The Vitamix blenders come in a variety of colors. There are so many options to choose the color of the Vitamix machine for your kitchen. It can be hard to decide which color Vitamix blender is right for you.

Worry not, we’ll walk you through the different colors Vitamix blenders come in and help you decide on the perfect color to soothe your aesthetic needs. Whether you’re a cook, a mom, or a chef, there’s sure to be a Vitamix color that fits your kitchen and lifestyle!

What colors does Vitamix come in?

Vitamix blenders come in many colors and shades. The most common are black and metallic. Right Now, you can find the following color options when buying a Vitamix blender. The table contains colors and the image of Vitamix blender in that color.

Most Vitamix blender models are available in Black color only. The classic models like Vitamix Explorian or Vitamix 5200 come in Basic colors like plain black, red, grey (slate), or white colors. The Modern Ascent series blenders have more color options with different shades of black and grey and also 2 different red color shades. The only Vitamix with dual-color is the Vita prep blender which has a red and black combo.

How to choose Vitamix blender color?

For an ideal kitchen, the appliances should match the theme and finishing of the kitchen for the perfect look and feel.

Your cabinet coloring will tell you what color Vitamix will go with it. Colors like

Stainless metal shades can go with every option, they are trendy and give a shiny modern look. Stainless metal color is almost timeless.

If you have a dark kitchen cabinet and countertop finish the Vitamix blender with contrasting colors like white or slate will make it look better. The white color also gives clean look to the kitchen. You can also use brushed metallic finishes or pearl grey option that Vitamix blender like Professional 750 comes in.

With a wood color countertop, the copper finish can also look better. Light Stainless steel color blender may give a natural feel to the wood color kitchen.

The red color is really sweet and gives a lively look to the kitchen. Red color Vitamix blender will go well with a minimalist kitchen finish and will also make your mood better by giving warmth to your kitchen.

Vitamix black stainless vs graphite

The black stainless metal finish and the graphite metal finish may seem almost similar in the product pictures. But in reality, these two finishes of the Vitamix blender are quite different from each other in coloring.

The Graphite metal finish is more like matte black, a very dark shade of black. The black stainless metal finish is a lighter more greyish finish (don’t get confused by the term black in the name). In the following image, both finishes look almost black but the actual color of these two finishes are almost similar to the font color above each blender’s base color.

Vitamix black stainless vs graphite

What colors does the Vitamix 750 come in?

The Vitamix Professional 750 model has two series of colors. The regular Vitamix 750 colors include black, red, white. While the heritage series comes in few unique colors like pearl grey and copper finish.

Which Colour Vitamix is best?

As the color of a blender does not affect its performance. All Vitamix blenders are equally good no matter their coloring.

What color is best for you depends on the style of your kitchen walls, the color of your kitchen cabinet and countertop, etc.

Color of Vitamix blender will also depend on your personal choice and preference.

The best color Vitamix blender is the one that

  • Go perfectly with your dream kitchen
  • Give your kitchen a clean and decent look
  • Make you feel good when blending your favorite recipes

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