There are 3 very simple ways to clean a Ninja blender. The simplest of all is to pour some warm water into the blender and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and run the blender for a minute.

Unlike other brands, these blenders use a stacked blade assembly, which has sharp blades stacked on a rod at 3 different levels. You would want to be careful when cleaning a Ninja blender to avoid cutting yourself.

There are two more ways to clean which require a little more detail. Read on to see how you can properly clean them from top to bottom.

Cleaning Ninja blenders for healthy blending

1. Unplug the motor base from the power source.

Before attempting to clean the Ninja blender after use. Make sure you have the power cord unplugged. Just turning off the blender is not enough. (There is an exception to this step if you want to use the self-clean preset which would require turning on the blender)

2. Separate all parts of the Ninja blender for cleaning.

Without opening all parts from each other, you can not effectively clean a blender. You should remove the pitcher from the base. Open the Lid and blade assembly from the pitcher. We have already covered how to open a Ninja blender in another detailed article, have a look.

3. Choose the method to clean.

Once all parts are removed, you can choose between either hand washing or using a dishwasher. For the pitcher, we recommend you definitely use hand washing. For other parts, you can easily clean them in the top rack of a dishwasher.

4. Watchout! the blades are sharp.

The unique design of Total Crushing blade assembly with sharp blades can result in a laceration. You MUST handle them with care when washing.

5. Rinse, Wipe and Let it dry

Once you have finished washing with any of the methods (details on hand washing and dishwashing coming below). Rinse the parts, wipe them with a kitchen towel and let them air dry.

How do I clean the parts on my ninja blender?

You can clean each part of your Ninja blender in more than one way. Some parts are better to wash with hands and others are good to go in the dishwasher. Here is more detail to know exactly how to clean each part.

How to clean Ninja blender top?

The top has a Lid that is locked on the pitcher, the pitcher itself, stacked blade assembly in countertop models and handles on large pitchers. The smaller bullet shape models have single-serve cups.

How to clean a Ninja blender lid?

To clean the lid, press the release button on top of the lid and pull it with some pressure.

Once the Lid is popped out, put it on the top rack of the dishwasher (if you have a dishwasher). You can also use a dishwashing brush to clean the lid under running tap water and some soap.

How to clean the Ninja blender pitcher?

The simplest way to put warm water and drops of liquid soap to clean the blender is actually intended to clean the pitcher. This is the part of the blender that potentially gets the dirtiest.

The pitcher must be cleaned after each use to avoid any kind of unhygienic situation. The build quality of the pitchers ( Not the small personal jars) is not good enough to run them through the dishwasher.

There are lots of cases where the Ninja blender/processor pitchers warped while cleaning in the dishwasher.

You can handwash the pitcher at ease since the blade assemblies can be removed by simply pulling them out. Brushing them by adding soapy water is the best way to clean these pitchers.

How to clean Ninja blender cups?

Personal cups must go on the bottom or top rack of the dishwasher, they are not very easy to wash with hands because of their smaller diameter.

How to clean the Ninja blender handle?

Handles are part of the large pitchers only. Ninja professional blenders have hollow handles, these hollow handles build up food residues and molds. Which can cause serious health hazards if not cleaned thoroughly.

To clean the pitcher handle, first, you need to remove the cover from the handle. Once the cover is removed you can either wash, brush or wipe the inner hollow part of the handle with a damped cloth.

Once the handle is cleaned you should then reassemble the handle back. Keep in mind that there is a locking system in the handle so it should be closed back properly. This video may assist you better.

Credit: Mike Biddle

How to clean the Ninja blender blade?

Ninja blender blade assemblies can go in the dishwasher. But, if you have no dishwasher and want to clean these blades with your hand, be extra careful around them.

To clean the Ninja blender blade assembly, rinse the blade assembly with soapy water. Rub it with a brush or damp cloth. Then run it under tap water. Once the blade assembly is clean, let it air dry.

How to Clean Ninja blender gasket?

The gasket sits under the blade assembly along the threads of the base. residue from the blend can build up there. and also it can damage from screwing and unscrewing the blender jar or blade assembly. It will start smelling over time.

  • Use a toothpick to remove the gasket.
  • You can also use a butter knife to pop it up without damage.
  • Wash it with soapy water and spray some vinegar to help with the smell.
  • Add some olive oil after a few uses to let it work for longer.
  • The gasket/O-ring is also bottom rack dishwasher safe.

How to clean the bottom of the Ninja blender?

The bottom part contains the motor base. It also stores the power cord. The rubber pods need some cleaning to keep the countertop cleaner.

How to clean the Ninja blender motor base?

You should never wash the motor base in a dishwasher or under tap water. The motor base contains electric parts with delicate electronic circuitry which can not stand water content.

To clean the base, use a slightly damp cloth and wipe it dry. The base barely gets any stains and it’s the easiest to clean.

How to clean the inside of the Ninja blender motor base?

It is always recommended by Ninja to place the motor base on a clean and dry surface. The reason is that it has an air-cooled motor that sucks cold air from below the blender to cool the motor.

If the motor is placed on a dirty surface. The inner side of the motor base and the motor itself will get covered in dirt which will degrade its performance.

Thus cleaning the inner part of the motor base after long use is necessary for long-lasting use. You will need to open the screws at the bottom to uncover the motor. If you are having any issues with the Ninja blender after cleaning read how to make Ninja work again.

How to clean Ninja professional 900 watts base?

The motor pod on the single-serve Ninja Pro should never be immersed in water or any liquid. Only use a slightly wet cloth to wipe the base.

How to clean Ninja professional 900 watts?

Ninja Pro 900 watts is a personal bullet model. The best way to clean this bullet blender is to separate all its parts and put each one in the dishwasher. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should not put all parts in one rack.

The main personal container and attachment bowls and cups should go on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. While the lid seals and the blade assemblies must be placed on the top rack.

The reason for putting these components on the top rack is that these parts are mostly rubber and the high temperature in the bottom rack of a dishwasher can deform them.

Credit: Ninja Kitchen

How to self-clean Ninja blenders?

Ninja blenders with AutoIQ preset can self-clean. The self-clean method is best for washing the pitcher after each use.

How to use the clean function on the Ninja blender?

To use the clean preset on smart Ninja blenders, you need to fill the third quarter of the container with soapy water.

Close the lid and push the ninja blender clean button.

The blender will run and maintain the speed on auto before it stops. Once the blender stops running in self-clean mode.

Remove the pitcher. Pull the lid and blade assembly. Rinse the pitcher, lid and blades with tap water. Wipe dry.

Are Ninja blenders easy to clean?

Yes, these are very easy to clean. You can put them in the dishwasher, or hand washes them without any difficulty. If you have one with auto preset modes cleaning becomes even easier.

How much water to clean Ninja blender?

Depending on the method of cleaning, it could take different amounts of water to clean the Ninja blender.

Most water is used in dishwashers because the washing cycle is long (around an hour). During hand washing, you can easily control the amount of water.

Ninja blender cleaning brush

You may get a cleaning brush in the package. These brushes are very convenient especially to clean the blades which are very sharp and cause injury if touched directly.

If your blender does not have a cleaning brush in the package, you can easily get a dishwashing brush and use it for cleaning your Ninja blender.