What good is a Pie or a Sundae without topping? Who wouldn’t want the morning cup of joe a little cosy with some cream? It is a must-have for every kitchen.

One common question people keep asking is if they can whip cream in a blender. Well Yes, you can, but there is more to it and this post has covered it all.

What is whipped cream?

The cream is extracted fats from milk. It pops up to the top of the milk naturally(when left standing) in the form of lumps. These fat lumps make a thick layer on top of milk which can then be removed from milk.

The thick emulsion available in the markets is made on a scale with machines (cream separators).

There are different types of cream depending on the percentage of fat content. The two most used for toppings, frostings and for baked food are Heavy Cream(at least 36% fat) and Whipping Cream(at least 30% fat).

Whipped Cream is a lighter and fluffy product that comes from whisking or mixing the Whipping Cream. It is used commonly for frosting on cakes. Commercially it comes in aerosol canisters.

Why do you need whipped cream?

When you whip cream it traps air bubbles inside breaking fat lumps and becoming fluffy.

When done properly it becomes stiff enough to spread on cakes or pies. It also has a lower fat content and can have a variety of tastes by adding sugar vanilla etc.

What ingredients do you need to make whipped cream?

Heavy Cream, yes that’s it. All you need is this only one ingredient. It will give you the product, but sometimes it is better to add different flavours to the cream.

You can add sugar or vanilla to create a variety of flavoured whipped cream that can go with any particular baked item.

Wow to whip heavy cream at home? Which tool to use?

It is really very easy to whip cream on your own at home, it does not need many ingredients and there are many tools you can use to do it in less than a few minutes ( usually it takes 2-3 minutes).

There is only one problem though, you have to keep a close look at it during whipping, and do not overbeat it. Here are a few kitchen tools you can use to whip cream at your home.

Can you whip cream with a mixer?

Yes, you can use any stand mixer or hand mixer to whip cream. In fact, these are the most common tools used for whipping in general. you can also whip egg whites with mixers. A stand mixer is recommended to make the task efficient.

Can you whip cream with hand blender?

A hand blender can be a better choice to whip cream when you need a small serving. It will also be quicker and more efficient for small batches.

To have the best results with a hand blender, use a specialized whisking blade attachment.

Can you whip cream with a blender?

Yes, A countertop blender can also whip cream. Blender manufacturer Vitamix has already launched a container with a special blade assembly, the Aer disc container which is perfect for whipping cream.

Most blenders also have a whip/pulse button which lets you have full control over whisking to get a perfect stiff peak.

Things to consider for perfect whip cream

  • Use chilled heavy cream
  • Use clean glass or metal bowl
  • If it’s hot out there try chilling the bowl for a few minutes
  • When required use confectioners sugar(powder sugar)
  • Do not let the mixer/blender unattended to avoid overbeating
  • Do small batches (no more than 2 cups of heavy cream)

can you whip cream by hand?

Yes, You can whip cream with your hand with a cooking whip. But there is a little downside to it. It is a real workout and it takes so much time.

You should only do it if there is absolutely no other way around, Or skip the recipe for some other day when there is an electric mixer or blender available. Happy Blending!

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