Credit: Ninja Kitchen

How To Make Ice Cream With A Ninja Blender

Yes… You can make ice cream in a Ninja blender. Just like shaving ice, Ninja blenders let you make Ice cream with a variety of flavours and ingredients at your own convenience.

All you need is to get different fruits, syrups and other items to mix to make your favourite ice cream recipe at home. Ant that too in minutes with the versatile Ninja blender.

The basic method of making ice cream with a Ninja blender is common for almost all recipes. The difference lies in the garnishing and flavouring to satisfy your cravings.

The best thing I like about these homemade ice creams in Ninja blenders is that you can mix any flavour, any fruit, or any taste.

There are so many ways to try and get the most amazing ice cream that you could never get in any ice cream shop in the world!

For starters, the easiest ice cream recipes to make with Ninja blenders are the basic Vanilla ice cream or Chocolate ice cream.

These recipes require minimal ingredients and the blending procedure is also easier.

Let’s get started to make Vanilla ice cream first and then we will help you make the advanced ice cream recipes too, with more ingredients.

How to make Vanilla ice cream in a Ninja blender?

Basic Vanilla Ice cream Recipe

With only 3 ingredients you can make delicious Vanilla ice cream that you can either use on its own or mix more items to create your favourite recipes.


2 and a half cups and 2 tablespoons whole milk
3.4 oz. (1 package) Vanilla Instant pudding mix
2 teaspoons Vanilla extract

How to make it?

Before making the ice cream in the blender. There is some prep work which takes some time.

First, mix instant pudding mix in 2 cups of whole milk and whisk it lightly in a large bowl. Mix it until it is dissolved but not too much so that it becomes thick and hard to pour.

Fill the mixture into the cube trays and place the trays in the freezer. Let it freeze overnight, or at least for 8 hours.

After these hours, the frozen vanilla cubes are ready to blend into plain vanilla ice cream.

Finally, to blend the mix you can use the ninja blender pitcher. Although it is better to use a food processor bowl if your blender has one.

Put the ice cubes in the pitcher, add vanilla extract and put the half cup of whole milk in the recipe.

Start blending the mix in pulse mode. Run it constantly for half a minute.

Your Ice cream is ready within a minute. Open the lid, remove the blades and pour the ice cream into a bowl to serve.

How to make Chocolate ice cream in a Ninja blender?

Basic Chocolate Ice cream Recipe

Whether you are craving plain chocolate ice cream or any other chocolate-based ice cream recipe. You need this quick homemade recipe with a Ninja blender. After that, you can put addons (candies, fruits, cookie crumbs) of your own choice to make it more delicious.


2 and a half cups of whole milk
1 package chocolate instant pudding mix

How to make it?

  • Just like the plain vanilla ice cream recipe, mix 2 cups of whole milk and instant chocolate pudding.
  • After thoroughly mixing, pour the thick chocolaty liquid into the ice cube trays. Let them freeze for at least 8 hours.
  • Once the cubes are frozen, put them in the Ninja blender regular pitcher or food processor bowl with standard blades.
  • Add the remaining half cup of whole milk.
  • Start the blender in crush mode (if your blender has it) or run it for half a second on pulse mode.

In about 40 seconds, the texture will be smooth and thick like the best chocolate ice cream you had ever seen. Serve it in any way you like.

How to make strawberry banana ice cream in a Ninja blender?

Strawberry banana Ice cream Recipe

The ninja blender can not only make basic ice creams but can also blend other more advanced recipes with multiple ingredients including hard-frozen fruits.

Thanks to its Total crushing stacked blades, it can easily crush through the tough ingredients and mix all items to make delicious ice creams for you.

Here we will show you how to make ice cream from frozen strawberries and add frozen bananas for added flavour.

You can try different fruits, mixed berries, pineapples, mangoes, oranges, or whatever you love and find delicious. You can make your own custom-flavoured ice cream at home with ninja blenders.


2 cups of frozen strawberry
2 pieces of frozen bananas
2 and a half cups of whipping cream/whole milk
1/3 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoon strawberry syrup

How to make it?

  • First, pour the frozen fruit, whipping cream strawberry syrup and vanilla into the pitcher with standard blades (better use the large processor bowl if your blender has one).
  • If your blender has an ice crush preset, start running the Ninja blender with this setting for half a minute.
  • Stop the blender, open the lid and see if the mix is too thick to blend smoothly.
  • If the ingredients are still not blended well and the mixture is very thick, add half a cup of milk for easy blending.
  • Also, add sugar to make it sweeter (do not use sweetener because it will not freeze well).
  • Close the lid. Start the blender in crushing or pulse mode and run it for at least 2 minutes until the ingredients are well blended.

Once the ice cream is ready, you can serve it as is or place it in a freezer for at least an hour to make thick and consistent ice cream.

How to make coffee ice cream in a Ninja blender?

Coffee Ice cream Recipe

This recipe is the creation of a Ninja Kitchen intern from Princeton.

Here we will show you how to make ice cream from frozen strawberries and add frozen bananas for added flavour.

You can add different coffee and other nuts as mix-ins to make it taste as you want it.


2 cups whole milk
1 package vanilla pudding mix
1/2 cup espresso coffee, cold from instant
1/4 cup half & half
1/2 cup chocolate-covered almonds

How to make it?

This one also needs some freezing before blending.
Add whole milk and vanilla instant pudding. Mix them well, and put them in the cube trays. Freeze the trays overnight to make frozen vanilla cubes.

Then, use the ninja pitcher or processor bowl and put the vanilla cubes in the container, with the standard blades.
Add the espresso coffee and half&half (or any of your favourite cold coffee).

Blend using ice-crushing settings or pulse mode for half a minute.

Add almond nuts covered with dark chocolate (or any of your favourite mix-ins).

Run the blender for another 30 seconds or until the mixture is blended consistently, smooth and thick.

The delicious coffee ice cream is ready to serve as is, or you can put it in the freezer for about an hour to make it even more thick and crunchy.

How to make ice cream in Ninja Foodi blender?

Yes, without any effort. For Ninja foodi cold and hot blender, I am not going into the ingredients and recipes. Probably because this blender is so amazing, that you can put whatever recipe you can think of… I mean it… Through what you could imagine, your favourite fruits, cream, milk, nuts, powders… Anything.

You just put the stuff in the Foodi Cold & Hot blender and turn it on with the ice cream preset. For any combination of ingredients (frozen fruits to solid ice), the Ninja Foodi will take only 1 minute and 10 seconds to give you superb ice cream.

All you will be doing is mixing the stuff a little bit with the tamper that comes with the Foodi blender. The Ninja Cold and Hot blender is a superb choice for making ice cream at home.