Kale Smoothie is packed with nutrients high in fiber and protein to keep you full. Kale is the most nutrient-dense food in the world.

Besides all the qualities, Kale is a tough ingredient to blend. Only a high-quality blender for kale smoothies will make them uniformly consistent and blend perfect green smoothies.

Many of us find it hard to blend a fine kale smoothie without any chunks of kale stem or leaves.

To solve this problem for you to have a creamy and delicious Kale smoothie, we have compiled a list of the five best blenders for Kale smoothies.

These blenders are powerful. Also, their blades and containers are designed to deal with fibrous ingredients for smooth blending.

Five Best blenders for Kale smoothies | totally worth it

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender for kale smoothies

Vitamix blenders known for their power and crushing abilities are best for tough tasks. Not every Vitamix blender can handle the harder cell walls of Kale and cereal.

Vitamix E310 Explorian is the best Vitamix blender for making Kale smoothies because its high-powered and high-speed motor smashes these leafy greens and pulverizes them into a smooth and creamy healthy drink.

The blades of Vitamix are slightly blunt so that they work by smashing instead of smashing so there are no small chunks but a consistent texture.

The sturdy design of Vitamix E310 and the simple manual functionality (without many bells and whistles) with added power. This blender is one of the best models in the Vitamix C-series (2.0 HP).


It has the self-cleaning functionality to auto-clean the container within seconds.

The manual speed dial precisely controls the texture of the product.

The pulse function allows having purees and chops without pulverizing.

The thermal switch and heat protection system allows auto shutdown when the device heats up. This avoids damage to the motor.


One of the main problems with this blending beast is that it is loud…

The second one, though not too serious, is that the jar on the blender base doesn’t standstill.

It is usual for all Vitamix blenders since there is no locking system between the base and the container.

NutriBullet Pro Blender for kale smoothies

A nutribullet blender or any other bullet-style blender can do any job for you unless you know how to use them properly.

Many people would say that nutribullet is terrible at blending Kale smoothies. But here is a trick to it. “Load the ingredients properly”.

Nutribullet is the best bullet blender for Kale smoothies. Its cup design and nutrient extraction blades pulverize and blend all kinds of greens such as Kale, cereal and spinach to the ultimate smooth and uniform green smoothie.

If you can use enough liquid and do not overfill this blender. It can do wonders.


Easy to clean blender.

Goto lids for on-the-go blending and drinking.

Has lower noise than other counterparts.


Most people complain about the leaking. This is because nutribullet has a gasket between the blade assembly and the cup, it wears and gets damaged when used for a long.

Oster Blender Pro 1200 blender for kale smoothies

Considered one of the best blenders for Kale and other leafy greens. The power of the blender and its 3 preset programs can crush ice to snow and blend hard green items such as Kale and spinach.

The pulse function on this Oster blender helps shred food. It tears the cell walls of ingredients apart and mushes them.

It is the best affordable choice for blending Kale smoothies. It will do the job of crushing kale into almost perfect, chunk-less (maybe you still find some teeny tiny bits) smoothies every morning.


The Oster Pro 1200 blender is very easy to clean because of the broad jar.

It is not very loud as its counterparts.

The performance is best for the price.


The blender may dance around the corner while blending. So, hold it!

Customer support may disappoint you.

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender for kale smoothies

For the price of it, Ninja Professional Blender is the best affordable option for Kale smoothies. It might not crush it as well as a Vitamix, but you can still have a good enough green smoothie blender for kale/spinach.

The personal single-serve blending jar can have amazing results when blending green leaves like kale.


Auto presets

Single-serve attachments

Large blending container


Not too powerful for the size

Breville BBL620SIL the Fresh and Furious blender for kale smoothies

You cannot go wrong with Breville. It will make you a great creamy healthy and consistent Kale smoothie with a little more time.

It has predefined settings for smoothies that can liquify softer fruits to perfect slushy green drinks in less than a minute.

However, tough ingredients such as Kale/cereal/spinach takes more time than the preset 60second interval.

You can even blend the stems of kale with this blender without any issues. It will crush them and make a green paste out of them.

The design of the blender container pushes everything over the blades and avoids any ingredients from sticking to the corner.


Pre-programmed settings for one-touch blending

The auto-clean function on this blender is a great way for hassle-free cleaning.

Can crush the ice with lower noise.

Efficient Container design.


No pulse function.

The container and blade assembly are not detachable.

The container may not stick tightly onto the base.

What to look for when Choosing Best Blenders for Kale Smoothies?

As we all know well that kale is not a soft vegetable. To choose a blender best for kale smoothies, there are a few things to consider.

Before making a decision about purchasing a blender for making kale drinks, keep these in mind.


Power is the most important quality to look for when buying a kale smoothie blender. More power means easy liquefication of fibrous ingredients.

Low-powered blenders will struggle with leafy greens and even burn their motors while trying hard.

Container design and capacity

Container design is more important than container capacity to have a smooth kale drink. If the chunks keep sticking to the sides of the blender it would be hard for the blades to crush them and the end result will be frustrating.

The capacity of the blender also play role in adding more liquids for proper circulation of ingredients inside the jar.

Noise level

If everything is okay with a blender but you cannot run it in the mornings fearing your neighbors could wake up. The power and design won’t be worth it.

The best blender for kale will have great power along with lower noise levels when trying to crush tough food. It should be able to crush the ice with lower/moderate noise.

FAQs about blenders for kale smoothies

Can I blend kale in a regular blender?

You can try a regular mediocre power blender if you add enough liquids to the blend. Also, try to add soft items first and then add the green leaves on top of them.

Does kale lose nutrients when blended?

No, blending does not affect the nutrition of the kale. The fibres, antioxidants, vitamins and other healthy ingredients in the kale remain 100% in the smoothies made from kale.

Can you eat kale stems in smoothies?

If your blender is powerful enough to handle the hard stems, you can definitely add kale stems to the smoothies. There is nothing wrong with it to eat. It will just create uneven chunks in the smoothie when not blended well.

How do you blend kale without chunks?

Using a powerful blender, adding enough liquids and using proper order when adding ingredients to the blender jar will help you make a uniform textured smoothie without any chunks.

Conclusion: Best blender for kale smoothies

Kale, spinach and cereals give a hard time to a blender. It is necessary to have a powerful enough blender to consistently blend these tough ingredients to have a tasty creamy smoothie.

Suppose a blender is lower-powered or not designed to handle hard green fibrous food. You will have a weird, chunky, tasteless end product that will be harder to drink.

All these blenders for kale smoothies listed above are powerful and versatile enough to handle Kale and make a finely textured kale smoothie.