Do Blenders Destroy Nutrients?

Smoothies are pureed mixture of fruits or vegetables blended in a blender or food processor.

We, smoothie lovers, prefer to drink blended fruits and vegetables than eat whole food. It helps us keep up with our on-the-go lifestyle.

Fruits and Vegetables are an integral part of our diet, they both contain nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals

Consuming full fruits and vegetables helps to prevent diseases such as stroke, cancer, coronary heart disease, and skin-related problems.

According to the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, more than 85% of adults are under-consuming fruits and vegetables, resulting in low intakes of dietary fibers.

Does Blending remove fibers and other nutritents?

If you don’t eat whole fruits and vegetables and prefer smoothies, the following questions may come to your mind.

Does blending destroy nutrients? No, blending fruits and vegetables does not reduce their nutritional value.

Do blenders destroy fiber? No, they don’t, that’s one of the benefits blenders have over juicers. Blending gives you the whole bulk of fruits and vegetables including the pulp. Nothing is removed.

If you are using pure ingredients and avoid added flavors or other unnatural additives, blending will not affect the healthiness of the blended product. It will have the same benefits as consuming whole fruits or vegetables.

There is even more to smoothies.

According to this amazing article about smoothies, drinking pureed greens with mashed fiber can also help enhance the probiotic effect. Increase good bacteria in the gut having positive effects on your health such as improving your immune system.

Blending retains the fiber content of the food items, thus lowering the glycemic index and preventing any disturbance in the sugar level of the body.

Blending Process

The reason why blenders prevent destroying the nutritions of a particular food lies in the process of blending.

Since there is no filtering in a blender, it reproduces everything (nutrients) you put into it. No component such as pulp or fiber etc. from the whole food is wasted or removed. You get everything.

Blending also helps break down food for easy digestion. Blenders break tougher food items such as nuts and seeds used in smoothies and obtain fiber and oil content.

It also helps the stomach to do extra work of breaking down tough foods. People who do not chew vegetables or fruits properly can also find blended foods healthier.

Blending is the best alternative to add complete nutrition of healthy green foods in your meal and will also help you in weight loss and healthier skin. Smoothies are far better than drinking flavored juices with no fibers or other healthy nutrition. Read this post by Harvard Health Publishing for more details.

how to make smoothies Healthier

Most often few important things slip under our radar while blending smoothies, and instead of making a healthier recipe, it can become an unhealthy drink.

To avoid these mistakes while making smoothies and have most of the nutritional benefits from fruits and vegetables follow these amazing tips to make the healthiest smoothie.

  • Do not add more than a cup of fruits to a single serving
  • Add berries to green leaves for better taste and high dietary fibers
  • Do not add sugar additives and flavored yougart
  • Add nuts and seeds for protien boost
  • Add ice to make your smoothie bigger without adding more calories

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