Can Ninja Blender be used As A Food Processor?

Yes, you can. But for a range of recipes only. There is some overlap for a few things you can do with both a blender and a food processor.

Having a Ninja blender in the kitchen is enough for most mixing and crushing tasks.

A Ninja blender can pulverize, puree or emulsify food or other ingredients in minutes or even seconds.

Ninja blenders are well known for their lower price and quality. These blenders will crush any food items, given they are powerful enough.

If you have just got a Ninja blender and are not sure about using it. You should go through this guide on how to use Ninja blender to crush ice, make thick smoothies from frozen fruit, blend tough nuts and seeds to get nut butter, protein shakes, and much more.

Coming back to using it for food processing. When I first knew about the Ninja blender I was confused if it was a blender or food processor the reason was its large containers, stacked blades and the way it can puree food and mix veggies and spices for making salsa.

There are however a few differences in the resulting blended product. The product from the blender will give you a smooth liquid-like, fine texture. The food processor chops and makes a courser product.

You can’t fully replace a food processor with a blender, unfortunately. For example, you cannot blend frozen fruits in a Ninja food processor efficiently.

Here is some detail about tasks for which you can use a blender for a food processor.

We will also discuss the range of recipes and products you can get with the same quality and consistency using both these tools.

Before that, let’s be clear on what a blender and food processor do to the food.

Blender: Mixing, Blending, Pureeing

Food Processor: Slicing, Chopping, Shredding Kneading Bread Dough

Why do these kitchen appliances have such abilities? It depends on the following factors.

Container design

The container of the blender is narrow and tall. Such a container is best for mixing large quantities of liquid ingredients.

On the other hand, the container of a food processor is wider than the blender jar, putting more liquid may leak.

The food processor container is best for giving room for ingredients and making them slice easily.

Blade Design

The blades of a Ninja blender are sharp. They work great as slicers. But unlike the Vitamix blender’s ability to drop chop, the stacked blade assembly of the Ninja blender would not allow you to use it while running.

The design of the blades makes it hard to slice onions or other veggies and trying will result in odd, uneven, inconsistent products. The design of a food processor cut through the food with more ease.

Many other attachments are available for both blenders and food processors to enhance their capabilities. The components include Shredding, Whisking and Milling assemblies for both.

Can a ninja blender replace a food processor?

Not every Ninja blender is capable of food processing. But worry not! There is still good news. Ninja has launched many blenders that you can use as a food processor.

These blenders can do tasks like chopping vegetables and nuts. In addition to the above, these versatile combos have multiple attachments making the blender capable of making smoothies chopping and grating. You can also mix dough easily in these machines.

Which Ninja blenders can work as a food processor?

Ninja SS351 Foodi Power Blender & Processor System

Ninja Foodi blender can chop onions and spinach better than a regular blender. But, the accuracy is yet far less than the food processor. You can clearly see larger chunks of onion and spinach leaves.

Chopped spinach and onions with Ninja Foodi

Ninja Master Prep Pro QB1004 Blender/Processor

Ninja Master Prep Professional is a 450W low-profile blender with processor attachments.

You can easily chop veggies for soups, omelets, etc. You can also grind meat and make hummus in this little versatile machine.

Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System

Ninja BN 800 series is an Auto IQ blender with processor attachments. These blenders have an auto-chop preset for chopping nuts and vegetables and making pizza or cookie dough.

Chop the preset button on Ninja Profession Plus

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

The food processor attachment on this blender will make it easy to grate cheese and chop kale. It will chop almost anything easily just like a food processor.

Can a blender replace a food processor?

Yes, a blender can chop, grate and knead. It can replace a food processor for dealing with smaller amounts of food.

The processing capability of a blender is limited to a few functions, but if you have to choose between a blender and a food processor we recommend you go for the blender.

The blender may replace a food processor in many situations but a food processor cannot blend and cannot replace a blender for a single recipe.

Ninja blender as a food processor: Conclusion

A regular Ninja blender will not chop, slice or grate any ingredients the way a food processor would. Ninja blenders are also not very good at mixing dough.

For hummus or salsa-like recipes, Even a regular Ninja blender will work. But if you want accurately sliced onions or shredded cheese, the Ninja blender will disappoint you. 

In the end, it all boils down to what kind of recipes you want to make in your kitchen. A regular blender is better for purees, soups, and more liquid products.

But, you will need any blender/processor combo listed above for dry ingredients

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