The Vitamix has earned a reputation for the most incredible blenders. With more a 100 years of experience and making over 6 million blenders (Wow!) this manufacturer has knowledge and wisdom that have changed the blending game.

This is why they offer up to 10 years of generous warranty and have less than 2% product returns for repairs in the US. They have got only 8 members on their repair service team in their HQ.

The Vitamix blenders are great pieces of machinery and You’d be more than happy with any of its models. Despite its higher cost, there is nothing that should tip you off from choosing a Vitamix.

No matter which Vitamix you choose. You will find these common qualities.

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Power & Performance
  • Ease & Versatility

Not only that, but you will also be able to replace 11 kitchen tools because the Vitamix you get will perform the same tasks.

So, if you decided to get a Vitamix blender? You’ve thought absolutely right. Vitamix blenders are game-changers.

Vitamix blenders are worldwide top choices by cooks, chefs, restaurants and bars. And it will be yours too. Once you start using Vitamix, you will forget about the price and never go back to another mid/low-end blender.

That said, let’s jump into the list of all the top blender products from Vitamix. We have listed 10 blenders by Vitamix and also selected the Top 2 picks which are perfect for any kind of blending task.

12 Best Vitamix Blenders

Our Top Picks

  • Vitamix 750 Pro

    • Best Overall Vitamix Blender
  • Vitamix Ascent A3500

    • Advanced Vitamix Blender

Vitamix has a huge variety of blender models with a range of power (mostly high-powered) and functionalities.

The most basic is the Classic and Legacy series blenders which are very simple to use with manually controlled variable speed dials and lever switches.

Next are the Next Gen G- Series and the Explorian Series which are slightly advanced compared to the Classic Series. Then comes the Vitamix Professional Series which introduces the preset programs for automatic blending.

Finally, the Vitamix Venturist and the Ascent Smart Series are the most advanced Vitamix models of all. These new smart machines have lots of bells and whistles which give extra convenience and accuracy while blending.

With its multiple range and models from the very basic Classic and Legacy Series, through the more advanced Next Gen G- Series, all the way towards the Most Advanced and futuristic Ascent and Venturist Blenders.

Apart from the regular countertop blenders Vitamix also has an Immersion blender model which is very great for hassle-free blending in your desired containers in any desired amounts.

Vitamix has a commercial series of blenders that are built for heavy-duty and larger batches. These blenders will cut your blending time in half by extra performance and more people to serve at once.

These commercial Vitamix blenders are great for restaurants, smoothie bars and Kitchens with hours of nonstop cooking.

Besides the types of blenders, Vitamix offers lots of accessories with their blenders too.

From small bowl cups to large Vitamix food processor attachments, from tampers to tamper holders, Vitamix goes above and beyond to make your kitchen life easier and provide you with every convenience you deserve.

Some users ask questions about every container manufactured by Vitamix being made of Plastic and why they don’t make glass containers. There is no need to worry about the use of plastic as these are the highest quality, BPA-free non-toxic containers.

With all the good things, most of us still get confused when seeing the price tags on Vitamix for the first time. But as I always say, I saw anyone who has ever bought a Vitamix and regretted it.

The cost of Vitamix blenders is so very well justified. They are expensive for a reason, they will last for ages. Vitamix blenders are built to last.

The Vitamix blender you buy today, and if that Vitamix is used with care it will last until your next-next generation without any slight problems.

Despite all the variety in shapes and functionalities, the only thing that is common in all Vitamix blenders is the build quality, durability, longevity and performance.

There is nothing you will through at Vitamix and it will not blend. The super strong aircraft-grade smasher blades will crush the hell out of any ingredients you put into them.

With singing all the praises of Vitamix blenders… Let’s solve your confusion, and help you choose the best Vitamix that will suit your needs in the Kitchen.

We have researched a lot to find these 12 Vitamix machines for different purposes. Each Vitamix machine is best for the mentioned recipes or function, but you can easily put them to use for making other recipes too.

Best Vitamix blenders for a particular use

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

(best Vitamix blender for smoothies)

For smoothies, the Vitamix A3500 is the best choice. The design of the container is perfect for efficient and consistent blending.

The 2.2HP peak power motor combined with the low profile wide base container with large blades can mix the ingredients into the smoothest and finely textured smoothies with perfection.

The Vitamix A3500 is the most advanced model of the newest Smart Vitamix machines, the Ascent series.

The perks of this blender are the accurate speed selection and wireless blending. You can use the A3500 with the Vitamix smart scale and Perfect Blend App to add the exact amount of ingredients to your desired smoothies and get the same taste every time perfectly.

The blender is also very sleek and comes in a variety of colors to match almost every kitchen theme.

The lids are see-through with a lid plug so you can easily use a tamper to mix gooey substances and ease the mixing of tough ingredients to blend well.

You can select between manual speeds of 1 to 10 with 19 finely calibrated levels to enhance the accuracy of the smoothness of your blends.

There are also pre-programmed settings including automatic smoothie settings to select from. These settings will make your life easier with the walk-away blending.

This Vitamix blender is only compatible with containers that have SELF-DETECT technology. With other containers, the A3500 will not run.

Vitamix A3500 is quieter than most of its Vitamix counterparts. The usage and cleaning of this Vitamix blender are also very easy with self-clean presets.

One slight problem with this blender is that there is a learning curve with using this blender for a few users. But you can easily get along by using it a few times.

The cost of this blender is also in the top range for a regular countertop Vitamix blender. But A3500 is expensive in all the functionalities with extra bells and whistles included.

Vitamix 5300 Blender

(best Vitamix blender for home use)

If you want a blender that you can use twice thrice or even more times a day every day. The Vitamix 5300 is a good choice for your home kitchen.

This blender is perfect for regular home use to make family-sized batches of juices, soups, nut butter, nut milk and more.

The blender comes with a 64 oz. low profile wide base jar which is not intended to work well with small amounts of ingredients. This is one of the reasons why we recommend this blender for home use it will work great with larger batches and can perform well in regular daily usage.

The blender can only work in pulse mode for customized accurate crushing or with selecting one of the 10-speed levels.

The 5200 can have a slightly tough time with hard leafy ingredients such as kale and the green smoothies could not blend very smoothly.

Also, this blender will struggle a little with crushing ice, but even then you can easily make recipes such as sorbet within minutes.

The reason probably is the wide base due to which the ingredients fly towards the sides of the blender away from the blades.

Apart from regular recipes such as making soups and making butter this blender can also grate ingredients like a food processor.

Cleaning the Vitamix 5300 is also very convenient. You can easily wash this blender with your hands since the jar is wide and your hands won’t get stuck inside. The components of this Vitamix blender are not dishwasher safe.

5300 is available in two colors, black and red and both perform very well with 2.2HP high-performance motor.

Vitamix 5300 is totally worth it for regular use in the home kitchen. It will last you ages with multiple time uses each day.

To get the full benefits of support for this blender or any other model, it is better to register your product with Vitamix.

Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance 48 oz Blender

(best commercial Vitamix blender)

What is better than a super powerful high-powered commercial blender? A quiet Vitamix Blending Station Advanced blender.

The container may be a little smaller i.e 48 oz. is smaller than most low-profile 64 oz. containers that come with regular Vitamix blenders.

But the 3.0HP heavy-duty motor and the advanced container that is unique to Vitamix combined with the sound damping shield make this Blending Station a perfect machine for open area commercial uses where customers are closer to the blending countertops.

The blender has a programmable speed selection from 1 to 100% with an accurate one percent step.

The unique container has a heavy-duty steel drive socket that can deal with heavy and thick blending like a piece of cake.

This powerful blender by Vitamix is an excellent choice for commercial usage in small coffee shops or cafes. You will get your drinks and smoothies fast and consistently with no crystals to serve your customers quickly.

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Blenders

(best Vitamix blender for the money)

This is for those who are not Perfectionists. If you can get along with a few scratches or minor permanent stains on the motor base, a Vitamix original certified reconditioned blender is an excellent way to get a Vitamix blender for the money.

Vitamix inspects returned blenders and repairs motors if they need to. These blenders are then renewed and repackaged by Vitamix factories and sold as Refurbished, Renewed, or Reconditioned.

These refurbished blenders are carefully examined by Vitamix and sold at over $100 less than the price of new blenders with small scratches here and there.

At the time of publishing this article, we have found a Certified Reconditioned Explorian Blender at $190 vs the new Explorian E310 priced at $350. That is almost half the price of new one!


If you have any doubts about getting a used or refurbished blender. Here are a few facts that may calm your thoughts and assure you why the popular deal of reconditioned Vitamix blender is the best deal for getting a blender.

All renewed Vitamix blenders have a Warranty of 5 years except the Explorian Series which has a limited 3 years warranty on their certified reconditioned products.

There is a 30days money-back refund or replacement policy on refurbished blenders. You can easily return your reconditioned blender and get another one or get your money back if you want within 30 days of your purchase.

So next time you need to get a Vitamix blender or replace an already purchased blender try looking for a Certified refurbished Vitamix before anything else.

Vitamix Immersion Blender

(best small Vitamix blender)

The smallest of all Vitamix blenders is the very compact easy to store easy to use and single-stick Immersion blender by Vitamix.

The Vitamix immersion is very convenient to use in any situation where you cannot manage to run the bigger countertop blenders.

Whether it is a quarter of a morning smoothie for yourself or a small amount of spread or dip for your dish you can use this small-sized hand blender and give it a quick run in your glass filled with ingredients and drink from that glass.

All you need to do is rinse the shaft of the Vitamix under tap water and that’s it… That’s all it is to it. No messy blender jars, no multiple containers, bowls, or glasses to wash.

The Vitamix immersion blender is a high-powered machine for a hand blender. With a 625W motor, it beats many low-budget regular blenders of other brands.

The 5 different speeds and 5 feet long cord give extra room to use it more freely.

The blade guard of the Vitamix blender is coated with scratch-resistant material which gives extra benefit to working with nonstick pans.

Vitamix stick blender has a very small footprint and can easily fit under the counter cabinet or hang straight on walls.

You can not crush frozen fruits or ice with this blender, so you should not get it if you intend to use it for these ingredients. Other than that, it can handle any amount of soup, smoothies, pastes, etc.

Vitamix 7500 Blender

(best Vitamix blender for Indian cooking)

The basic version of the Vitamix Professional Series, 7500 is a 2.0HP powerful machine to deal with the toughest ingredients including ice.

It can blend green leaves, and chilies, and make sauces and dips for both Indian and Mexican cuisines.

The 7500 has no preset settings and works only with a manual speed dial. Its ability to mix the batter, grind dry ingredients and cook hot soups are the reasons why we recommend it for Indian cooking.

Its blending efficiency is remarkably well and produces consistent and smooth products relatively quickly. The green leaf smoothies created by 7500 are very smooth with consistent texture.

This blender is powerful without having any bells and whistles. Those who want a simple-to-use Vitamix without extra functions to mess with, can use this easy-to-assemble and use a blender.

The Vitamix 7500 works great with the dry container and it can also be used as a food processor.

7500 blender is very easy to wash but it is not dishwasher safe.

Some users indicated a slight problem with this blender that it moves on the counter when blending.

The blender is powerful but there are no suction cups on the bottom to stick it to the countertop. This causes sliding of the motor base and extra vibrations which also makes this blender slightly louder.

Vitamix Explorian E310

(Best affordable Vitamix blender)

Here comes the most affordable Vitamix blender. Even with the lowest price tag, the E310 can do wonders.

It is dishwasher safe which is a huge advantage over many Classic or Legacy Series blenders with higher prices than the Explorian Blender.

The 2.0HP motor with sturdy 48 oz. container is very efficient for hard-leaf greens such as kale or cereal. The Vitamix E310 outperforms the similar power 7500 in green smoothies because of the smaller container.

The E310 blender can crush ice surprisingly well. There are no large crystals but smooth crushed ice ready to make a slushie.

The E310 Vitamix blender is gold really worth it considering its cost. The usage is simple with no extra controls but just a single speed dial and an on/off lever switch on one side while the pulse switch is on the other side.

For those who are low on budget, we strongly recommend either buying a new Vitamix E310 or trying to get a refurbished version that can be easily available at half the price with the same features.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

(best all-around Vitamix blender)

From dry rice flour to hard nut butter. From making the smoothest textured drinks from the hardest green leaves to crushing ice.

From cooking soups to kneading dough. There is not a single thing that you will blend in a Vitamix 750 Pro with anything less than perfection.

You can use many extra attachments in place of its low-profile wet blender. For frothing milk, you can get an extra AER disc container to enhance its capability even more.

Compared to other Vitamix blenders 750 Pro, is by far the most superior and Professional blender for its immaculate performance and extremely simple use.

The 2.2HP peak power of the motor combined with the low profile container churns the ingredients to the finest and most velvety texture products.

The uniqueness of this blender is its advances in simplicity. There are 5 different automatic blending settings including the self-clean preset which makes it very easy to clean without getting your hands dirty (Literally!).

It is easy to assemble and use with its clear controls. 750 Pro can easily get under the low shelves. And it can easily work in place of a food processor to knead the dough.

This blender is the best choice for busy individuals, moms, kitchen experts, or chefs who want the best experience with automatic assistance.

Vitamix Ascent Series A2300 Blender

(best Vitamix blender for baby food)

Vitamix Ascent 2300 is the most simplistic blender of the Smart Series by Vitamix. The blender is really sturdy and very well-built. The motor is very efficient and the controls are very easy to use. The wifi integration will Companion App allow to blend with many preset settings.

The pureeing capability of the A2300 is phenomenal. You can get the smoothest dips, sauces and pastes using it. This is the reason we have put it in the best-for-baby food bucket as you will get to make soft pastes and smashed purees for your toddlers regularly.

The noise level of this Ascent model is relatively lower than other Vitamix blenders due to the large high-performance motor.

The Vitamix A2300 is far more advanced than the classic Vitamix blenders. But it lacks very good performance. It will struggle with making tough leafy greens smoothies with uniform consistency. It will also not crush ice very well.

By using this blender it is evident that the A2300 is perfect for softer ingredients such as regular smoothies or pureeing soft or boiled food.

Vitamix 5200 Blender

(best Vitamix blender for soup)

That’s for sure, all Vitamix can make hot soups without a heating element. But, if the speed of the blender is kept high, there is a chance of splashing all ingredients.

The Vitamix 5200 blender is best to make soup in fact that it has the lowest speed at its low-speed level. This article from the Tech Gear Lab shows the great performance of 5200 for many other recipes including creamy well-blended tomato soup.


Unlike newer Vitamix blenders, the 5200 has a classic 64 oz. tall container with a narrow base and smaller diameter blades. This blender takes the most advantage of the Vitamix vortex effect as all the ingredients are vertically above the blades. No food skipped towards the sides and everything mixes very well.

The 5200 blender works great when used to grind dry grains and makes very fine flour efficiently.

It was observed that the Vitamix 5200 struggles with nut butter even if you add extra oil. The blender base might get very hot.

5200 is not really great with thick recipes, we have also seen that it will get stalled when blending hummus. Thanks to the auto shutoff though. It keeps the blender motor from burning off and harming the Vitamix.

Another drawback of this blender is the lack of a pulse switch. Pulse blending is always an excellent option for giving quick runs to get blending accuracy.

If you want it for cooking soups, you will probably not need a pulse button anyway. This blender is good for running long runs with peace of mind for not burning its motor with the auto shutdown feature.

Vitamix One

(best entry-level Vitamix blender)

Advertised as the “Perfect Starter Blender”, the One by Vitamix is the most simple, smaller and beginner-friendly machine.

The Vitamix One has no buttons, no switches, just a dial that turns the blender on/off and varies the speed of the blender.

The power of 1.2HP is also very low, compared to the regular Vitamix countertops. From the looks of Vitamix One, you could never believe it belongs to the Vitamix family. The 32 oz. blender has a small form factor that makes the overall blender smaller compared to other variants.

Even with the lower power and smaller size, the One is good at blending tough jobs. Compared to high-performance Vitamix blenders its results are comparable for crushing ice, making fine smoothies and even grinding coffee beans and dry food items.

The only flaw that most users get annoyed with is the chance of an accidental start. As this blender turns on/off with the dial and has no extra switch or button, you can unwillingly turn this on without purpose.

For those who want Vitamix-like performance and blending experience but cannot pay the price to get costly blenders. The Vitamix One is best to start with.

Vitamix the Quiet One

(quietest Vitamix blender)

Running the 3.0HP blending beast at around 64 dB noise level… Wow!

The vibration-damping encloser on the Quiet One is a superb option for both industrial and home use for people who run an open kitchen regularly.

With over 93 manual speed levels and over 34 blending presets, the Vitamix Quiet One justifies its high price tag.

I am not sure if anyone with a few family members would really need this. But for large homes with many family members or party houses, they would definitely need this for non-stop blending with unnecessary noise.

The control panel of the blender has a very sharp learning curve but using it a few times makes things easier.

For those who can afford it, get it. You can take your newborns with you into the kitchen while making recipes and dishes that require blenders without putting a soundproof headset on your children.

How to Choose One Vitamix Blender Over the Other?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the Vitamix blender that would work best for you. With high price tags, spending too much on a blender that does not satisfy your needs would not be worth it. So, keep in mind these tips when buying a Vitamix blender for you.

It’s not the Build or Longevity

All Vitamix blenders are built really well, these guys don’t compromise on quality that’s affirmative.

Ease of Use

Ease of assembly and simplicity of the control panel can be a factor, but it should not be a hard line. You can easily get along the modern options of the smarter blenders with few uses.

Ease of Clean

This should be a choice factor. Cleaning a Vitamix or any other blender is the hardest part of the whole blending process. You want this to the smoothly done as easily as possible. Self-cleaning options and dishwashing-safe Vitamix blenders could be nice choices to make kitchen life easier.

Container Size

Choose a blender with a form factor compatible with your kitchen cabinets and shelves. It will be unsettling to ruin your expensive Vitamix blender without proper storage.

Personal Preferences

This one is on you! Most times it is possible that you give no preference to what everyone says but want something to fill up your inner desire. If that’s the case, go with what your heart tells you and stay contented.


The best non-smart Vitamix blender is the Vitamix 750. It is great for everything. You can use the advanced SELF-DETECT containers with this blender (even though it will not work smartly, it does fit).

The A3500 has got everything, relatively less noise. High-performance blending. Smart full-packed features. You can’t go wrong with this and it is future-proof too.

Other Vitamix blenders can have some good and bad qualities that you need to balance for your needs and depending on your budget.

Overall, Vitamix users are always satisfied with the product they buy, the one-time investment that could easily last for years to come.

Happy Blending!