What Are Ground Nuts Used For?

Nuts and seeds like almonds, peanuts and cashews are often used as ingredients in drinks and juices.

They give the drink a slightly sweeter taste and also some creaminess which makes them great for shakes. Grinding makes the oils on the nut or seed flow more to make your hair healthier.

In recipes, groundnuts are used to make things like peanut butter and almond butter.

Since there are many blenders used for various tasks. This article mainly focuses on the best blenders for chopping nuts and seeds.

Ground Peanuts

Groundnuts (Peanuts)

Ground peanut is healthy because it has 50% fat and 20% protein. You can add ground peanut to bread, or use it as the main ingredient for a sandwich with jam or jelly.

If you want to eat peanut alone, you can mix it with some honey so that even though peanut tastes bitter, after mixing it with honey, the taste will be much sweeter.

Ground Almonds

Crushed Almonds

Ground almonds have an abundant amount of vitamin E which boosts your immune system and increases your metabolism rate.

Mix ground almonds with peanut or peanut butter to improve your peanut’s taste.

You can spread the peanut and almond mix on bread for breakfast or you can use it as an ingredient for peanut cookies.

Ground nuts recipes

Crushed nuts in cake and ice cream

Chopped nuts will taste good in ice cream because ice cream doesn’t have much taste to cover the peanut’s or almond’s bitter taste.

You should add chopped peanut after the ice cream has been made and put it in a freezer for about 2 hours to become hard.

Ground peanut will make your sundae more delicious. You can add peanuts to the chocolate sauce or you can also mix peanuts with vanilla ice cream before putting it in a blender.

You can add peanuts or almonds to cake recipes because ground peanuts and almonds are good ingredients in cakes.

This will improve the cake’s taste, texture and color. If you don’t want oily peanuts in your cake then you should soak the chopped peanut in water for about 40 minutes before adding them to the cake batter.

Grinding nuts at home

There are two types of grinding methods: one uses mechanical devices such as grinders, food processors, or blenders to grind nuts while the other method uses stone grinders.

The methods are very different so you have to choose one of them before making the peanut butter recipe or almond nut butter recipe.