Ninja Blender Won’t Work? Top 10 Issues and How to Fix Them


Ninja blender not working: Troubleshooting Ninja blender problems

Ninja blenders are one of the most powerful blenders on the market.

They’re also expensive, which means that it’s a significant blow to your budget when they break.

If you have had trouble with your ninja blender not working, there is no need to worry!

We’ve created this article for troubleshooting and fixing ninja blender issues.

Top 10 Reasons a Ninja Blender Won’t Turn on And How to make it work

Wrong Assembly

Ninja Blenders do not work when the parts are not assembled correctly. Therefore, you should always be careful when assembling these parts. Always read the user manual that comes with the package before using the blender.

The lid is not locked tightly

A loose lid is one of the main reasons why ninja blenders are not working.

If you are making smoothies or blending anything, don’t forget to lock the lid of the ninja blender tightly. The arrow (🔽) on the lid must align with the arrow (🔼) on the jar handle to lock properly.

Proper fixation of the lid on the pitcher

Ninja Blender Lid Handle Stuck

If the Lid handle is stuck on the pitcher and won’t come out with the release button. Try a gentle push on the lid handle with the other hand and then push the release button.

If nothing works out. Put your thumb in the spout of the lid and put some pressure to pop the lid open.

Loose Blade assembly

Check if your ninja blender’s blade assembly that holds the blades in place is not worn out or jumpy.

It would be best if you had a strong screwdriver to loosen it off and tighten it again firmly. Here is a video of how to fix NutriNinja blades.

For other Ninja blenders with stack blade assembly, make sure it is upright and seated properly on the drive coupling. If it is a little loosely seated, don’t worry.

Fix loose blade assembly

The pitcher is not in the correct position

The pitcher of the blender should fit onto the base in any position.

If it takes more effort to rotate the pitcher into a locked position, remove it and put it back again. It should rotate on the base with minimal effort.

Ninja blender correct pitcher position on the base

Blades won’t turn Properly

This issue is caused when there are some hard pieces of food chunks blocking the blade assembly.

The residue from previous blends dried out on the drive gear can also be the reason for jammed blades.

There may be some metal pieces causing the sound and disrupting the blade’s rotation.

The ninja blender Handle won’t go down

You can remove the handle of the Ninja blender jar for various purposes.

Unscrew two small screws at the bottom of the jar under the handle.

On the top of the handle there is a little button, push that button and pry the handle cover with a wedge.

There is an arrow on the handle that should match the arrow on the lid for a proper fix.

The handle should be in the right or left corner of the blender. It will not turn on if the handle is not positioned correctly.


Another reason could be that there are little chunks of stuff stuck inside, which can overburden the motor. Blending hot liquids for too long can also cause this problem.

Overfilling the blender jar with hard and thick ingredients can also cause overheating. The result can be smoking or even burning of the blender motor.

Thicker blends will make the motor work harder than needed, thereby causing an overheating situation.

Also, make sure to place the blender in a neat and dry space for proper airflow through the motor assembly in the base.

Internal thermal switch

During prolonged use or overburden, the blender’s internal thermal switch detects overheating.

It switches off the motor until the temperature drops back to the normal level.

Thus, you can use the blender without any issue when the temperature is again normal.

Screeching Noise

This could be either because of pulsing air in the small space between blades and pitcher or a stuck blade issue.

In personal blender models like Nutrininja, the bearings of the blade assembly may also break.

Broken bearings or worn washers make the blades wobble and result in weird and loud noise.

Internal power Switch

The electronic power switch under the on-off button can sometimes fail.

If this is the case, DO NOT try to fix it unless you are fully skilled in electronics, you should claim the warrant if you can still.

Tripped breaker

Loose connections and wiring can trip the circuit breaker.

So first, check connections/wiring by turning off both the main switch and circuit breaker and then looking for loose wiring.

If everything is okay, reset the breaker setting and try running the blender.

ninja blender power light blinking

Ninja blender power light blinking

If the blender’s power light is blinking, it means that your blend pitcher is not in the correct position or there is a problem with the lid.

At the bottom of the pitcher, there is a pin that goes up and down with the lid handle. This pin pushes a switch on the base. If the switch is not pressed the power light will keep blinking and the blender will not run.

Ninja blender pitcher not properly fitted on the base

Conclusion: how to fix a ninja blender

This guide is helpful for fixing a few common Ninja blender issues. You should always follow instructions on the user manual for the best use of any electronic appliance. If there is a more complex problem with the device, contact the customer support of Ninja Kitchen System


  1. Could you please help me? The blade in my Ninja food processor/ blender is stuck! It works perfectly fine but I can’t take the blade out. What should I do?

    1. Hi Linda. I am sorry for replying late. Has your problem been solved? If not, please tell me which model are you using? Is it blade assembly stuck to the drive socket? technically it should not happen, because as you would already know the blade assembly is set loose. But either the grooves on your blade assembly are damaged or there are some residue ingredients that jammed your blade assembly. You should try to hold the drive socket from the bottom of the food processor container or blender jar and give a turn to the blade assembly manually. It should unstick it. Please share your feedback thank you.

  2. “Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking” This section put me right on the problem. I went straight to the area that the top clicks into and found that the protrusion was broken off. The cylindrical pin was still in tack. But what helped me the most was: “At the bottom of the pitcher, there is a pin that goes up and down with the lid handle. This pin pushes a switch on the base.” Voila!!! Problem found. Need to get a new blend pitcher. Thank you very much. This website was very useful. We have the NINJA KITCHEN SYSTEM AUTO-IQ; MODEL # BL681A Thanks again

    1. Hey Ron, I am so glad it helped. The problem is unfortunately beyond repair. Good luck with the new pitcher. Happy Blending!

    1. Hi Johanna. Can you please tell us which model you have? So that we could guide you further. Thank you.

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