Nutribullet makes excellent bullet blenders. But the lid-stuck issue has been frustrating for years.
Besides the lid, Nutribullet blender owners also report a few other problems, such as the blades not turning or the activators won’t budge.

When using your Nutribullet if you come across a stuck lid or the blade assembly is not spinning, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

We will show you how to fix a stuck Nutribullet lid and blade. So whether your Nutribullet is just stubborn and won’t let you open it with ease, follow these steps to get it moving again. Let’s get started!

Nutribullet lid stuck? Reasons?

Usually, if liquids go past the MAX line or the food breaks down when blending and ends up over the MAX line, it can happen because it creates a vacuum.

If you overpack the ingredients in the cup, it can create a vacuum during the blending process and jam the lid. Using a lot of frozen foods makes the cup swell and the lid tight.

how to get a stuck nutribullet lid off?

A few proven ways to get the lid of Nutribullet off are:

Run the stuck lid under hot water and then bang the part where the lid meets up on the table or countertop a few times, try this on both sides. If the lid is not jammed too hard, it should open easily.

Few consumers having the same problem also suggested this method.

“It seems like you have to untwist the lids with a very light hand. When I was putting pressure down to try to twist the thing off, it wouldn’t budge at all. If that makes sense, I have to lightly hold and spin without pressing inward with a firm grip!”

If the lid is stuck hard, you can also put it in hot (near boiling) water. Be careful while handling the boiling water to avoid damage.

Solve Nutribullet lid stuck problem

Keep the lid stuck to the cup in hot water for 10-20 seconds. Then remove the stuck blade assembly with the cup and put it on the countertop.

Get a kitchen towel and put it over the hot lid stuck to the Nutribullet cup. Give a gentle push, and the cover will unscrew without any issue.

You tried everything, but the lid won’t get it off? Pop it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes (not too long, you don’t want it to freeze). With a bit of effort, it will twist right off.

How to avoid the Nutribullet lid stuck issue?

Do not overfill past the max line with ingredients or water but remember that your liquid should always reach the max line.

Don’t over-pack your cup as this would cause pressure. Use less juicy fruit or less liquid next time to avoid it happening.

Clean the grooves of the Nutribullet cup and the blade lid assembly to remove any food ingredients that dry around the components.

Nutribullet blade stuck? Reasons?

The Nutribullet extractor blades can also get stuck and there is more than one reason for that.

Blending liquids and washing the blender with hot water dries the lubricants and makes it harder for the blades to rotate smoothly.

The plastic washer and bearing in the blade assembly may wear out with more prolonged use. It will result in wobbling or even stuck blades.

Seeping liquids and tiny food particles into the blade assembly can also pile up around the washer and bearings to cause this issue.

Nutribullet blade got stuck: How to fix?

  • If the blades of your Nutribullet blender are not spinning, you need to check the following things.
  • Make sure the outlet your blender is connected to gives power to the motor base.
  • Try running the blades on an empty cup to check if there is any technical issue.
  • If the blades are not running with the empty cup. Change the outlet and try running again.
  • At this point, you need to check two things, the motor, and the activators.
  • Check if the activators can move smoothly with some small spoon or any other stick-like utensil in your kitchen.

Now try rotating the blades with your hand by a gentle push to the drive socket under the blade assembly or the blades themselves. The blade should spin freely without any problem.

If the blades seem to drag and not spin freely, try to lubricate them with edible oil. It will temporarily solve the issue related to the blade assembly, but you need to replace the plastic washer and the bearing with stainless steel bearing to avoid this in the future.

Lubricate nutribullet blade assembly

After checking the activator (and making sure it works) and lubricating the blade assembly (making sure they rotate freely by hand). 

If the blades won’t move even after running the Nutribullet with an empty jar. And you won’t hear any noise from the motor base too. Your motor is dead!

If you hear the noise from the motor but the blades aren’t spinning, there is a problem with the drive sockets that connect the blade assembly to the motor base.

If the blades can rotate easily, you are good to use them on your smoothies.

Now there can be only one problem left that can cause issues for blades not spinning. and that is overfilling.

 A few times when you over-packed the large cup, the blade couldn’t do its job. Try putting only half of the veggies or fruits into the cup, blend, and then add the remaining ingredients and blend again.

Sometimes if you overrun it past 1 min, there is a safety shutdown, which could also make the blades not spin. Wait a minute or so and then start blending again. Here is a detailed guide on how to use Nutribullet properly.

If you have checked and tried all the solutions, but still have the same issue. Call customer service to have them troubleshoot over the phone or email.

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    Worked like a charm! I paid almost $100 , used it a couple times a week and had it almost 2 years. But I really didn’t want to buy a new one.

    1. Thank you Beverly for commenting. Nutribullet bullet blenders are great for personal use.
      Can you share why you didn’t want to buy a new nutribullet?

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