What are the different blades for in a nutribullet?

Commonly, nutribullet comes with two types of blade assemblies. 

Extractor blade

Milling blade

The extractor assembly has crossed blades with a patented pro extractor design. These blades are best for blending wet ingredients such as smoothies and shakes.

The design of extractor blades also handles tough ingredients such as frozen fruit and ice cubes. Depending on the power of the blender, these blades can handle the toughest ingredients like a piece of cake!

The milling blades assembly has a flat 2-blades design. These blades along with smaller cups work best for dry seeds and nuts etc. Whether you want to make rice powder or mix powdered spices, the milling blade assembly is best to use with small-sized cups on nutribullet.

Which nutribullet blade for smoothies?

Extractor blades are best for making smoothies. The name extractor blades come from the fact that these blades pulverize fruits and vegs in such a way that all the nutrients are extracted efficiently.

You can make smoothies from frozen fruit or make consistent healthy green smoothies with the cross blades of nutribullet without heating the ingredients.

Are all nutribullet blades compatible?

The blades are permanently connected to the assembly which tightly screws on the cups and then goes onto the blender base.

As there are no power buttons on the nutribullet, the blender is turned on when the tabs on the cup press the activators on the motor base.

The cups and blade assemblies are not compatible with all bullet blenders, so you cannot use a blade assembly of one blender with another. Therefore, the blades are not compatible with all models.

Which magic bullet blade should I use?

What blade you should use totally depends on the type of ingredients you need to blend. If you are blending soft fruits and veggies to make smoothies, you need an extractor blade.

If you want to powder dry seeds and spices you have to use milling blades which are specifically designed to handle dry food items.

How often should you replace a NutriBullet blade?

Depending on your usage, if you are using your nutribullet blender daily. The blades will start to wobble after 6 months. The plastic washer inside the blade assembly will disintegrate and the bearings in the blade assembly may also get damaged.

With daily usage, you will need to replace the blades every 7 to 8 months. If you use it more carefully less than a few times a week, the blades will work great for around 2 years.

Can you buy new NutriBullet blades?

You can get the blade assemblies separately from nutribullet store, amazon, or any authorized dealer. You should know your model to get compatible blade assembly with a brand-new extractor or milling blade.