Vitamix has a non-legacy series of smart blenders. These are newer designs with modern and technologically advanced features. These two series are the Venturist and Ascent series of Vitamix blenders.

Both series share attributes like wireless connectivity, container detection and integration with the perfect blend app and smart scale from Vitamix.

Even though they belong to the same category as the Vitamix blenders. There are a few subtle differences when we put Vitamix Venturist vs Ascent. The Ascent series takes the lead over Venturist Series with its top-of-the-line A3500 which is fully packed with all the features launched by Vitamix.

The Venturist Series blender such as the V1200 model can be considered a less expensive smart version of the top-class premium Ascent series of Vitamix blenders.

Vitamix Venturist vs Ascent Comparison

Being the modern Vitamix blender series, Venturist and Ascent series have few commonalities in their quality and smart attributes.

But the Venturist is more inclined toward the old legacy series while the Ascent goes ahead with its sleeker design and smarter applications.

Here are the most prominent similarities and differences between Venturist and Ascent series.

Similarities between Vitamix Venturist and Ascent Blenders

FeaturesVitamix VenturistVitamix Ascent
Motor Wattage2.2HP / 1640W2.2HP / 1640W
Capacity64 oz. (low-profile container)64 oz. (low-profile container)
Programmable TimerYes (with touch)Yes (touch button)
SELF DETECT technologyYes (Works with compatible SELF DETECT Containers only)Yes (Require SELF DETECT container to work)
IntegrationPerfect Blend App and Smart ScalePerfect Blend App and Smart Scale
QualityTop build quality with Solid containerHigh Vitamix-level build quality
Dimensions10.5 x 8 x 17 in11 x 8 x 17 in
DisplayDigital Display for timerDigital Display for timer and preset selection
Warranty10 years10 years

Differences between Vitamix Venturist and Ascent Blenders

FeaturesVitamix VenturistVitamix Ascent
Variable Speeds10 discrete speed levels10 speeds divided into a 20-step selection
Automatic BlendingNo programmable presets5 Program Settings
ControlsLever Switches (touch timer)Capacitative touch buttons
Small Container CupsComes with 20 oz. Blender CupNo extra Cup
What’s in the package?Low-Profile 64 oz. container
SELF-DETECT 20 oz. blending cup
Low-Profile tamper
64 oz. Low-Profile Container with SELF-DETECT
Simply Blending Cookbook
S2 Low-Profile Tamper
PerformanceSlightly LowHigher
Better consistency



Single Product




The Vitamix Venturist series contains only one blender i.e the Vitamix Venturist V1200.

The Ascent series on the other hand has all the variety, from low tier Ascent A2300 with fewer qualities (compared to other Ascent blenders) to the full fledge powerful model Vitamix A3500 which is an unbeaten Vitamix blender ever.

The above Venturist vs Ascent comparison charts considered most features from the top A3500 Ascent vs V1200. Let’s compare the only blender from the Venturist Series with every model from the Ascent Series to have a clearer idea.

Vitamix venturist V1200 vs Ascent A2300

As mentioned in the charts, the Venturist blender V1200 has no preset settings and no capacitative touch controls.

The Vitamix A2300 has the same display and control panel. Just like the V1200, A2300 also has lever switches and 10 manual speed levels. There are no preset blending settings in both V1200 and the Ascent A2300.

Although both blenders have a digital timer display, the V1200 is better than the A2300 for the fact that there is a programmable timer on Venturist 1200 which the A2300 lacks.

If you have to choose between the Vitamix Venturist V1200 and the Ascent A2300, we recommend getting the V1200 which is better in performance and features compared to the A2300.

Ascent A2300

Venturist V1200

Vitamix venturist V1200 vs A2500

Next is the A2500 blender from the Ascent series which is one step ahead of both the V1200 and A2300.

The performance, power and control switches are comparable to the Venturist 1200. But the Vitamix Ascent 2500 has three preset programs for automatic blending.

The three preprogrammed settings are for walk-away soup making, frozen desserts and Automatic Smoothie making.

This blender also lacks a programmed timer but it displays the time for how long your blender has been blending.

If you want some convenience in your busy life, the preset settings are a huge advantage given to A2500 over the V1200.

Ascent A2500

Venturist V1200

Vitamix venturist V1200 vs A3300

With the A3300 the Venturist vs Ascent showdown get really serious. The controls on the panel of this Ascent blender are touch screens which makes quite a difference.

Just like the A2300 and V1200 the A3300 also have no preset programs but it has a programmable timer that can be manually set through its touch controls.

The touch on the V1200 is not capacitative but a raised push touch. While the A3300 is operated with capacitative touch.

Speed settings with A3300 have a lot of accuracy you get to choose two steps between each level.

You can choose a medium speed between two levels for example there is a 2+ between level 2 and speed level 3.

This provides even more blending accuracy and custom smoothness and consistency to the blends.

Between the Vitamix A3300 and V1200, you go with the V1200 if you have budget constraints, it has a solid look and comparable performance.

However, if you want all the accuracy of manual blending, full display and touchscreen control with sleeker looks, you should get a Vitamix Ascent A3300.

Ascent A3300

Venturist V1200

Vitamix venturist V1200 vs A3500

If someone is telling you to get a V1200 and leave A3500, they are lying. There is no Vitamix blender that can have all the features that are included in the State of Art Fully loaded Vitamix A3500 Ascent.

This modern-looking blender is quieter than most of the Vitamix (comparable to the 750 Pro). It has 5 presets to make your life easier. There are silky smooth touchscreen controls.

The blending performance of the A3500 is also better than the V1200 even though the motor wattage is the same.

Nothing is free, with all the bells and whistles the Vitamix Ascent A3500 is almost $200 more costly than the V1200.

If you want to choose between these two, I would say get the A3500 for life. This is a one-time investment and it will cover your kitchen requirements for generations to come.

Ascent A3500

Venturist V1200