There are many symbols that you will see on the Vitamix program settings. These preset symbols can be confusing if you don’t know what they mean. I will explain the different symbols for Vitamix presets for blending.

Knowing what each Vitamix preset symbol means will help you choose the right preset program setting for your recipe. We’ll decode the most common Vitamix program symbols so that you can use them with ease.

What are the Vitamix presets?

Vitamix offers two types of blending. You can choose between manual blending with speed levels 1 to 10 or select preset programs. There is a speed dial that lets you select these options.

The automated settings perform functions according to their symbols. These symbols with their functions are listed below.

Preset Symbol

Ascent Series

Professional Series

Preset Function


Frozen Desert

Spread Dips Puree


Self Clean

There are up to 5 preset settings on any Vitamix blender at most. Some models like 6300 or 6500 may have only 3 presets (Smoothie, Frozen dessert, Soup).
Vitamix Models Professional 750 and Ascent 3500 have all five presets listed in the table. The symbols in the Ascent series may differ.

Vitamix smoothie preset setting 🥤

You can make delicious smoothies automatically with this preset. It saves you the worry of changing the manual speeds.

All you need is to put the ingredients in the order that Vitamix recommends. Select the smoothie preset, and push the button.

You can walk away now while the blender will adjust its speed according to the recipe and stop when done with a smooth and consistent smoothie.

By selecting the smoothie setting, the blender will start slowly. After around 10 seconds, the speed will ramp up. The total time for blending a smoothie with the preset program is 45 seconds for both Vitamix 750 and 3500.

Which Vitamix has a smoothie setting?

Vitamix Professional 750/750, Accent A2500/3500, Vitamix 6300/6500 all have smoothie preset buttons physically present on the blender. These programs can make perfectly blended smoothies in less than a minute automatically.

Also, the Vitamix Ascent or Venturist Series can also connect with Vitamix Perfect Blend App on your mobile via Bluetooth. This app has 17 presets for many different recipes.

17 preset settings for blending with Vitamix’s perfect blend App

Vitamix frozen dessert preset 🍨

The frozen or dessert program is for blending frozen fruits or making desserts. Using this preset is not fully automatic as you may need a tamper for pushing ingredients toward the blades.

For frozen desserts, the blades start rotating at a slower speed. After 15 seconds, the speed ramps up to the highest level. The blending stops in 55 seconds, and your favorite dessert or ice cream is ready in less than a minute.

Puree preset settings

Vitamix can make dips, sauces, and purees by mashing soft foods and crushing hard nuts and seeds into butter. These recipes may also require the use of a tamper like the desserts.

The puree preset blending takes about 60 seconds with the same pattern of speed adjustment from low to high.

Soup program settings 🍲

Vitamix blades run at around 22000 RPM with a load. At this high speed, it can heat ingredients with friction.

The soup preset allows the Vitamix blender to run for 5 to 6 minutes at high speed. During the process, the mixture inside the jar starts to pulverize and heat up due to constant smashing by blades.
All you need is to put the soup ingredients in the pitcher, select the soup preset, and turn on the blender.

You can now walk away from it and do your other tasks while the blender keeps running and cycling through different speeds on its own.

In 6 and a half minutes, you will get a steamy, finely pureed and tasty soup.

Self-clean preset setting

Cleaning the Vitamix jar is easiest. There is a cleaning preset which can clean your blender without any hassle.

Fill the blender jar with water to half, put a few drops of dishwashing liquid, select the clean mode and start.

The blender will start at low speed and shift to high speed after 15 seconds on its own. After running for 45 seconds, the blender will lower the blade speed to the slowest and run for another 15 seconds.

With a total blending time of 1 minute, the blender jar will be spotless with the clean preset program.

Are Vitamix presets worth it?

Automatic blending options are good to have for walk-away style blending. The most effective preset option is the soup program which can take a lot of time when done manually. 

For blending smoothies or purees, the presets can not give desired results most of the time.

You can also connect your Vitamix blenders(Ascent or Venturist models) with the App. It will allow you to blend with the same ease with total control over blending. You will get your desired thickness of smoothies and purees.

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