You can knead bread dough with Vitamix instead of a food processor with these steps.

You do not need a dry container or a food processor attachment.

By following the method below and with little patience, you can get the perfect dough for your bread.

How do I use my Vitamix for kneading dough?

  1. Put about two and a half cups of dry flour in the container (you can use any Vitamix and wet container).
  2. Run the blender on low-speed level 2 for a few seconds on dry flour. This will create some room for the liquid to be put in the middle.
  3. Add one and a quarter cups of water (mixed with salt or honey etc.)
  4. Put the lid on and run the blender with a pulse on the highest speed for a few seconds.
  5. Leave the mixture for a minute to settle down.
  6. Pulse the mix for 1 to 2 seconds 5 times and then leave it again for half a minute to settle.
  7. Mix it with a spatula to make the dry flour wet.
  8. Run the blender with quick pulses again and again at half-minute intervals until the mixture is fully kneaded.
  9. Keep mixing with a spatula in between the intervals.
  10. After the dough is ready, pour it out of the jar into the dough container.

Vitamix as a food processor for kneading dough