Vitamix blenders are no doubt high-quality blenders.

The drive socket (the part that connects the motor to the blade assembly) on the Vitamix blender is stronger than other blenders available on the market. But, it is still a machine that can wear with long and heavy usage.

There are times when the drive socket cracks or the teeth tear off. If this happens, it could result in two problems. One, the motor will start to overheat with a stuck drive socket. Two, the blades won’t turn even if the blender is running.

At this point, you can replace the part through Vitamix if it is under warranty. Or replace the socket drive yourself.

The Vitamix drive socket stuck

Many Vitamix users face this problem when replacing the drive socket. It is when the socket is stuck and won’t come off.

There could be many reasons for a stuck drive socket. The most common is a damaged socket from the inside that gets stuck into the base.

The following section explains how to remove a stuck socket.

How do you remove the socket from a Vitamix drive? (change Vitamix Drive socket)

Remove the stuck drive socket from the Vitamix base and replace it with a new one. Follow these steps:

Find the arrow on the rubber
Align the arrow with the hole on the base
  1. remove the center pad from the top of the motor base
  2. find the arrow on the rubber part of the drive socket
  3. find the hole on the base part (metal base) and align the arrow on the rubber to the hole on the base
  4. use the hex wrench that came with the blender package and put it in the hole
  5. give a few rotations until the screw comes out and the socket unstuck
  6. Now that the screw is out, either use your hand or use the Vitamix wrench to prey the socket out
  7. Once the old drive socket is removed. Place a new one in its place, align the arrow to the hole, put the screw and tighten it with a hex wrench
  8. Make sure the socket is tightly fixed on the base. That’s it!

See how to do it exactly in this video:

Vitamix 5200 drive socket loose

You may feel the slight movement of the drive socket on your Vitamix 5200. That is normal. But if you are too concerned, use an Allen key wrench and tighten the screws (method in the above section). It won’t make any difference in the blending performance though.

How do I change the socket on a Vitamix 5200?

The drive socket on any Vitamix machine can be changed the same way. All you need is the Allen wrench, Vitamix black wrench, and a little alignment of the drive socket to remove the screw (all steps in the above section). And you can easily change the socket on Vitamix 5200.

The Vitamix drive socket won’t come off

A damaged socket is hard to come off. You will need a Vitamix wrench and a slightly greater force to pry the socket out from the assembly. Try giving jerks while pulling it out will easily remove the socket.

Vitamix Drive socket kit

The drive socket kit contains a drive socket itself, a small screw that fixes the socket on the base and an Allen wrench.

Vitamix drive socket, Allen wrench size

The Allen wrench for the Vitamix drive socket has an outer diameter of 1.57″ / 40mm. And the hole size on which the wrench fits is 1/4″/ 6mm square center.

Are all Vitamix drive sockets the same?

There are only two types of drive sockets available from Vitamix.

One is for the Vitamix XL machine i.e item number 015902. While the other socket is compatible with every other Vitamix machine item number 000891.


vitamix drive socket for model vm0103

Vitamix model VM0103 uses the drive socket kit item number 000891. It is the standard kit for every Vitamix blender except the Vitamix XL machine.

Vitamix drive socket screw

The Vitamix drive socket screw comes with the drive socket kit. Its size should fix the hole size of 6mm with a hex head to be screwed with an Allen hex wrench.

Vitamix drive socket 891 kit

891 is the number for the general Vitamix drive socket kit which fits all the blender models by Vitamix except the XL model.