The efficiency of a powerful blender mostly depends on the type and design of its blades. Each blender brand has a unique blade assembly, and each blade type has its pros and cons. Regular use of blenders can affect the performance of its blade. When a blender can no more blend smooth and fast, most people think the reason is the blades. And the next thing that comes to their mind is that sharpening a blender blade can make things better. But, this may not be the case. Not with every blender.

Can we sharpen Vitamix blender blades?

No, you don’t have to. Vitamix blender has dull blades manufactured like that purposely. The reason being these fast rotating blades are not to slice the ingredients. These blades smash the food inside the blender and pulverize anything inside.

Can we sharpen Ninja blender blades?

The blades on a Ninja blender are sharp. After a few months of use, these blades become dull. 

Even though the performance of the Ninja blender may reduce, the company still does not recommend sharpening the blades. The best solution is to replace the assembly with a new one.

NINJA SUPPORT FAQ about sharpening blender blade.

Can we sharpen Nutribullet blender blades?

Not really. The Nutribullet extraction blades are also smasher blades that are perfect for pulverizing whole fruits and vegetables to extract their nutrients. These blades are not to be sharpened. The blade assembly of Nutribullet is recommended to replace every 6 months. But the reason for this is not being the dull blades. Here is what Nutribullet support responded to the question about blade replacement. You can clearly see they have mentioned the reasons for replacement can be leaking or wobbling.

Nutribullet blade replacement criteria

Sharpening blender blades: Conclusion

It is better not to try sharpening blender blades at home. Removing blade assembly from the blender can cause damage to the seals and cause leakage. Also, handling the blades may cause severe injuries and should be avoided.

Instead, proper cleaning and maintenance of the blender after each use will keep the blades sharp and make the machine last longer.

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