Most of us do not bother with the instruction guides for the appliances. I am one of them, but maybe you are not. 

Anyways, the nutribullet or any single-serve bullet blender can be tricky to use for the first time. The thing hasn’t got any buttons! 

Also, the jar is smaller than a regular full-sized pitcher, which requires some pre-processing of fruits and vegetables before putting them into the blender.

Let’s jump right into the details of how to use a nutribullet and make your life hassle-free and healthy with this fantastic nutrients extractor.

How to put the ingredients in the cup?

In countertop blenders, you put soft and moist food first. Then you put dry and hard food above it. And finally, you put green leaves or ice cubes.

In the case of a bullet blender, you need to fill the cup, fit it to the blade assembly and then invert it over the motor base. So, the order of food placement is the opposite. Here,

  • First, add the green leaves
  • Then add fruits and vegetables (frozen or otherwise)
  • Then some hard stuff, nuts, and seeds
  • Lastly, add ice cubes (Do not add more than a quarter of the cup of ice)

After putting all ingredients in the above order, add liquid (water, juice, or milk) to the “max line” marked clearly on the cup.

Close the cup by screwing the extractor blade assembly and tight gently. 

How do you turn on a NutriBullet blender?

Here comes the best part, as we already know, this thing hasn’t got a button!

So, how do you turn it on then?

Flip the cup fitted with blade assembly and put it right on the base. Nutribullet cups have notches that get fixed on the activators in the motor base. 

Once the cup sits upright on the base, all you need is a gentle push and turn clockwise to turn on the nutribullet. Leave it so and enjoy hands-free blending.

If you see the items stuck at the sides of the cup and are not blending, remove the jar and shake it. Lock the cup back on the motor base and turn it on.

How do you clean a nutribullet?

A nutribullet is the perfect combo of an easy-to-use,easy-to-clean blender. 

After you’ve finished with the blending, you can separately clean the cups and the blade assembly. 

The only things you need to clean anyway. 

Blade assembly should be hand washed while the cups can also go into the dishwasher. They are top-rack dishwasher safe.

When cleaning, try keeping your hands from cutting through the blades, as they are sharp.

Can the nutribullet chop vegetables?

Chopping fruit and veggies before putting them into the nutribullet is good practice for two reasons.

First, the cups are smaller (even the tall cup) so, chopped ingredients will mix easier.

The standard nutribullet has the lowest wattage of 600W (so don’t bother trying too hard). Cut the ingredients to such a level to put them comfortably inside the cups.

Can you use nutribullet as a food processor?

Two different blade assemblies fit with this bullet blender. 

  • Nutrients extractor blades
  • Milling blades

The milling blade assembly, also called flat blades ground dry ingredients to powder.

With a pulse technique using flat blades, nutribullet can work as a food processor to chop ingredients. Be careful not to over-blend when using this technique. You can find further information about how to use these blade assemblies here.

How to use a nutribullet without overheating

A nutribullet may heat the food inside when over-blended. Do not blend any ingredient more than ONE MINUTE in a single run.

 If kept blending for a long period of time, the motor will overheat, start to smoke, or even burn down.

In 2017, a few cases related to overheating and explosions came across the news.

How to maintain the nutribullet blender

To use this blender for longer without any damage, follow these instructions.

  • Do not overfill the cups
  • Do not overtighten the blade assembly
  • Do not leave the blender unattended
  • Do not add hot boiling food to blend
  • Always clean the blender after every use
  • Use the blades according to the ingredients (milling blades for dry food, extractor blades for wet food)

If the nutribullet components get stuck. You can easily try a few tips to fix these nutribullet issues.

What to do when the nutribullet starts screaming?

After a year or two of regular use, the blades of the nutribullet give up. The plastic washer or bearing inside the blade assembly starts to wear. 

The blades begin to wobble and make weird loud noises when blending. Also, the blender starts to leak because of the torn washer.

To avoid any further damage, you need to replace the blade assembly asap.

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