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In this how-to guide, we’ll teach you the basics of using blenders to make healthy, delicious drinks and sauces. From blending greens and fruits to making nut butter and frosty shakes, a blender can be your best friend in the kitchen. So get ready to start whipping up some delicious concoctions that will have you feeling your best!

If you’re having trouble with your blender, you can find tips and things you can do to get your blender fixed and running.

How to use a blender?

If you have got a new Ninja blender and want to know how to use it you can follow our guide on how to use a ninja blender.

If you can’t figure out how to use your nutribullet for the first time, read this article on how to use a nutribullet blender.

How to clean a blender?

Cleaning a blender can be a boring task, but it’s important to take care of your appliance so that it can continue to help you create delicious smoothies and soups.

Follow these guides to clean your ninja blenders with stacked assembly, clean your Vitamix blender under blades and easily clean your bullet blenders. We will also help you find out which blenders are dishwasher safe.

How to fix Blenders and their components?

Blenders have lots of moving components. These components can get damaged with time and need fixing. Whether your Ninja blender has any issues, or your Vitamix has stopped working. We provide you with a detailed guide on finding the solutions to these issues and fixing them quickly.

Also, read our guides on how to reduce the noise of your blender. If you are worried about your blender blades, go through this guide on how to fix these blades. We have also added this detailed article on sharpening blender blades for you.

Here are some more guides on fixing blenders.

How to fix a smoking blender?

How to fix leaky blenders?

How to fix KitchenAid blender flashing light?

How to blend?

Here are a few guides on how to blend various ingredients in different blenders.

How to grind coffee in Vitamix?

How to crush ice in a blender?

How to make shaved ice in a blender?

Information about blenders and blending

Here are the articles on other information about blender manufacturers, wattage, components, the process of blending, the pros and cons of blending, etc.

Do blenders destroy nutrients?

Blender wattage?

How long do blenders last?

What is a blender tamper?

What colours does a Vitamix come in?

How to use Automatic blending preset settings

Many blenders like Ninja AutoIQ and Vitamix Ascent series have automatic preset settings for walk-away blending. First-time users can find it hard to use these presets, we help you resolve this problem by following guides.

Vitamix preset settings symbols

How to blend without a blender

If you haven’t got a blender! You can still make many blended recipes, have a look at these awesome tips to blend stuff without a blender.

How to blend smoothie without a blender?