You are busy making your regular smoothie. Suddenly, there is smoke coming out of the blender. Do not worry. The first thing you need to do is switch the blender off and unplug. 

A blender has lots of moving parts. There can be many reasons for the smoking blender. Parts like blade assembly, bearings, driver coupling, or the motor itself can wear with regular use. These damaged parts may result in temporary or permanent blender failure. Why is your blender smoking? Here are a few reasons. 

Smoke coming out of blender: Reasons


There is a limit to the amount of food you can blend in the blender jar at once. If you try to fill the container up to the lid, chances are the lender will have to overwork trying to blend it all. The motor may overheat and smoke to come out from the blender base.

To avoid any damage to a blender, always put slightly less than three-quarters of food inside the container for perfect blending.

Thick ingredients

Blending thick ingredients like nut butter can also give some tough time to the motor. Ice and frozen fruits in smoothies thick and put extra load on the blades inside the jar because the content in the blender is too thick.

Always use pulse mode when blending heavy food. You can also add some water, milk, or juice to thin the mixture.

Food leftovers

When you do not use your blender regularly, material from previous uses may stick in the blades. The blades won’t rotate freely. Overload the motor and can start smoking.

Soak the blade assembly in white vinegar for a few minutes to get them going.

blade stuck

Weary gasket

The gasket prevents material from leaking to the coupler and motor base. With regular use, gasket or O-rings can wear off. The content from the jar will start sticking under the coupler and even inside the motor casing. The coupler may jam, resulting in a smoky blender.

Faulty blade assembly

The assembly contains the blades connecting to the coupler with a washer and bearing inside. A damaged bearing will make blades wobble. These wobbling blades make it hard to rotate smoothly.

The misaligned blades can also damage the plastic around them. Rubbing blades through hard plastic will make a screeching sound, cause a weird smell and smoke.

To replace damaged blade assembly follow this video.

replacing blade

High Voltage

Blenders made for the USA operate on 110-120V. The operating voltage in other countries such as the UK or Sweden is higher at 220-240V.

If you are using the blender from the US or Canada in another country. Overvoltage may cause damage to the blender motor. Resulting in burnt motor with smokes all over the kitchen.

Use an adapter if the voltages on the power socket and blender differ.

Worn-out Coupler

The drive coupling is the rubber gear shape components below the blade assembly. These couplers connect the motor to the blades. After some time, these couplers may deteriorate.

The friction between loosely coupled components can cause a burning smell and smoke.

If the coupler is in bad condition, replace it with a new one.

Worn-out motor brushes

There are two carbon brushes around the motor shaft inside the base. Any damage to these brushes can also result in a smoking blender.

If you see any sparking inside the motor assembly along with the smoke. It is the brushes.

Call the support or take the blender to an expert electrician for repair.

burnt motor coil

Smoke coming from the bottom vent of the motor identifies damage to the motor coil. The insulation around the coils in the motor has burning which causes a burning smell and smoking.

Continuing use of the blender will degrade insulation completely and result in an electrical short. To avoid shock and fire hazards, stop using the unit asap.

How to keep your blender in good working condition

Deep clean the blender after a few uses, regularly. Avoid Overburdening the blender motor by crushing ice and hard content. Always read the user manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to use the machine.

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