Introduction to Blendtec Blenders

Tom Dickson created Blendtec in the 1960s, when it invented the wheat mill. In the past his innovation was to increase the speed and efficiency at which flours were grinding twice as much as other heavy-duty appliances were. In the 1990s Dickson had designed and built an integrated blending tool for blending into his creative ideas. In 2006 Blendtec was the name that was quickly embraced in Tom’s famous video “Will it blend? The two placed several household and outdoor items into a blender to evaluate the durability of the blender’s pitcher motor and blade. The company was immediately successful and sales reached a huge 700% rise.

Why should you buy a Blendtec Blender?

The Blendtec blender will give the elegant and high-performance blender a new look.. Although expensive, Blendtec blenders will deliver excellent performances and long-term performance. Strong pitchers and stainless steel wheels ensure long-lasting use over time. Although most of us have had some kind of experience with blenders in our lives, if this is the first time that you buy one then you will definitely have a blender. They have an intuitive touchscreen interface with pre-programmed settings and fixed times of blend.

Blendtec Blender Review

Let us review! I will examine each and every blender from Blendtec and add other alternatives that can help you discover them. After reading the review, the advice may be helpful. It’s not a problem when a Blendtec blender is expensive. Blendtec Professional 800 is an easy choice. Blendtec blenders feature a wide range of noise-reducing features, mixing power and presets. Blendtec Professional800… The back has an intuitive touch slider allowing quick access to 11 speeds.

Blendtec Classic 575

This covers Blendtec’s Classic Series. The blender has power ranging from 1300 to 1600 Watts. The blenders are in low-end markets and therefore lack advanced functions like a capacitive slider control. The blender is easily operated but uses the controls of the buttons on the buttons instead. Have a look around this place! Importantly though, you will get the same high-quality blender performance build and warranty that is standard. In simple terms, the Classic series will help you in your everyday home and need to use high-quality kitchen equipment at low prices.

Blendtec Designer Series

Blendtec midrange blender products have a Designer model portfolio. It packs some power (about 1725 Watt or 2.2 peak horsepower), so it also offers an even higher speed along with the trademark Blendtec power. You could tackle practically every mixing job and be able to do it a little more quickly. The blender offers a lot more preprogrammed setting options than standard models, thus making life much more enjoyable. Simply choose a setting and let Designer Blenders run their preprogrammed cycles.

Blendtec Professional Series

Once your blender is in the Blendtec Professional line you are on the highest level. This model is for people that really love home blends. It will cost more, but these blenders are the most expensive appliances that money can buy. A significant improvement in blenders is Blendtec’s Stealth Technology. It decreases noise from the blender significantly, making it more conversationally friendly. No, you’re not gonna wake everyone up with breakfast smoothies.

What Blendtec models are available?

Blendtec’s Blendtec blender is classified into 3 separate categories to cater to different parts in the blender market. There is no ideal blender in itself but the aim of this Guide is to give you advice on finding the right blender to fit your lifestyle.

Tell me the type of jar you need?

Blendtec comes in three different jars. This is what everyone wants.

Twister Jar

Blendtec Twister Jars are intended to blend thick recipes. Consider baby food or humus or peanut milk. Sticky material that needs work before blitzing.. The Twister Jar can hold 37 pounds and clear measuring lines reach 16ounces. These can be found in all Blendtec standard blender jars. Check out this Blendtec Jarguide to learn the complete range.

Wildside Jar

Wild side jar has 91 ounces which is sufficient for almost all home cooking conditions. This name is derived through the additional fifth side in the Jar. During these modifications, the blender creates an internal vortex that draws the ingredients into the center of the jar. It ends up with a much more uniform mixture, which mixes all ingredients very accurately. Since it can hold large volumes, you should consider storage and countertop space before choosing WildSide machines. The whole assembly must be permanently sat in the display or you need unused space for the container.

What about Blades?

Blendtec Blades have a strong construction using cold forged steel. This durability is largely what gives BBTC a wide warranty on their entire blender line. This knife is interesting because it does not have sharp edges. These chemicals are intentionally dried out for the better capability to pulverize hard materials. You may also like the question about Blendtec blades in another article on Vita Flavor that answers your Blendtec blades questions.

Introduction to Vitamix Blenders on the market

Vitamix blenders are worldwide top choices by cooks, chefs, restaurants and bars.

There is not a single kitchen of a professional in the cooking industry throughout the globe which does not have a Vitamix blender.

Vitamix is here for over 100 years. Started with a mission to change the way people eat. Vitamix blenders have definitely changed the course of Kitchen life for many users.

The company is now operating in over 150 countries worldwide which indicates the popularity and trust in Vitamix.

Vitamix has a huge variety of blender models with a range of power (mostly high-powered) and functionalities.

Vitamix Models

The most basic is the Classic and Legacy series blenders which are very simple to use with manually controlled variable speed dials and lever switches. Most of these blenders have 10 speed manual control panel.

Next are the Next Gen G- Series and the Explorian Series which are slightly advanced compared to the Classic Series. Then comes the Vitamix Professional Series which introduces the preset programs for automatic blending.

Finally, the Vitamix Venturist and the Ascent Smart Series are the most advanced Vitamix models of all. These new smart machines have lots of bells and whistles which give extra convenience and accuracy while blending such as preprogrammed settings along with manual speed control.

With its multiple range and models from the very basic Classic and Legacy Series, through the more advanced Next Gen G- Series, all the way towards the Most Advanced and futuristic Ascent and Venturist Blenders.

Apart from the regular countertop blenders Vitamix also has an Immersion blender model which is very great for hassle-free blending in your desired containers in any desired amounts.

Vitamix has a commercial series of blenders that are built for heavy-duty and larger batches. These blenders will cut your blending time in half by extra performance and more people to serve at once.

These commercial Vitamix blenders are great for restaurants, smoothie bars and Kitchens with hours of nonstop cooking.

Besides the types of blenders, Vitamix offers lots of accessories with their blenders too.

From small bowl cups to large Vitamix food processor attachments, from tampers to tamper holders, Vitamix goes above and beyond to make your kitchen life easier and provide you with every convenience you deserve.

With all the good things, most of us still get confused when seeing the price tags on Vitamix for the first time. But as I always say, I saw anyone who has ever bought a Vitamix and regretted it.

There is nothing you will through at Vitamix and it will not blend. The super strong aircraft-grade smasher blades will crush the hell out of any ingredients you put into them.

Vitamix Containers

Vitamix has a variety of containers. There are tall, short, high capacity, low capacity, full size, low profile, classic, smart,bpa free plastic, steel, etc. containers.

Each container has its own compatibility. The Ascent and Venturist can take smart SELF-DETECT containers only.

During your blending journey, you might need to get a new blender. Either to replace your existing one. Or an extra blender for additional usability.

You would also want to know which Vitamix containers and motor bases are interchangeable.

We have listed all the containers you can get for Vitamix and listed all the blender bases they can go with. Have a look to make your blending more convenient.

Vitamix has separately launched a unique container for grinding dry nuts and seeds, the Dry/Grind Container.

This container has a blade assembly specially designed to powder dry ingredients rather than butter them.

Also, Vitamix manufactures Stainless steel containers. Unlike plastic containers, these steel pitchers do not absorb odor or stains. These jars are easy to clean and work perfectly for hotter mixtures.


The Vitamix blenders are high-powered. The lowest wattage of the Vitamix (Immersion) blender is 625 watts. Most of the Vitamix blenders have a 1500W (2.0HP) motor.

The highest-powered blender by Vitamix is the commercial blender with an immense 3000W motor.

Vitamix Blade assembly

The blades of Vitamix are laser cut, cross-shaped, and made of stainless steel. Vitamix manufactures these blender blades blunt on purpose.

They work kind of like smashers and do not require sharpening. These dull blades do not cut through the ingredients but tear them apart at high speeds.

Vitamix owns two designs, wet blades and dry blades.

The wet assembly creates a vortex, pulling items downwards to compress the ingredients at the bottom of the jar. It works best for liquid mixtures.

The dry assembly blast dry items above the blades, great for powdering dry seeds, grains, or nuts into flour.

Blades at the bottom of the blender jar allow you to use a tamper with the Vitamix to mix ingredients such as meat.

Smart Features

Vitamix takes the lead with advanced traits like:

  • Smart capacitive touch screen LED display
  • Container sensors (SELF DETECT)
  • Self cleaning with pre programmed cycles
  • Mobile App (Vitamix Perfect Blend)

SELF-DETECT is the quality of the Ascent series to sense a valid pitcher before turning on the blender. 

What can you blend in blendtec and vitamix?

Dough, nut butter, salsa, hummus, hot soups, ice cream, whole juice, vinaigrettes, and of course, smoothies. In short, high-end blenders simplify a ton of recipes that typically require a lot of time and of trial and error. Using a nice blender as just a smoothie or alcoholic slushy maker is just disrespectful at this point. These devices can do so much more such as making nut butters, smoothies, puree food, etc.

Blendtec vs Vitamix Ice/ Frozen Drinks Test

Blending ice cubes is about as noisy as you can get with a blender, and in our tests the Vitamix hovered around 93 decibels, while the Blendtec ranged between 90 and 106 decibels max during its blending cycles. But the real difference is in the pitch: We prefer the Vitamix’s low-level hum over the Blendtec’s high-pitched squeal.

Vitamix vs Blendtec Soups Test?

When it comes to blending hot soup (rather than making hot soup from cold/room temperature ingredients), the nuanced speeds of Vitamix trump the wild power of Blendtec. Blending hot soup is a potentially perilous task no matter which blender you use. If the motor starts out at a high speed, the combination of steam, heat, and whirring blades can send a geyser of hot liquid out the top of the container. Vitamix is equipped with speeds low enough to guarantee that all ingredients stay inside the blender container. Blendtec, on the other hand, is so forceful that it flings all the ingredients up the sides of the container.

Vitamix and blendtec blenders Ice cream Test?

Vitamix has a dedicated Frozen Dessert preset function for ice cream. We added 4 cups of ice along with milk, cream, vanilla extract, and cocoa powder to the Vitamix and started blending. The ice quickly crushed and started to freeze up on the jar sides, so we used the tamper to push everything back down into the blades. After only one minute, we had thick soft-serve chocolate ice cream. The ice cream had very small ice crystals so it was smooth instead of “crunchy,” and held its shape nicely. Blendtec blenders Frozen Dessert function works similar to Vitamix, starting to blend at a slow speed and then cranking up the power to crush ice. At first, Blendtec was doing great, but after only 20 or 30 seconds, the ice cream started to freeze on the sides of the jar and no longer blend. We had to stop and push the frozen ice cream back into the blade to continue blending. After blending, the ice cream turned out pretty good.

Final Thoughts

Both Vitamix and Blendtec can shred stubborn veggies and make a bomb green smoothie. If a high-quality smoothie without chunks or grit is all you care about making, a cheaper Blendtec model can get the job done and lets you do so on a touchscreen. If a more fun, inviting user experience counts for anything, the way that Blendtec buttons spell out every setting is way less intimidating for beginners compared to Vitamix, which require some experience to operate.

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