Those who love this delicious snack will look for ways to make smooth and creamy hummus at home. To do that, you will need to know the proper process and a blender that is best for making hummus.

A blender is one of the best appliances for hummus. A good blender will always get you the most delicious result that is smooth and consistent. However, so many choices in the market make choosing the best blender for hummus difficult.

In this buying guide, we have reviewed only 3 blenders that have unique features to make the smoothest and most luxurious hummus ever.

These blenders will crush your chickpeas to fluffy hummus and make lots of other favorite recipes and drinks.

3 Best Blenders for Hummus

Vitamix E310 Explorian blender for hummus


Launched in 2017, the explorian series of Vitamix is the older version with the basic design. There is a simple dial, two power buttons, no digital display, and other bells and whistles. The blender is high quality and sturdy, with exceptional blending capability.


The blender has a 2HP powerful motor that can crush through chickpeas to make fluffy hummus. 

The container’s capacity of 48 ounces can satisfy the hummus snack cravings of the whole family. The design of the container pushes the thick ingredients in the hummus recipe toward the blade for efficient blending.

A plastic tamper comes with a blender to scrape the sides of the container when blending thick and stubborn ingredients.

With the manual speed selection and pulse blending option, you can get the desired consistency in your homemade hummus. There are 10-speed levels to select from. These speed ranges handle thick purees, hot soups and tough frozen fruits.

Usage and cleaning

This blender is so easy to use that you can make anything anytime. Whether it is party time or crawling for snacks, you can use the E310 without hassle. 

One reason people avoid using large countertop blenders is the headache of cleaning. The Vitamix E310 is super easy to clean too. Just add a drop of dish soap with warm liquid to your machine, run the E310 blender at your machine’s highest speed, and it will clean itself in less than 60 seconds without disassembling.


The Vitamix E310 comes with a few helpful add-ons. The Vitamix tamper is specially designed for the explorian blender and the recipe book is for fun beginner recipes.

Pros and Cons

Pros: High quality, large container, easy to clean, friction heating

Cons: The manual settings could be harder for some people

Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Hummus


The Oster Pro 1200 with a glass container is a full-size blender. Oster blenders are recognized throughout the US for their high-performance budget-friendly blenders.

With this blender’s versatility and performance, you can make fresh homemade hummus recipes and delicious pastes and dips.


This Oster Pro blender has a 1200W heavy-duty motor. The blender is powerful yet quieter compared to its counterpart available in the market. Two containers come with this model.

The larger, 6-cup container is glass made with a detachable blade assembly. The smaller, 24 oz blending single-serve cup for on-the-go smoothies is plastic.

The stainless steel blades attached to the large container are giant, which helps crush it wider. It makes dry or low-liquid ingredients such as chickpeas blend even better.

The control panel of the blender has 7 speeds and other programmed settings.

The one-touch blending option, along with pulse blending, makes it a versatile blender for many recipes and various textured products.

The buttons also have their own LED lights, indicating specific functions’ selection.

Usage and cleaning

The Oster Pro 1200 is easy to assemble and use. You can also disassemble it super easy to clean or maintain its parts.

The blender is so easy that you can have your smoothies, purees and snacks such as hummus as many times as you want.

The cleaning convenience of the Oster Pro is an added quality for its easy use. It can be cleaned without removing its parts.

You can blend hot water with a drop of the dishwasher and run it through medium and high settings to clean it like a breeze.

The glossy chrome finish of the blender comes clean like new after every use.


There is only one extra smoothie cup available with this blender. No other accessories or attachments come with the package.

Pros and Cons

Pros: This blender can make you the best hummus on earth. The asking price is reasonable, with a decent chrome finish pulse option for precise blending.

Cons: The smoothie cup may leak not-so-durable, thin blades.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 blender for hummus


Ninja makes some wonderful kitchen appliances. From excellent blenders to food processors, air fryers and multi-cookers, NinjaKitchen knows how to make a kitchen gadget.

Their products are at a lower price range and provide professional performance and power.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System blender BL770 is one of the most versatile blenders with good value against its price.


This blending powerhouse has a whooping 1500W powerful motor. There are 3 presets for crushing, blending and dough making.

There is also a special button for single-serve blending, which should be used when blending small batches in a single-serve cup.

There is also a pulse mode for a controlled and precise blending option.

These programmed settings offer the best performance and smooth consistency when making hummus, smoothies, dough, or baby food purees. Ain’t this a versatile piece of a blender?

72 oz huge pitcher is ideal for satisfying the needs for delicious hummus cravings of the whole family.

The 8-cup food processor is an excellent alternative for mixing dough, pureeing and chopping.

Usage and cleaning

You can use this blender for anything you want. You can use it for nut creams, spreads, homemade condiments, hummus, emulsifying ingredients, or thick soups and purees.

The auto preset buttons help in easy one-touch blending. The lid must be attached in a proper way to avoid any damage, which might be a tricky part for some people.

Other than that, it is a very easy-to-use blender. You can use this blender a dozen times a week without having any problem with it at all.

You can even make your tahini by grinding whole sesame seeds, garlic pastes, or other additional ingredients to add to your custom hummus recipes at home.

The cleaning part is also the easiest. An easy-to-clean blender is the dream of everyone who uses a blender regularly.

The only caution you need when cleaning a ninja blender is to be careful with its stacked blade assembly.

The blades are darn sharp. Use special brushes to clean the blades without touching them blades with bare hands.

Detachable blades also do cleaning and rinsing of the container with hands. The Ninja BL770 blender is also dishwasher safe. Just throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher and let it clean.


The versatility is the best thing when we talk about Ninja blenders. Just look at these accessories, and you’ll see them for yourself. 

The blender package includes a 9-cup blender pitcher, a 5-cup food processor pitcher, a food processor blade, a dough blade for the food processor, two single-serve blender cups with blades, and 2 drink lids for small cups and a Ninja inspiration guide for amazing recipes.

With all these many accessories, there isn’t anything you cannot use this blender for. These attachments cover all the smoothies, drinks, purees, dips, spreads, soups, nut butter, ice crushing and shaving tasks. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Large container, versatility, food processor attachment, dishwasher safe

Cons: limited warranty

Factors to consider to choose the best blender for making hummus

Powerful motor

The blender’s power is the main factor that determines the blending ability. A powerful blender will get things done and save time and energy and provide more consistency and smooth texture in your recipes.

Variable speeds

More speed settings mean more textures. Also, variable speeds help blend all types of ingredients inside a recipe to desired consistency.

You can blend over various speeds to crush everything from soft to complex and from no fiber to fibrous ingredients, including ones with tough cellulose.

Easy controls

A blender is as good as easy as it is to use. Straightforward controls and blend settings are a must for efficient blending.

Preset settings are good options but are predefined for specific ingredients and limit the user’s control over the blending options. Manual blending helps you get desired results.

Hardened blending component

To blend hummus, it is always a good idea to boil chickpeas with edible soda before putting them inside a blender. These boiled peas are hot, which can damage low-quality plastic containers.

Well-made and high-quality plastic or glass containers are required for such recipes. It also applies to tough ingredients such as hard nuts, seeds, or frozen food.

Food processor or blender for hummus?

You can use either of the two, but keep in mind that chickpeas as the main ingredients in hummus. A high-power, the high-quality blender will make blending smooth and creamy hummus easier without grains.

Many people choose a blender as a second option for hummus, but in my opinion, a blender can make hummus faster and creamier than a food processor.

Why should you buy a blender for hummus?

Keeping in mind the usage of a blender. It is a better choice for hummus at home. You can use a blender for more tasks than just making hummus.

When using a super powerful blender like Vitamix, the ingredients may also heat up, which is a different quality for having smoother purees and pastes.

FAQs: Best blender for hummus

Can Hummus Be Made In A NutriBullet?

Yes, nutribullet single-serve blenders are good for making smaller batches of hummus. The quality of the hummus with nutribullet is good and has a thick creamy texture.

Why Is My Hummus Not Blending?

Suppose you are using a dryer mix. The blender won’t be able to blend hummus properly.
Either use more liquid (water or oil) or a spatula or tamper to move the stuff from the sides and keep the mixture over the blades.

Is Eating Hummus Bad Or Good For Your Health?

Most ingredients in the hummus recipe are healthy and natural. Their calorie level is low, and they have better nutritional value. Thus hummus is a healthy snack to eat.

Why Is My Homemade Hummus Grainy?

Boil chickpeas before blending to have smooth, grainless hummus at home. Also, you can remove the chickpeas’ skin after boiling, which will solve the grainy hummus problem.

Conclusion: best blender for hummus

We have selected the best blender options for making homemade hummus. Each of these three blenders is great for hummus and other recipes and drinks.

Our top pick is the Ninja Mega Kitchen blender for hummus because it has a food processor and is exceptionally versatile.

The Vitamix E310 is of excellent quality and a powerful blender. Also, it has a friction heating quality.

The Oster Pro 1200 has a glass container, a good option for those concerned about plastic usage and BPA health hazards.