If you are looking for a countertop blender that is super powerful, easiest to use, and stays with you for life, You don’t need to search anymore. This Vitamix model packs a powerful yet the simplest blending beast.

In this review I am going to unveil all the benefits and problems of having the Vitamix Explorian E320 blender, a powerful blender by Vitamix.

The E320 is a fine blender that will certainly get the job done. We make veggies & fruit smoothies almost every day. I’ve also made hummus, soups, milkshakes, nut butters, drinks, etc. This Vitamix has worked great for me! I am sure it’ll work well for you too.

You will get answers for Who should use it, who should pass? What type of people can really benefit from Vitamix E320 and who is it not for.

Also, I have included some videos and expert opinions on E320 blender for blending nut butter, frozen smoothies and more.

Vitamix blenders are great, powerful,built to last but they are expensive and people usually hesitate spending high dollars for them. We have already explained in a post about why Vitamix is so expensive?

The Explorian E320 blender is at the lower price point in Vitamix countertop blender series. One of the greatest things you would love about it is the generous warranty of 7 years including shipping costs.

Before anything, here is a quick lookup of what you’re going to get.

Quick Summary

Vitamix Explorian E320


Countertop Blender

  • simplest/ no bells and whistles
  • 2.2HP (1640W)
  • 64 oz.
  • Low Profile (18in high)
  • Budget Blender
  • Noisy


E320 blender is great for busy kitchens and large batch blending. But It would not help you as a personal blender even if you use a personal cup adapter. The personal cup adapter is bulky, uneasy to use and drips when you unscrew it. Other than that, Vitamix E320 is a good deal and it can blend almost anything.

Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender: How Good is it?

I want to make a statement here. Vitamix will not disappoint you with its blending power and quality. With a century-long legacy and experience in blending appliances and products, Vitamix knows exactly how to make their machines.

So, if you would ask me if E320 or any other Vitamix blender is good enough? My answer would be Yes. But again, sometimes personal preferences can have a huge impact on considering something good or bad.

The Vitamix Explorian Series has two blenders, the E320 and E310. Both are basic blenders, have the lowest price tag compared to other Vitamix blenders and both do the job really well.

Before jumping into the details of Vitamix explorian Review I would like to list its specifications.

Tech Specs

Vitamix E320
Power2.2HP / 1640W
ControlsManual / Speed Dial / Pulse
Capacity64 oz.
AttachmentsTamper / Personal Cup Adapter
Dimensions8 in wide x 11 in deep x 18 in high
10.5 lbs


Vitamix explorian blenders for home usually come with 2HP/2.2HP of peak power. The E320 has slighly more powerful compared to its sister model, the vitamix explorian e310. It is able to crush even the toughest ingredients which we will see in the demo section of this article in videos. If you want power, this blender has it. You can throw anything at it and it will not disappoint you.


This is the part which will distinguish real fans of personal preferences when using a kitchen appliance. Controls can make a real difference.

Most of us would like to have our appliances keep running in walk away mode while we can get other stuff done.

Others would need something basic and unidirectional settings to have the ease of using a simpler machine. For those who do not want all the bells and whistles to play with and need to do the job fairly simply, the Vitamix E320 could be the best option for them.

You only have a power on/off switch, the pulse feature and the speed dial which has 10 variable speed selections.

The speed level 5 and less are not actually worth it so you will have to use the higher speeds to do proper blending.


Another deal breaker for some users is the capacity of the container that comes with the blender, and/or the options they could select from.

Vitamix E320 is a classic countertop machine. It has a large blending jar which is good to blend large batches for families and not efficient for personal sized batches.

The Costco version of E320 also offers the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter and two personal sized single serve cups too. But the adapter is very bulky and it is so weird to use it. Also, the personal cup adapter drips when you use it.

So, if you are here only for single serve personal blender, you should give a read to these best personal blenders.

The Vitamix E320 blender is a good pick for families where you need a large amount of blends frequently.


You can use a tamper with this blender and you can also use a scraper with E320.  The tamper will help you blend dry products by pushing them over the blades. You can find more details on how blender tampers work here.

The scrapper is also an awesome tool for quick cleanup under the blades at the bottom of the container.

You can also use personal cups with the Vitamix explorian blender E320, but again, not a cool option.


The thing is loud (better put something in your ears before taking off this jet) Keep the children away when it’s blending.

The Vitamix E320 is not for places where you share your house with someone or there are closed neighbours because they will wake the heck out of them if you start running it to make a morning smoothie.

It is good to have it in a large isolated kitchen or in busy places such as restaurants. If you want something quieter, get a Vitamix 750 Pro. The Vitamix Pro 750 belongs to the Vitamix Professional Series that is an awesome blender, and my Top favourite among all the Vitamix blenders.


The older Vitamix containers are narrow and heighted. It is not easy to spare a place for such large pitchers in small kitchens. The E320 container is large but it has a low profile (lower in height than others). The lower profile makes it a great option for small kitchens and easy storage.

Vitamix E320: Tests and Demos

To see the real life performance of the Vitamix E320, we have put together these videos for you to find out how well the E320 blends different ingredients.

Frozen Tropical Smoothie with Vitamix E320

The Crushing power of the E320 is superb. You can see in this video how it blends all the frozen fruits along with other tough ingredients such as ice to a creamy and consistent tropical smoothie. The only thing you need is a tamper to bring the ingredients from the sides back above the blades.

Hot Soup with Vitamix E320

You can make soup in E320 by either blending cooked stuff or by running a full soup cycle on raw veggies and steaming them in minutes with the powerful Vitamix E320. The only downside to blending without cooking ingredients in prior is that it will take longer. While there is no “walk-away” blending option with this basic model, you will need to watch the machine to avoid overheating the blender.

Here is the video of making Keto Roasted Cauliflower Soup in E320 which turned out smooth and silky and piping hot.

Dosa Batter with Vitamix E320

Making Dosa batter requires blending rice that is tough to blend unless you have a good enough blender. Here is a video of nicely done Dosa batter by grinding rice in Vitamix E320.

The main reason why this blender outperforms most of the Vitamix blenders before is the lower profile container which enhances the crushing power of the already powerful motor.

Peanut Butter with Vitamix E320

Wow, here is how you can have creamy and delicious nut butter in less than a minute using E320. Again, the tamper is a must have attachment for making butter otherwise it will stick around the corner and would not become creamy and thick. To have chunkless peanut butter or seed butter use the large container with a tamper.

The Explorian series blenders are at the lower price point high end blender brand.

What will you get in the package?

Vitamix E320 Pros and Cons

It’s a GREAT blender with a very generous warranty, longevity and performance. Handles everything from crushing ice and frozen fruits to making nut butters.

The only con this blender has is the spout on the large pitcher. Only a small number of users find it wide and they think it spills when you pour something out.

Other than that, E320 is all goodies.


  • Killer Motor (same as the ones in the highest end Vitamix)
  • Self Clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 7 years including shipping both direction
  • Professional Grade blender (for families and busy kitchens)
  • Small form factor / Easy to store in small kitchens


  • Loud ( Not a deal breaker)
  • Weak hooks at the bottom for cable
  • The Personal Cup Adapter (Costco Version) is weird

Alternatives To Vitamix E320

I am not a Vitamix fanboy, but man they make such amazing blenders… Anyways, if you don’t want this blender for any reason, and still need a countertop blender for your kitchen, try these alternatives instead.

We have put together these options at price points above and below the Vitamix E320 which are equally capable as this powerful blending beast.

Lower End Alternative

Vitamix VM0197 Explorian Blender

Higher End Alternative

Vitamix 750 Pro

FAQs About the Vitamix E320

Which Vitamix is better: E310 or E320?

E320 is better in performance than the Explorian E310. The power of the E320 is slightly higher compared to E310 and you can blend larger batches in E320.

Can Vitamix E320 blend ice?

Vitamix E320 can crush anything including ice. The powerful 2.2HP motor is more than capable of crushing ice into snow.

Should you Buy Vitamix E320? Final Thoughts

There are some good blenders on the market at an affordable price that perform well but if you want a workhorse then Vitamix is an excellent choice. Liquefy, crush ice, chunk-less smoothies. 

E320 is the best Vitamix blender for those who need something that doesn’t have a lot of pieces to put together, simple and strong. With powerful motor, lower price and great quality You must try this Vitamix machine.

Happy Blending!

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