Ninja blenders are cheaper blenders with lesser power compared to Vitamix. The build quality of Ninja blenders is also relatively lower than the expensive blenders out there. So most of you might think this blender would not last for very long.

Unfortunately, that’s true. Most Ninja blenders would last for less than 5 years with a ONE-year limited warranty. Although there are a few exceptions where users have had it sustained for almost 10 years of daily use.

The longevity of Ninja blenders depends upon many factors. And there can be many reasons which can render your Ninja blender useless.

How Long Do Ninja Blenders Motor Last?

Being a slightly lower-powered blender the motor may heat up by blending thick and hard ingredients. But there are thermal switches that auto shut down these blenders to avoid burning down the motor.

Most users complain their blenders went down without any reason. That is most probably the low build quality of these blenders which makes them a bit unreliable.

Users which love Ninja blenders support these blenders and say the Ninja blenders work best when they work. But the real pain is when they stop working during meal preparation or blending simple smoothies.

How Long Do Ninja Blenders Blades Last?

Apart from the motor, the blades of the Ninja blender may also get damaged which may shorten the working life of the blender.

You can replace the blades after 6 months or a year, but many replacements may cost you much that it would be better to replace the whole blender.

How Long Do Ninja Blenders pitcher Last?

The pitcher of Ninja blender is not much strong and sturdy. Many users have reported breaking a pitcher during blending hard ingredients such as ice cubes.

Although Ninja blenders are very good at blending ice with snow their pitcher may sometimes be unable to handle the hitting of tough food items.

Ninja pitchers are almost half the price of the blender system. For example, if the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is $200, the pitcher will cost you around $100.

So when the pitcher is lost every few months, it is probably a good idea to change the whole blender and get a new better one. Thus a pitcher has a huge role in how long a Ninja blender should last.

Are Ninja blenders under warranty?

The Ninja offers a limited 1-year warranty on most of its blender models. Few blenders may have up to 2 or 3 years. The lower warranty life is also an indication of the lower durability of these blenders.

One user told us that his blender motor went down within a year of use. When contacted the company they told him that the motor was not worth repairing and that he has gotten a new Ninja blender motor base under the warranty.

Ninja has no lifetime warranty for any of their product including blenders.

Are Ninja blenders durable?

After researching many Ninja blenders, and taking reviews and opinions from households who bought and used Ninja blenders, it is evident that these blenders are not super durable. They are Okayish if you use them gently and do not abuse them.

The blenders have lots of plastic parts including the drive socket and the pitcher lid hooks that clicks on the pitcher and the blender base.

These hooks and pieces allow the blender container and lid to lock onto the blender base. When they get damaged the blender cannot work properly.

Users have also reported issues with the buttons of the blender which may have been caused by the lower-quality switches under the control panel.

Can a Ninja Blender be repaired?

It depends upon the issue caused to Ninja blenders. Most of the issues can be easily troubleshot and fixed. While there are few motor-related problems that are beyond repair.

There are also small components under the pitcher that activate the Ninja blender motor by clicking the pitcher over the motor base.

When that clicker component gets damaged the blender base does not detect the pitcher and starts blinking red light and won’t start. Some leaking issues in Ninja blenders may result in loose components which are also easily repairable.

Ninja blenders can be repaired in some cases and not in others. You will need to talk to their customer service to confirm that.

How long do Ninja blenders last? Conclusion

If you are very lucky, your Ninja blender will last for up to 5 years. This is about the motor base though, within this period you may change or replace the pitcher or blade a few times.

It is always suggested to use the blender with care. Properly maintaining and cleaning the Ninja blender after every few uses will make it last longer.