Soap making is an ancient art. With all the beauty of this artistic practice comes the difficulty of stirring, mixing and emulsification.

Before today’s technological advances, people would spend hours stirring oils and lye to make soap solutions.

Now, with efficient kitchen tools such as a stick blender, it is easy to make soap and blend soap solutions in minutes rather than hours.

There are many options in the market for buying an immersion blender for soap making. With various brands and models of stick blenders, It is hard to choose the best blender for making soap.

We have researched the market for the best stick blender for your needs. These blenders will help you more than just make soap.

5 Best Immersion stick blenders for making soap


Shaft Material


Why Good For Soap Making?


Mueller Hand Blender

Stainless Steel


Best for soap making because of Stainless Steel shaft (does not react with lye)

Cuisinart CSB-75BC

Stainless Steel


Works good for blending soap oils and liquid together

Braun MQ7035X

Stainless Steel


Create soap solutions without splashing and bubbles

Hamilton Beach 59765



For a pleasant soap making experience

GE Immersion Blender

Stainless Steel


Works great for soap making. No air and no bubbles

Mueller Hand Blender for soap making

Mueller Austria is a top American brand that offers products for kitchen activities.

It is a pretty strong blender for soap making. It is heavy-duty and ready to use for blending my soap batch.

This smart blender overall feels solid and is a high-quality product. The attachments and the base blender are high quality.

The shaft material is high-quality, non-corrosive stainless steel. Every accessory of the blender is well made.

The smart stick saves money and space through multiple functionalities with a single motor stick. You can chop, blend and whisk using different attachments with the same stick.

Attachments are easy to attach and detach. The Whisk accessory is great for cream and egg whites whisking without a mess.

The Meuller blender is easy to use. Assembling the blender is very convenient, and attaching and detaching attachments is also super easy. It has accessible functions to operate.

This immersion blender along with its accessories is very easy to clean and store. Easy cleaning is one of the best points when choosing a blender.

Apart from cleaning, this blender has a low footprint when stored. The easiest-to-clean and store blender is an excellent choice for many who regularly work in the kitchen.

This stick blender has a powerful 800W motor. There is a dial for choosing speed from 12-speed presets.

An additional turbo boost selection is also available for the super-powerful blending of more challenging ingredients.

The stainless steel shaft with titanium blade and specialized blade guard design makes this blender one of the top choices for soap making.

Cuisinart CSB-75BC immersion blender for soap Making

Cuisinart CSB-75BC is a 200W smart stick blender. It is a fantastic blender for making soap at an affordable price.

The Cuisinart smart stick is extremely powerful for blending small batches. The enhanced safety feature ( by pushing the top button and regular speed button 1 or 2 on the side) makes it a decent blender without any mishaps or health hazards.

It has a single-speed blending option, which does not affect its efficiency to use for blending soap solutions.

The ergonomic design makes this blender very easy to use and comfortable to handle.

Besides soap making, this blender can help prepare soup and make cold smoothies.

The Cuisinart hand blender is available in 11 different colors. You have a wide choice to get the one that matches your kitchen’s color theme.

Braun MQ7035X Stick blender for soap Making

Braun MultiQuick 7 is a great immersion blender with a 500W motor stick. There are multiple smart functionalities of this stick blender.

The most advanced technology this blender has is ActiveBlades. The flexible shaft for Multiquick 7 can move the blades upward and downward, cutting through the toughest ingredients.

The comfortable design helps you to use the blender single-handedly.

This blender has no holes in the stainless steel shaft around the blade assembly, making it great for making soup without a mess. The powerful blender creates a smooth soap batter without any bubbles.

The blender is easy to assemble and disassemble. The shaft is easy to clean. The overall performance of the blender is so outstanding it would be one of your best purchases.

Hamilton Beach 59765 immersion blender for making soap

The Hamilton Beach 2-speed stick blender works like a charm for making soap at home. The 225W motor produces great suction and vacuum for mixing.

For a better experience of soap making, you need to use this blender in burst or pulse mode, with some delay between the blends.

The power bell design of the blade guards helps in blending without splashing and avoids foaming by trapping less air and bubbles.

The stainless steel shaft works great with soap. The shaft material does not react with the alkali solution of the soap.

The power of the blender is perfect for making soup. However, it makes a noise when blending soap solution.

The handle of the stick is also not much comfortable.

GE Stick Blender for Soap making

The GE 2-speed Immersion blender is high quality with a solid yet simple design.

The shaft is made of stainless steel which allows for the mixing of soap solutions.

It cannot crush hard foods like frozen fruit, dried nuts and seeds, or even whole foods.

The handle is made of hard plastic but the design is ergonomic and easy to handle.

The design of the blade guard helps in smooth blending without any bubbles.