There is no single way to answer how you could remove blades from a blender. We need to be specific for each blender model or at least a brand/type/category of the blender.

Each type of blender has a different blade assembly. Hand blender blades are connected to the shaft in a unique way, the single-serve bullet models have separate blade assembly heads.

The countertop blenders have two classes, one of them has blades fixed into the container, while the other type has detachable blade assemblies.

How to remove the blade from the blender? (Fix blender blades that are not spinning)

With such a wide variety of blenders available on the market. We have divided the answer to the question into sections according to the type of blender you could possibly have.

All Personal/Single-serve/Bullet blender models have similar blade assemblies so the technique to remove their blades would be similar.

Hand blenders have totally different designs, thus the method to remove the blades on immersion blenders is different too.

Even the countertop blenders do not have similar blade assemblies. The blades on a Vitamix blender are attached to the container.

While in the case of Ninja blenders they are easily detachable.

Other countertop blender specialists like KitchenAid also have separate blade assemblies.

Regular blenders either have blades fixed into the container or separable blade assemblies. Ninja has unique blades called the stacked blade assembly which are the easiest to remove.

How to remove Vitamix blades?

Vitamix has strong blades which are tightly screwed into the container.

To remove them from the jar, there is a wrench called the retainer nut wrench.

The retainer nut is a large plastic/rubber nut that lies below the bottom of the container. The retainer nut holds the blade assembly and the drive socket.

To remove the blender blade on the Vitamix blender, use the retainer nut wrench to unscrew the retainer nut.


To do this, first spread a kitchen towel on the countertop.

Invert the Vitamix blender jar.

Lock the blade removal tool wrench on the retainer nut. Give it a push counterclockwise. This needs some force so it’s better to hold the container under your arm when unscrewing the nut.

Once the nut is set loose, put the container inverted on the towel over the countertop and unscrew the loosened nut by hand.

The blade assembly will fall down once it is detached from the nut.

Remove Vitamix blender blade: Prima Supply

When you have removed the Vitamix blade, you can either repair it or replace it at your convenience.

How to remove Ninja blender blades?

To remove the Ninja blender blades, open the lid of the pitcher. pull the blade assembly shaft to detach it from the pitcher.

That’s it, so simple it is to remove the blade assembly from a Ninja blender. Just keep one thing in mind these blades are very sharp so handle them with care.

There are times when the shaft may get stuck. In that case, use a plier to pull the blade shaft with force.


How to remove KitchenAid blender blades?

Removing KitchenAid blades does not need any special tool.

To remove the blade from these blenders, you have to put on safety gloves or use a kitchen cloth to cover the blades from the inside of the jar and hold the sharp blades.

Tilt the blender jar and you will see the drive coupling at the bottom of the container.

The drive couple of the KitchenAid blender is a metal/plastic bar. Hold the drive coupling metal and turn it counterclockwise to open up.

Once the nut is unscrewed the blade is detached and removed from the blender.

How to remove nutribullet blades?

Nutribullet/MagicBullet and Ninja are two famous blender manufacturers to have personal sized bullet shape blenders.

The blade assemblies on all these single-serve blenders are almost similar.

They have separate assemblies that contain blades and attached drive coupling.


The blades on Magic bullet and Nutrininja (as in the picture) are attached through the shaft of the blade going straight into the middle of the drive socket.

If the blade gets stuck on such assembly, it can be removed easily by following these steps.

Cover the blades with cloth and hold tight.

Then, by using a plier around the rubber drive coupling, turn it clockwise.

The drive socket will turn loose and you can easily remove the blades.

Removing blades on bullet blender: RunLiftPush

If you are not able to remove the blades even after detaching the gear below the blade assembly, do the following.

Use a hammer and slowly hit the screw shaft from the bottom of the assembly.

Try to pull the blades they would be removed easily.

If they are still stuck, you will need to invert the assembly to something that can have room for the blades.

Use a screwdriver on the blade shaft and hit it so that the shaft of the blades is removed from the blade assembly.

How to remove the hand blender blade?

Just like all other blenders, immersion blenders also have a variety of designs and builds.

For some hand blenders, you can remove the blade shafts and replace them with new ones. For others, you can remove or replace the blades only.

Warring, Bamix and KitchenAid stick blenders have detachable blades which you can remove by different methods.

Some less know immersion blender brands also make products from which you can easily remove the blades.

In the case of the Braun hand blenders, there are some complaints of falling blender blades, so you can remove blades from those stick blending machines too.

Remove Warring blade

To remove the blade from the Warring blender, use the blade removal tool. Put the holder over the blade guard and put the nut removal tool inside the shaft to unscrew the nut that holds the blade assembly.

Remove Bamix blade

To remove the blade from Bamix hold the blade and give it a pull, the blade will pop out from the shaft.

For other hand blenders, you will need to hold the blades tight.

Unscrew the retainer nut on the other side of the shaft which connects the blade to the motor on the handle.

Once the retainer socket is removed, pull the blades with pliers with some force.

The blades will come out along with the long bar inside the shaft.