cup stuck with a cap or to remove the ninja blender cup from the blender base here are a few tricks to follow.

To open the Ninja blender cup stuck to the blade assembly:

  • Put the cup with the blade cap downwards in a pan
  • Add some water (preferably hot or warm) until the blade assembly is completely immersed
  • Mix a spoon of dishwashing liquid with the hot water in the pan
  • After a minute, take the stuck cup out and dry it with a towel
  • Put the kitchen towel around the blade cap and give it a turn
  • The Ninja blender cup will open from the blade assembly surprisingly easily

To open the Ninja blender Cup stuck to the blender base, See this solution from the Ninja Kitchen support team:

Credit: David Owen

how to open a ninja blender blade

Opening the stacked blade assembly is very easy. The stacked blade assembly is simply put in the middle of the Ninja blender pitcher without any screws or lock system. You can easily pull it out once the pitcher is open. Avoid touching the blades with your hands directly since they are very sharp.

Open Ninja stacked blades Credit: HomeOwner Repair

Other Ninja blender models where the blade assembly is stuck to the bottom, need tools and screwdrivers to open the blade.

Tools for opening Ninja personal blender blade Credit: Sangeet Mohan

how to open the ninja blender base

Opening the Ninja blender base is the most technical task. If you have never experienced opening or dealing with any electronic or electrical equipment whatsoever. You should NOT TRY this.

But, if it is unavoidable to open the Ninja blender base, here is a video you can follow to easily open up the blender base of your Ninja machine.

Always remember that before trying this at your home, MAKE SURE THE MACHINE IS UNPLUGGED from any electrical socket.

How to Open Ninja blender base Credit: Dustin Rogers

How to Open Ninja blender: Conclusion

Open a Ninja blender for maintenance is a good practice if you do it properly. If you have experience of your own, do the opening and disassembling yourself.

If you have no idea what to do, try to find out how to do it online from helping guides or videos. Proper maintenance of your ninja blender will make Ninja blender stay with you for a long time.

Happy Blending!