5 Best Blenders For Nuts and seeds

When it comes to grinding nuts, there is something you need to keep in mind.

While some blenders grind hard seeds into powder, others blend tough nuts into butter.

For both cases whether you want to ground nuts or need to make nut butter. You will need a powerful and efficient blender that is best for dealing with nuts and seeds.

Depending on your use and the required ingredients for recipes you make, it is always better to know what kind of blender you need.

Not only will the right blender make the process simpler, but it will also make sure the nutrients and oils are extracted properly.

We have listed a few best blenders for nuts and seeds below.

For each blender, we have specified whether it is best for making nut butter or dry grinding.

Pick the one best suited for your needs, you can also use different blade assemblies or other attachments to use a single blender for both dry and wet blending.

JAWZ High-Performance Blender

Professional Grade Power Crusher

  • 2500W beast
  • More than just a blender

Jawz blenders are well-designed and high-power blending beasts.

These blenders give you full power at half price compared to high-end expensive blenders.

These are the best blenders for nuts and seeds and will take make your cooking experience so much better.

It has lots of digital features and also has a touchscreen panel that lights up, which is high-tech!

This must be sturdy enough to make sure it will work for me long term. there are up to 10 speeds to choose from to get the consistency you are looking for.

This is a very good blender. It is strong and heavy. The lid always seals tight. It has got perfectly accurate measurements on the jar.

The blades are strong, durable and sharp, which can grind hard dry seeds and nuts to dust in a matter of seconds with an even consistency and were easy to pour out of the blender.

To make nut butter with a Jawz blender you will need to either soak nuts or put some water in the jar along with the nuts for efficient blending.

If you want to grind nuts dry you will need a tamper tool to push the ingredients from the sides of the jar on the blades.

Overall, this blender is high-powered and will crush through any tough ingredients such as seeds or nuts.

Cleaning is also easy because it only has 2 pieces. It’s just a quick rinse, wash, and dry!


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Durable sharp blades
  • Easy to clean


  • Spareparts not replacable
  • Loud

Kuvings Vacuum Sealed Auto Blender SV500S

High Power High Speed

  • 1700W
  • Noiseless

The Kuvings Vacuum Sealed Blender is a top-of-the-line blender with a powerful and quiet motor.

It is a 1700W heavy-duty blender that can handle even the toughest dry ingredients, ice and frozen food.

The blender comes with a variety of attachments, including a food processor, which makes it versatile.

The vacuum seal keeps food fresh and prevents oxidation, which means that your blends will taste as good as they did when you first made them.

If you want to make delicious nut butter and dips with extra freshness this vacuum blender is the best choice for you.

Its sealed vacuum container silently chops tough seeds and nuts.

Its high power and sealed design make it the best blender for nuts and seeds. It is built to perform well and last longer.


  • Sealed
  • Quiet
  • Good for tough ingredients


  • Need extra care

Ninja QB3001SS Fit Compact Personal Blender

You can’t go wrong with this one!

  • 700W
  • Pulse Blending

This little blender by Ninja is my favorite. The Ninja Fit Blender is a powerful and versatile appliance that can be used for a variety of tasks in the kitchen.

The 700-watt motor and nutrient extraction blades are perfect for blending and chopping nuts, while the food prep function is ideal for slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables.

The 16-oz to-go cups are perfect for taking your smoothies or shakes on the go.

With a simple design and ease of working this personal blender can beat expensive blenders with its performance.

All you need to do is put in some water to make nut butter instead of nuts or seeds powder.

The pulse option gives you extra control over blending.

If you want the best blender for nuts and seeds this blender will not only cover you for that but will also work great with ice and other tough ingredients.


  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use
  • Tough plastic cups


  • Cups need some effort to clean

Vitamix Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade

Blends in less than a minute

  • 1500W
  • Long-lasting

You can’t go wrong with a Vitamix. The power of this $290 blender is unbelievable. It can crush hard nuts and seeds you put into it in a matter of seconds.

Cleaning up the blender takes only a few minutes because you just need to add more soap or water and blend again until everything is clean!

It’s appealing because of its fair price and you will have no problem with it while making smoothies, nut butter, nut milk, or sauces.

The size of the container is amazing. wider than BlendTec The shape here just creates a far better vortex and plows through frozen items for smoothies better.

It’s fairly wide, which makes it easy to fill and make consistent blends and blend tough ingredients such as coffee beans.

You can manually control it using its easy-to-use digital interface It has a nice design and very firm stability.


  • Large jar
  • Stylish look
  • Easy to clean
  • powerful


  • Can heat up when used for too long

Anthter Blender 1600W

Blends in less than a minute

  • 6-leaf SS blade
  • 40000+ RPM

This $85 Anthter blender is a bang for the buck and is really fast. With a strong blade and motor, it does everything we want it to do. It’s like a juicer, nuts grinder, and ice smoothie maker all in one.

Tritan jar has a self-cleaning function that is quick and easy. Put water in the blender at medium speed for one minute. Once you add some soap, the machine will clean itself.

The mixer has a safety lock on the bottom. If the mixing container is not attached to the water tank, then it won’t work.

The blender also has to overheat and overload protection that stops it from getting damaged. The non-slip rubber feet help keep your blender stable while you are using it.


  • Powerful motor
  • Failsafe
  • Easy to clean


  • Louder

Which blenders can blend nuts and seeds?

If you want to blend tough food items, buy a blender that is more powerful with high quality, it could be more expensive than a standard low-end blender but worth it.

Blender speed and blending power

Blenders with only one speed may not be good for chopping nuts. If you want finely chopped nuts or seeds, then you should invest in a blender that offers more speed.

This is because the higher-end blenders have more speeds than the low-end ones because their motors are larger and stronger. blending power

When you are thinking about blending nuts and seeds, consider the power of the blender. This means how fast it can spin around.

A blender with high power will be able to blend nuts into smaller pieces than one with low power.

Blender Motor and Jar

You might want to buy a blender with more than one speed. If you use different speeds, the blender will make nuts of different sizes.

Blenders made of glass are not very strong. If you want to blend nuts, buy a stronger blender or it may break.

Ground nuts recipes

Crushed nuts in cake and ice cream

Chopped nuts will taste good in ice cream because ice cream doesn’t have much taste to cover the peanut’s or almond’s bitter taste.

You should add chopped peanuts after the ice cream has been made and put them in a freezer for about 2 hours to become hard.

Ground peanuts will make your sundae more delicious. You can add peanuts to the chocolate sauce or you can also mix peanuts with vanilla ice cream before putting it in a blender.

You can add peanuts or almonds to cake recipes because ground peanuts and almonds are good ingredients in cakes.

This will improve the cake’s taste, texture and color. If you don’t want oily peanut


There are many great blenders on the market that are perfect for grinding nuts and seeds.

No matter what your needs or budget may be, there is sure to be a blender that fits the bill.

If you are in the market for a new blender, be sure to consider one of the models mentioned in this article.

They all have unique features that make them perfect for this task.

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