Being a vegan without a blender can be tough… Blenders are necessary for making healthy vegan food, and they will ease the transition to a plant-based diet.

You will need a blender for vegan diets, such as vegan tofu soups, ground seeds, flour, applesauce, hummus, vegan refried beans, mashed potatoes, or steamed purees.

A blender will come in handy and cut the preparation time in half when making your homemade vegan food.

The best blender for vegans has to be powerful enough to crush tough food such as hard nuts and fibrous leafy veggies with less effort every day. The one that is not overheating has to have the low-speed option and (optionally) has a vacuum blending option.

We have compiled a well-researched list of the best blenders for vegan recipes to help you accomplish a comfortable vegan lifestyle.

6 Best blenders for vegans | Plant-based food




Why buy it?


Vitamix 7500



Powerful blender

Throw anything at it.

Ninja Foodi

Regular +

Single Serve


Best for vegan lifestyle

Handles dry and wet vegetarian food items

Blendtec 575



Pulse function, programmed settings make life easier with precise blending

Nutribullet 1200

Regular +

Single Serve


Multipurpose Nutribullet blender

Best for blending veggies

Mueller 500



Vegan lifestyle

game changer

great for on the go morning vegan diets

Kitchenaid K150

Regular +

Single Serve


Intelligent motor speed control

Vitamix 7500 blender for vegans

Vitamix is one of the great blenders for vegans, one of the top reasons I would recommend this blender is friction heating.

Vitamix blender blades have the quality to heat ingredients during the blending process. You can make steamy soup from fresh raw vegetables in less than 5 minutes.

Another reason to buy a Vitamix blender is the ability to run for longer without heating up. See Vitamix can run for up to 10 minutes without damaging its motor.

The Vitamix 7500 is specifically chosen in this list because the series it belongs to is easy to use and powerful Vitamix series. It is a C-series blender, the classic Vitamix family with a 2.2HP high-efficiency motor.

The pulse feature and manual dial for ten different speeds create hearty, fine-textured plant-based chopped or puréed meals.

You can also use the new Aer Disc with Vitamix 7500 for Whisking and Emulsifying fruit and vegetables.

Also, the 64 oz large container allows you to make food for the whole vegan family. And its low profile does not take up more cabinet space.

This blender is perfect for buttering nuts, making sauces, dips, or creamy spreads.
Without a doubt, this blender is indeed vital for vegans.

Ninja foodi Power blender for vegans

Everyone I know that has a Ninja loves them. They don’t last as long as a Vitamix, but they can be replaced several times for the cost difference.

The triple-stacked blade assembly is great for baking in a larger container. The bowl maker attachments with a built-in tamper will make consistent smoothies with no effort.

The motor base is heavy with the new smartTORQUE technology. It is helpful in two ways. One, It does not stall with a heavy load. Two, it won’t shake around the countertop when blending.

Variable Speed Control for speed and texture control of every blend. It has six preset Auto-iQ programs for one-touch smoothies, extractions, bowls, spreads, chopping, food processing, and dough.

Hybrid Edge Blade Assembly delivers a better breakdown of frozen whole fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and ice for smoother blends.

Containers, lids, discs, and blade assemblies are all dishwasher safe.

Blendtec 575 blender for vegans

Blendtec is another everlasting choice of blender for versatile blending.

This blender is the number one choice of the top smoothie makers including the Jamba Juice smoothie shop.

With its 4 preset programs, one touch blending, pulse action and five manual settings. This high power blending beast is the best blender for vegans. It is a perfect choice for high consistency and precise blending of plant based ingredients.



Incredible design, High end, Powerful blender with 2HP motor. It will crush any tough greens, nuts, grains or seeds with in minutes.

Jar Design

The wildside jar design is a patented design to move everything towards the blade for a smooth textured mix. Unlike the cornered blender jars, the wildside design increase the blending efficiency and adds more blending power to the already powerful motor.

LCD digital display

There is a digital display on the front of the motor base. The display gives you the information about the blending time for each blending cycle in seconds.

The LCD display also show the number of cycles run by the blender. You can get a fair idea from these timers about the preset blending modes.

Easy to use blender

The auto presets functionality makes Blendtec 575 an easy to use blender.

The Spoonula spatula helps pour ingredients with ease. Also, the design of the container and the base helps putting the container fix on the motor base easily and tight.

Easy cleaning

Super easy to clean with the clean cycle. Put a drop of soap with warm water and run it for less than 30 seconds. Clean as new!

Whether you need to make nut butters or nut powders. Or you want to blend solid greens or frozen fruits and veggies. The Blendtec 575 is the best option for your vegan deit.

Nutribullet 1200 blender for vegans

This countertop model from nutribullet is a 1200W super powerful machine. It is 17 inches tall and has a 36 inches cord. The blender sits on the countertop on its suction feet and wont move during the blending. The container has 36oz capacity and the blades are integrated inside the container.

There are automatic blending buttons with low, medium and high speed options on the control panel. The buttons run the blender for 60seconds. For vegan diets, you will need medium and high settings to blend nuts and vegetables smoothly.

This blender can hold up to the monstrous cellulose of raw green vegetables such a celery, kale, spinach, nuts, seeds, and plenty more tough ingredients.

You will love this blender when you see how it blend all your veggies to a smooth mixture. This blender is recommended for all plant based food including the hard brocolli, chia and flax seed in smoothies, etc…

The only problem you can have with this blender is its fixed blades, which can collect some of food residue after each blend.

Mueller 500 blender for vegans

The Mueller Austria blenders are always a good choice when you want a handy stick blender. The Mueller 500 Blender is a well-made sturdy blender with brushed chrome steel finish.

The design of blender is very ergonomic with easy to push buttons. There is also a continuos speed dial on top to change the rotation speed of the blender blades.

There are two more attachments for frothing and whisking which makes it even more versatile hand blender.

The design of the blade guards makes this blender perfect for blending without splashes. It also create great suction to make mixing and blending more efficient.

The cleaning is very easy, just detatch the shaft from the power unit and rinse it through tap water. Its stainless steel shafts are very shiny and no food deposits on it. Also, there are no holes under the blades which can hold food particles.

Overall, the great design, the high quality and the power of the Mueller 500 helps you live a comfortable Vegan life.

Kitchenaid K150 blender for vegans

This blender is for those who like it simple. No bells and whistles, Just a single dial to run the blender. Kitchen Aid K150 is perfect for smoothies and drinks.

As I said, there is only one dial which has 3 different speed settings which allow you to make different textured smoothies. There is also a manual pulse button to crush tough frozen fruits and hard veggies. The pulse action also helps in crushing ice. The powerful blender can easily crush through hard plant based foods and seeds.

The blender will starts low and then ramp up the speed after a few seconds. This blending action keeps the ingredients over the blades rather than flying everything away.

The only downside to the blender is that the blades are fixed to the container which makes it a bit harder to clean.

Overall, this blender is the minimal design blender, simple and easy to use and perfect for liquid vegan diets.