Looking for a blender that is specifically designed to make hot liquids? Check out our list of the best blenders for hot liquids.

These appliances have been tested and have proven to be the best options for making hot coffee, soup, or blending cooked food.

A blender can be considered best for hot liquids if it has a durable container that can handle the heat and won’t melt. It must have a strong motor to blend liquids at high temperatures without burning or shutting down by overheating.

Additionally, the blender should have an overall good build quality so that it can handle being used regularly for hot drinks and food.

Criteria to consider when choosing a hot liquid blender include the type of blender, how durable the container is, how easy it is to use, and how much it costs.

After rigorous market research, here is a list of 5 blenders which are great for hot liquids. These blenders range in price and type but they are well built to handle lots of heat.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Check out our TOP pick to blend hot ingredients.

No.1 Blender for Hot Liquids


Vitamix 5200

  • High Quality and Durable
  • Blend Hot stuff without splashes!
  • Air vents in the Lid, Won’t Explode!
  • Blend Hot purees and Liquids Safely…

Power: 2 horsepower (peak) Capacity: 64 oz. Series: Legacy Functions: Manual Warranty: 7 years

This simple and powerful Vitamix 5200 blender is perfect for hot purees, soups and blending other hot liquids.

The reason why it is set as the top pick for this particular task is that the classic 64 oz. container that come with the 5200 package.

The stainless steel blades such any kind of ingredients down to the center by making vortices. While the high container keep the steaming liquids inside and avoid spreading all over the countertop.

The powerful motor and high quality Triton plastic container can also handle heat at high temperature blending and do not trip by overheating.

This blender will cover most of your meal prep or kitchen tasks along with blending hot liquids so you can choose it right away.

Since the Vitamix blenders are very high quality and long lasting they are expensive too, great things come at high price.

Though its price tag is high, hot soup lovers claim its superior performance making it well worth the expense.

But, if you want some thing in mid or low price range, we suggest you to check out the following options too.

The remaining 4 best blenders for hot fluids are:

Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ (Best blender for hot and cold liquids)

Power: ~2 horsepower (1400W) Capacity: 64 oz. Heating Power: 800W Series: Foodi Family Functions: Programmable/Manual Warranty: 2 years

With a heater at the bottom of the glass pitcher and super powerful motor the HB152 Foodi is one of the most versatile hot and cold blender by Ninja.

When you pick the pitcher of this Foodi blender, you will find out that its really heavy. Its sturdy glass container makes it heavy with a heating element at the bottom.

The versatility of the Foodi Heat-IQ blender lies in its 12 different Auto-IQ preset settings to make Hot Soups, Dips, and Sauces. And mix and blend frozen smoothies, cocktails and mix drinks.


Compared to other blenders with heating elements this blender is safe and durable. For example, instant pot Ace blender has an issue of melting its heating element sometimes which can be a serious concern.


Few best things about this blender are:

  • Its container is very durable
  • Its very versatile
  • Can be cleaned and sanitized super easy


The only thing that you could dislike is that its glass container is heavy

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 (Best small blender for hot liquids)

Power: ~2.2 horsepower (1700W) Capacity: 45 oz. Series: Magic Bullet Functions: Manual Warranty: 1 years

This bulky NutriBullet RX blender is the only bullet blender that is suitable for hot liquids. The powerful motor with extractor blades will crush anything with its short blending cycles. By selecting the soup settings, this blender run for 7 minutes to make delicious hot drinks and piping soups.

The reason why this bullet shape blender works fine with hot liquids is due to its special jar, the souperblast pitcher. This container has a vented lid which is suitable to handle hot liquids.

Nutribullet RX is an improvement in both power and size. It is also stronger bullet blender compared to other small blenders on the market. The lower footprint makes it great option for small kitchens.

The fact that is could blend hot liquids so well and make hot recipes on its own too makes it one of the best small blender to deal with hot recipes.


  • Blends so well
  • Comparable to high end expensive blenders
  • Heating function is great
  • Great build quality


Gasket may leak

KOIOS 800W 4-in-1 Multifunctional Immersion (Best hand blender for hot liquids)

Power: 400W Capacity: 20 oz. Series: Immersion Functions: Manual Warranty: 2 years

An Immersion blender is by far the most favorite tool for blending hot food and near to boiling liquid. Don’t buy cheap ones because they could have plastic shaft which could get damaged when immersed in hot liquids. Immersion blenders are not too expensive compared to other types of blenders.

KOIOS immersion blender and whisker is an ergonomic mighty stick blender with 12 different speed selections. It also has pulse mode button which can precisely control the blending process.

The handle is very ergonomic. You can use it for long intervals without hurting your hand.

The blades, blade guard and shaft are all stainless steel which can easily go into and blend hot liquids without any damage to the blender itself.

The blades are well designed to use it without splashing and spreading hot liquids all over the counter.


  • Well built
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Good for hot liquids
  • Aesthetic design


Could have been more powerful. There is no prominent difference in speeds.

DASH Quest Countertop (Best blender for hot soup)

Power: 600W Capacity: 50 oz. Series: Countertop Functions: Manual Warranty: 3 years

The durable glass container of the DashQuest can blend hot liquid without an issue. The lid is also designed to prevent any splashes to come out of the top which is an added benefit when dealing with hot liquids.

The blender has three speeds including a low speed option for hot blending. It can also make soup in 5 minutes with high speed blending.

The blender is a simple countertop option for blending liquids and making purees from hot cooked food.

Personal blender for hot liquids

Personal blenders often come in bullet shape. The bullet shape blenders have small cups which become completely sealed once you put the blade assembly on top of the jar.

If you blend hot liquid in such blender, the high temperature could expand the air inside and build pressure. This pressure could blast off the blending cup and cause extensive damage.

For this reason, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use Personal blenders (Bullet blenders) to blend Hot Liquids.

What to look for in a blender that is best for hot liquids?

Not all blenders can blend hot, boiling or near to boil liquid. Most blenders will start leaking or their containers could deform leach bad plastic into the hot food.

A blender container made from Triton can handle up to 200˚F ideally… But, there are many brands and types of blenders so there are many factors that must be considered when purchasing a blender to blend hot ingredients.

Container design

The design of blender container is very critical in order to blend hot food safely. For blending hot liquid the most significant part of blender container is the type of lid that seal the container.

If the lid is vent-less such as those on most of the bullet blenders, then there is a higher chance of trapping hot gases and expansion which may explode the blender.

Many “bullet” type blenders from nutribullet or Ninja have sealed containers. They are not suitable for hot liquids due to high risk of exploding the blender jar.

Blenders with large containers such as Vitamix countertop series or Ninja Foodi (not the Ninja blenders with locking lids) have vented lids. These lids allow hot air inside the blender container to expand freely and do not pressurize the blender pitchers.

The container design is also very important when blending hot liquids with a hand blender. Even though immersion blenders do not have their own containers. In order to blend hot liquids in stick blenders safely, you need a deep container to handle hot liquids or mix hot food without splashes.

Material and quality

The reason for choosing suitable material for blender with high quality for blending hot liquids is two fold.

One, the better quality will handle the heat without any physical damage to the blender parts. Two, the better material (especially plastic) will not leach into the edible hot liquid mix.

Blenders with strong motor and heatproof sturdy build will also keep the blender from overheating due to already hot material inside the jar.

You will also need tough blades to blend the ingredients well, because consistency in soups and sauce also matters a lot…

Heating Function/Element

One thing is obvious, if a blender has a built-in heating element. It means it is build to handle hot food. So, if you want to blend as well as cook ingredients in a blender, get the one which can heat on its own. Most hot and cold blenders have these separate heating functions which can heat food up to 220˚F.

Choosing a hot and cold blender with separate heating function can be the best option if you make hot purees and blend cooked food very often.


Depending on your usage preference, budget and kitchen size we have provided 5 top blenders that can be used for blending hot liquids with ease and safety.

The Top 3 choices that we would recommend are:

  • Vitamix 5200
  • Ninja Foodi H152
  • KOIOS 4-in-1 Immersion

Also, keep in mind the guidelines to choose blenders that are better in handling hot food.

Happy Blending!

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