How To Install Vitamix Tamper Holder

Install Vitamix Tamper Holder

When using a tamper with Vitamix, it is possible to create a mess from the dirty tamper. Also, it is unhygienic to reuse the tamper from the countertop back into the Vitamix. To put the tamper closer to the Vitamix blender without any mess, it’s nice to have a Vitamix tamper holder.

Once you buy a tamper holder for Vitamix separately, you need to install it on the blender.

Vitamix tamper holders come in two varieties.

Vitamix C and G Series Tamper Holder

For Classic Blenders

  • Classic series Vitamix 750

This tamper holder for Vitamix can fit the C-series and G-series.

To install the Vitamix tamper holder on the classic series, you need to remove the blender jar from the motor base.

Put the mounting bracket over the rubber pad on top of the motor base.

Push the tamper holder bracket on the rubber padding to fix the holder.

Installing Tamper Holder on Heritage 750 Model

Do not press too hard on the rubber pad because it may start to damage the orientation of the padding and result in vibrations during the blending process.

Vitamix Explorian Series Tamper Holder

For Explorian E320 E310

  • Fits under the base

Vitamix Ascent and Venturist Tamper Holder

For New Vitamix Series

  • Fits under the base left/right

The shape of the Vitamix tamper holder for both the Explorian series and the Ascent/Venturist series is almost the same.

Therefore, the installation of these holders is also the same.

First, you need to invert the blender base.

Then unwind the cord fully to make room for holder installation.

Finally, attach the tamper holder below so that the left or right side of the motor base is held by the ridge on the holder.

Installing Tamper Holder on Ascent Blender