Why does Vitamix use plastic containers?

Vitamix blenders are powerful. The blades rotate at a minimum speed of 20RPM. To handle this high power and high-speed blending inside, Vitamix make plastic containers.

There are many reasons why Vitamix uses plastic in its containers:

First, if they were to use glass for the container, think of how thick it would have to be to assure it would not break from the forces at work inside.

Second, then imagine how heavy it would be with a full load. It would need very high quality and a thick-walled glass container to withstand the Vitamix motor power.

Third, if they were to take care of the above two problems, the product wouldn’t have been cost-effective for both Vitamix and the user.

For the above reason, it makes so much sense to use plastic instead of glass containers.

What is the Vitamix container made of?

The Vitamix containers are made of BPA-free plastic. There is also a separate stainless steel blending jar available which fits on all full-size Vitamix blenders.

What kind of plastic is a Vitamix blender made from?

The Vitamix containers are manufactured using Eastman Tritan copolyester. This plastic does not contain BPA (BPA-free). Eastman plastic manufactures general-purpose plastic packaging for food. They also make food bottles for babies.

In 2011, Eastman plastic won a lawsuit against Plastic pure and Certichem for their false allegations about the leaching of chemicals from Eastman copolyester.

Also, many sales reps for Vitamix state that their blender containers are made from the same plastic material that is used for Airplane windows. These are super strong and healthy.

Are all Vitamix containers plastic?

Yes, all Vitamix containers are plastic. Historically, a Vitamix blender would come with a stainless steel container. But then it started making see-through high-quality plastic containers.

Nowadays, a Vitamix blender package has a plastic container, but you can purchase a separate steel container if you need one.

Is Vitamix toxic?

Most people think Vitamix plastic containers are toxic. Cheap plastic that leaches BPA into food is toxic. Vitamix does not use cheap plastic. It uses high-grade BPA-free plastic in its container which is not hazardous to health.