If you are stuck between choosing either a Vitamix 5200 or 750, I don’t blame you. I love these two blenders myself. Hard to choose one and leave the other.

Anyways, when it comes to Vitamix you don’t need to have both. Any one of the two will last ages and handle all the tough blending, grinding, crushing and food processing jobs for you.

Both of these blenders belong to the high-powered Classic series of Vitamix. I have seen many people who are very happy with the purchase of any of these two blenders. Never heard anyone ever bought these Vitamix models and regretted using them.

Even though deciding between a Vitamix 750 and a Vitamix 5200 is a very close call. But there are a few differences that could make you prioritize the choice. Whether it is your counter space or the urge for a walkaway blending convenience, everyone has their own preferences.

To help you make the right decision and get the right blender that could meet your expectations we have a detailed breakdown of every aspect of these two blenders.

We have provided a quick comparison table to quickly summarize the qualities, features and performance of both 750 and 5200 so that you can do the right thing.

Differences between 750 and 5200 power, noise, cost, features and versatility

Similarities between Vitamix 5200 and 750 capacity, ease of use and clean, tamper, quality

Power and Performance

Vitamix 750Vitamix 5200
2.2HP / 1640W (peak)2.0HP / 1490W (peak)

The motor of Vitamix 750 is more powerful than Vitamix 5200. Does it mean 750 is more powerful?

Vitamix 750 slightly outperforms the 5200 model by blending tough ingredients. With higher power accompanied by the low profile design, it is great for grinding the toughest dry ingredients.

The higher motor power also helps in getting smooth consistencies without taxing the motor.

Another notable performance indicator is the blade size. The Vitamix 750 has a large 4.0in. blade to fit in its wide bottom container. This large smasher blade combined with higher motor wattage enhances the overall ability of the 750 to crush every food item. It can also efficiently produce friction heat and make hot piping soups in minutes with the help of large blades and super high blending speed.

Comparing performance, the Vitamix 750 wins over the Vitamix 5200.


Vitamix 750Vitamix 5200
Noise @ Max Speed. 88 dBNoise @ Max Speed. 96.6 dB
Credits: rtings.com, nutritionrefined.com

Although the Vitamix containers never lock on the blender base. Few models of Vitamix vibrate more during blending.

While the 5200 has low wattage, one could easily think that it would be a quieter blender. Truth is, it vibrates more than the Vitamix 750 and that’s why it has slightly higher noise due to its vibrations while blending.

Vitamix 750 is also not very quiet. But compared to the Vitamix 5200 it has low decibels.

So, if there is no problem with waking up your family or disturbing the neighbours in the morning you can choose either of them.

You should choose 750 if noise concerns you a lot.

Container and Capacity

Vitamix 750Vitamix 5200
64oz. (Low Profile)64oz. (Standard)

The Vitamix 5200 has a standard 64oz. container. It is longer than the low-profile jar that comes with the 750 model which is also 64oz. Both blenders have similar-sized containers and both are good for larger families who likely make large batches of recipes.

The low-profile pitcher of Vitamix 750 makes it easy to store the blender is small countertop shelves.

If you are living in a small apartment where storage is one of the main problems, you definitely need to get a Vitamix 750.

Cost and Price

Vitamix blenders generally come with a high price tag. Vitamix 5200 is cheaper compared to 750. But the 750 Professional model has automatic blending preset settings, Lower noise and higher performance spending so a few bucks extra and settling your blending problems for life won’t hurt much.

Again, this is not true for many of us.

I will recommend getting the Vitamix 750 if money is not a huge issue. If a hundred extra dollars will leave you broke, get the 5200. Manual operation is far more than enough to get smooth and consistent smoothies.

Design and Quality

Vitamix 750Vitamix 5200
Sleek Design
Sturdy build
BPA-free Plastic (nontoxic)
Simple Classic Design
Sturdy build
BPA-free Plastic (nontoxic)

Vitamix does not compromise on quality, Brand is the first thing to look for when buying a product. Here you can choose any one of these two blenders and they will easily last up till the next generation.

If you want something more modern for your kitchen. The Vitamix 750 has a newer design. Both of these blenders have plastic containers but they are not toxic.

The 750 model has a nice-looking dial compared to the Vitamix 5200. Which looks great as well as works smoother.

For the fact that both of these blenders belong to Vitamix, quality is not something to be worried about. The Vitamix 750 is a level up with a more advanced and modern design.

Features and Versatility

Vitamix 750Vitamix 5200
10 Variable Speeds
5 Preset settings
10 Variable Speeds
No Presets

Walkaway blending with automatic blending presets gives an edge to the Vitamix 750 over the Vitamix 5200.

You can use manual speeds and pulse mode in both. But with 750 you can use any of the 5 preset symbols and leave the blender on for auto blend.

The Vitamix 750 will adjust the motor speed by sensing the texture of the mixture and stopping when the blend is done with a smooth and consistent texture.

If you have a busy routine and don’t want to mess with the manual operations. The automatic blending settings will save you time. If that’s the case, Go for 750.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Vitamix 750Vitamix 5200
+Automatic presets
Self-clean preset is gold!
Manual use only
Easy to clean without self-clean

In terms of assembling, both blenders are easy to assemble. Just put the container on top of the motor base and you are good to go. Both blenders have a power on/off lever.

In case of manual use, both should be started at the lowest speed level 1 and ramp up to the higher speeds asap. When using preset mode with 750, you don’t need to worry about speed, the blender will take care of itself.

Cleaning the Vitamix, which is the most hectic task of the whole blending and making smoothies or other recipes.

With 750 it is super easy by putting water with a few drops of liquid soap in the container and running on the self-clean preset. The Vitamix 5200 can also be cleaned in the same manner by manually selecting lower and then higher speed levels.

For the super easy cleaning and automatic blending settings, Vitamix 750 is the winner.

Vitamix 5200 vs Vitamix 750 which one is better and why?

For me, It’s Vitamix 750 hands down. The extra features easily justify the extra dollars. The noise levels are better, the container is low profile and the auto settings are cool for recipes that take longer. For example, if you want to make soups that would take up to 8 or even 10 minutes. If you leave the blender turned on manually, it could possibly cause an issue with the Vitamix 5200. That’s the reason I would prefer Vitamix 750.

But, if the extra noise does not bother you, you have a large space in your kitchen, you can live with manual blending, or do not want to spend the extra dollars, you can buy the Vitamix 5200 with no regret.