best blender to crush ice

Based on customer reviews, ratings and prices, here are the 5 best blenders to crush ice.

  • Vitamix 5200 series blender
  • Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender
  • Oster Versa blender
  • Ninja Ultima blender
  • DFUGUO Professional Blender, Countertop Blender for Kitchen

Vitamix 5200 series

The Vitamix 5200 series blender is called the best personal blender because it has a powerful 2-peak horsepower motor. You can do all kinds of blending on this machine with variable speed control buttons.

It comes with a tall jar for easy liquid addition. It is great for making smoothies, shakes, pureeing foods crushing ice – just about anything! However, it requires a quite high budget if you want to buy this Vitamix blender.

Vitamix Professional Series 750

Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender is the most powerful blender on market. It has a 2.2 horsepower motor (around 1,500 watts) and can blend your ice like butter!

Of course, it comes with all features you need: variable speed control and pulse, and also it has a low profile jar for easy adding ingredients. This machine is great for making smoothies, shakes, or crushing ice.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender is best for those who want to do everything at home with their blender such as making juice, pureeing foods, crushing ice, etc.

This machine is quite heavy (about 15 lbs) and requires a large space on the kitchen countertop.

Oster Versa

The Oster Versa blender is an excellent 200$ blender that is capable of blending your ice to snow in 20 seconds.

It has a powerful 1,400-watt motor with 3-speed levels and pulse, so you can easily adjust the blender speed during the blending process.

Oster Versa blender offers great value for money as it comes with lots of accessories such as a cookbook, tamper tool, recipe guide, etc.

For those who are on a budget but need a shorter time to blend their smoothies or crush ice, this machine is an excellent choice.

Ninja Ultima

Ninja Ultima blender looks like other blenders but it stands out from other blenders because of its 1-horsepower DUAL MAX™ motor (cool!) and the incredible power that delivers virtually seamless and silky results right at the push of a button.

You will be able to blend ice in this blender easily. It also has a stainless steel blade, so it is durable and easy to clean. What’s more? Ninja Ultima blender comes with lots of accessories such as a cookbook and recipe guide.

DFUGUO Professional Blender, Countertop Blender for Kitchen

This blender has variable speed with pulse control. with a powerful peak power of 1,800 watts, it can be used for shaving ice, making smoothies, frozen drinks, etc. within seconds.

It has a large durable BPA-free jar for maximum capacity, which is great if you want to blend or crush larger batches of ingredients such as big pieces of fruit (grapes, watermelon chunks).

The pulse control works well with the high-torque direct-drive motor design. And lastly, multiple speeds offer more control for ice or other ingredients.

Blending ice in a blender

Do you want to buy a blender, but you’re not sure which one can best crush ice? In this blog, we will provide information about the blenders that are best suited for crushing ice.

Many people choose a blender because it allows them to make other things besides smoothies.

Crushing Ice is an example of what a blender is capable of doing. In order to purchase the right product, it helps if you know what makes each model unique from its competitors.

You might consider using a blender that has multiple speeds and comes with an Ice Crusher blade as well as a tamper stick.

Which blender can blend ice?

The best blender for crushing ice is not always the one with the most power. Some blenders are designed to crush ice, which can take longer than other types of blenders.

Other models may be powerful, but they might lack the right blades and strength to cut through solid ingredients, such as ice cubes.

The best blenders for crushing ice are high wattage and also come equipped with large-sized jars in order to fit this bulky ingredient without spilling over and causing problems inside

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