This method involves mixing everything with a hand whisk (used for stirring egg whites) or an electric mixer. Using this method is effective in blending small and soft chunks of ingredients. But, it won’t work very well if there are any seeds or green stems included in the mix since they tend to get stuck in the whisk. Also, you will not get the desired texture by using a whisk mixer.
Another method to make a blender-less smoothie follows:

  • Put all of the ingredients into a container. The container should be rigid enough to hold the contents while being shaken.
  • Then add in any ice cubes or other solid materials.
  • Next, shake vigorously for several minutes until the smoothie has a uniform consistency.

It is generally best to use a container rather than stirring the contents with a spoon because it will not produce a consistent result.
The blender-less method is most common when you need a small amount of smoothie at home.
To blend smoothies with less effort, without a blender. It is better to keep some tips in mind.
For blending smoothie by shaking, you can use soft fruit like bananas, berries, avocado, or vegetables such as spinach or lettuce, etc.
Make sure to use fully ripe fruit to blend well by shaking.
If you require mixing hard vegetables like carrots, celery, or fruit like apple, peaches, etc. Boil them before blending without a blender for the best consistency and a smooth texture.

Another option for blending without having a blender is to use powdered ingredients. These powders are extracts from grinding dried fruit. Using Powdered fruit and adding some protein powder in making a smoothie will give you the same nutrition with a perfect consistency even without a blender.

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