How To Use Vitamix Tamper?

You have got this plastic stick in your blender package, the Vitamix tamper for the blender. If you are wondering how to use this tool on your Vitamix you will find out here to use it properly.

Many Vitamix blenders compatible with the tamper have removable caps on their lids. Using tamper without lids is not safe.

  1. First and most importantly, ALWAYS have the lid on! It will keep the wand hitting the blades and damaging your Vitamix blender.
  2. Remove the cap from the pitcher lid and insert the Vitamix tamper into the jar.
  3. Push the ingredients down towards the bottom from all four sides
  4. Do not worry about pushing too hard. When used through the lid, the tamper won’t touch the blades.
  5. To avoid mess from the tamper, you can buy a separate holder for the tamper. Install the Vitamix tamper holder properly to store your Vitamix tamper near the blender for quick use.

Can you use a tamper with any Vitamix Blender?

It depends on the type of blade assembly, the size of the blender pitcher, and the length of the tamper stick. Blenders with the stacked blades by ninja do not require any tamper tool. Also, if you use a tamper compatible with a large-sized pitcher with a small container, it may hit the blades and cause severe damage.

It is better to know the compatibility of a blender with a tamper tool before getting one for your blender.

The Vitamix C series may have a separate tamper while the newer Ascent series can have low-profile tampers.

When using a tamper of one blender model on another, always make sure the blade assembly is clear while moving the tamper tool around inside the pitcher.

What can I use instead of a Vitamix tamper?

You can use an alternative to a tamper stick if your blender doesn’t have one. You can also use a silicone spatula instead of a tamper.

Take care when using a device other than a tamper as it is not locked properly above a certain height in the pitcher and can hit the bottom of the blender while pushing the food down.