Can I Use My Vitamix As A Food Processor?

Yes, you can use your Vitamix as a food processor. You can use it for much more than that.

You can chop, dice, grate and knead with a Vitamix blender at the same accuracy level as with a processor.

At it will be easy too. You wouldn’t need too many extra containers and the hassle of cleaning.

If I say Vitamix is the King of kitchen blenders that won’t be an exaggeration. You will start to believe this once you go through this article.

One machine can be used for so many things, that’s marvellous. You would be wondering what foods can you process in a Vitamix blender.

  • Can you cut onions in a Vitamix? Yes!
  • Can you cut nuts in a Vitamix? Yes!
  • Can you shred carrots in a Vitamix? Yes!
  • Can you grate cheese in a Vitamix? Yes!

You can do everything a food processor can with your Vitamix blender. And this article is proof of this with evidence from the videos.

Can Vitamix coarse-chop?

Yes, if used properly at reasonable speeds a Vitamix can both coarse and fine chop.

You will need to run the blender slowly and constantly mix the veggies or other stuff.

At high speeds, Vitamix will crush the ingredients to hell and blend is to dust.

Dry Chopping

This is the method of throwing food items such as ginger, cauliflower, onions and carrots, etc. from the lid on slowly running blades in an empty container of Vitamix.

These items are smashed by rotating blades and thrown to the sides of the container. You can adjust the speed of the blades to make the chops at desired accuracy.

If you want it coarse, you should keep the blender speed at the lowest level.

You do not need to worry about over-blending because after a certain level of dicing the ingredients move to the sides and are not crushed further.

If you want a finer crush, you need to speed up the blender a little more.

Wet Chopping

Wet chopping is another superb method to have nicely chopped veggies. You can accurately process the food in the Vitamix blender using this method.

All you need to do is put your ingredients (cabbage, cauliflower or any other food) in the Vitamix container. Then fill the container with water up to the max level.

Keep the speed at level 6 or 7. Pulse the machine for up to 5 seconds. And that is it!
Strain the excess water from the mix and you will get a fresh and perfectly fine coleslaw real smooth and easy.

Vitamix for dicing and chopping

Your Vitamix cannot slice

The only thing you can’t use Vitamix as a food processor for is slicing.

The blades of Vitamix are not sharp (that is there on purpose).

Don’t worry, that’s for a good reason. They smash ingredients and create a hammer effect which is better than cutting with the blades.

At high speeds, this smashing causes very effective blending and also creates friction heat which is why a Vitamix can cook soup on its own without a heating element.

For slicing, on the other hand, your blender needs sharp blades just like Ninja’s stacked blade assembly.

That’s why a Vitamix cannot slice and cannot make shaved ice. Other than that, there is nothing a Vitamix cannot do!

Is Vitamix Better?

Up till now, we were talking about what a Vitamix can do.

Now is the time to check out if a food processor can do what a Vitamix do best.

Can it blend? Can it cook soups? Can it grind dry ingredients into flour? No, that’s not what a food processor is supposed to do.

Vitamix food processor attachment

Vitamix also provides a processing attachment which is compatible with only the latest SELF DETECT motor bases of the Ascent and Venturist series of Vitamix.

I don’t think you would be needing this attachment for personal use.

On the other hand, if you have a large family or you are running a restaurant or food company then you should better one of the attachments for processing large quantities of food.


Can you use a Vitamix as a food processor for pie crust?

Yes, you can make a nice dough for pie crust in the Vitamix blender. Mix all the ingredients and pulse the machine at intervals to mix all the flour and liquid into a great dough mix.

Is Vitamix a blender or a food processor?

Vitamix is a blender manufacturer that makes countertop blenders.
Generally, Vitamix is referred to as a blender manufactured by the Vitamix blender makers.

What’s The Difference Between A Food Processor And A Vitamix?

Vitamix is countertop blenders (any model) which are used to blend, emulsify and grind. While food processors are different types of kitchen appliances that are used to chop, grate and dice.

Is Vitamix better or worse than a food processor?

Vitamix is better than a food processor. A Vitamix can process almost any food. While a processor cannot make smoothies or blend ingredients like a Vitamix blender.


I am sure you are now convinced about the fact that Vitamix is a great replacement for processors.

Other than slicing you can process food in every way with the same consistency and fineness.

If you are worrying and cannot decide between a blender and a food processor, we recommend buying a Vitamix blender.

This blender will cover all the functions of multiple kitchen appliances in one single machine.

Happy blending!