Do I Need An Immersion Blender?

Life is fast blending with a regular blender can be time-consuming. For small servings, the mess and cleaning are not worth it.

The main reason you should get an immersion blender is the ease of use. Of course, less cleaning too. Other reasons to buy a hand blender include:

  • Easy storage
  • Handy
  • Control over blending
  • Less noise

Do you have no space on your countertop?
Are you done with over-beating egg whites and whipped cream in your regular blender?
Is your regular blender too noisy for you?
If you answer any of these questions with YES, You should get an Immersion blender. And we will show you how to choose one.

A glass of healthy smoothie in the morning feels great. A tasty batch of soup for the dinner also seizes the day. With a regular blender, it is sometimes inefficient going through all the steps of filling the blender jar, pouring the blend in yet another glass or bowl to get served.

Before getting a hand blender, I thought there was no need for this in my kitchen. I felt lazy not using my regular countertop blender for everything. Guess what? I was wrong.

The hand blender also called immersion blender and stick blender is a handy tool alternative to countertop blenders. Comprise of a motor fixed on the handle and a rotating blade at another end which you can put into any vessel or container to blend, puree or chop food.

The hand blender was a better choice for many applications. From beating eggs for fluffy morning omelets to green smoothies for weight loss. Right from glass or any container, ready to drink, without any mess.

I am glad you have also realized the need for this great and efficient blending tool. This guide will help you decide to choose the best immersion blender.

Is an immersion blender worth it?

No room in the kitchen? Hate to transfer hot pureed soups from the blender back to the pot and make messes? Want smooth blended creamy soups right in the bowl? Want quick morning smoothies without cleaning many dishes? Need to get rid of the noises of the stand blender? Need small batches of dips toppings for your recipes?
What if I tell you a single blending tool can solve all these problems and even give you more versatility? An immersion blender doesn’t take up much room at all. You can easily fit it in the drawer. You don’t need to transfer blended food or drink anywhere. Use the stick blender right where you want to drink or eat. Have total control over the blending process and do not let a single piece of food untouched. Save time by cleaning only the shaft and the pot you will use for serving. Blend whatever amount you need without any noise using an immersion blender. Blenders are also very efficient in grinding meat with a proper accessory attached.
Are you still thinking if a hand blender is worth it? In my honest opinion, it most definitely is!