Best Cordless Battery Powered Blenders

Always in a rush? Wish to make your smoothies anytime, anywhere? Without drawing out all those big machines?

Want to get rid of making messes during blending in a hurry?

Hate trying to figure out places to plug it in your portable blender during travel?

We have been researching to find these 7 best portable cordless blenders for you.

These blenders will solve your problems and make the year 2022 hassle-free for you.

7 Best Rechargeable cordless blenders





The Good The Bad


20 oz.


Beast portable blender

Average battery life

Cuisinart RPB-100 EvolutionX

16 oz.


Good for liquid blending


SIYUCU Portable Blender

14 oz.


Easy to clean

Lahuko Portable Blender

13 oz.



No bottom lid

Fbemoz Rechargeable Blender

17 oz.


Large cup

Tricky fitting

Zuccie Magnetic Rechargeable

13 oz.


Magnetic charging

17PinHut Handheld Portable

14 oz.


Easier to Clean

Keep in mind! These blenders are not as powerful as regular high-powered countertop blenders. Try not to use them for heavy blending. These low-powered blenders are not efficient in blending hard food such as frozen fruits or ice cubes. They are best for thawed frozen items or liquid blending.

best rechargeable Portable blenders 2022

BlenderX Cordless

Most Powerful Portable Blender

  • Personal Outdoor Blender
  • Ice Crushing

It is the most powerful cordless blender for those who want heavy-duty blending on the go.

Crushing ice and frozen fruits is no big deal for this beast blender. Blending with power was never that easy before.

If you love camping and like to go out with your family outdoors. This blender will not let you down.

Enjoy living in the cabin with creamy, frozen and healthy smoothies and perfectly blended margaritas. Keep charging the battery every few months.

Cuisinart RPB-100 EvolutionX

Quick Charge Longer Run

  • Best for Cold Coffee and Shakes

Nice to have this compact blender when travelling. It has got all the accessories to keep your blending requirements go-to.

Easy to travel with, keep track of charging with power LEDs. Lightweight, easy to use and dishwasher safe.

This powerful battery-powered blender can sometimes be a little loud.

SIYUCU Portable Blender

Waterproof USB Charging

  • Easy to Handle
  • Powerful Quick Blending

Lightweight, waterproof, easy-to-clean blender. Feel free to put it under tap water without worrying about the motor base. It can blend frozen fruits.

Lahuko Portable Blender

High-Speed Cordless Blender

  • One-Touch blend and clean
  • Shockproof Bottom

This rechargeable blender is best to use in tight spaces such as offices or when out on travel.

It can easily make cold smoothies when you put smaller pieces of frozen fruits.

It has no bottom lid to sit on a table. Do not expect crushing ice from this blender.

Fbemoz Rechargeable Blender

BPA-free AutoClean

  • 6-blade Assembly
  • Slip Free Handling

Durably built and larger size than competing portable blenders. A powerful motor at a great price and easy to clean.

The fitting of the jar on the blender can be a little tricky read the manual to make sure the jar aligns with the base.

Zuccie Magnetic Rechargeable Blender

Cordless Charging

  • Fast Charging
  • Low Noise

You don’t need to plug charging into this blender. It uses contact charging technology.

You can keep blending while the blender charges. This blender has an added safety feature.

It will not turn on unless the jar is fixed on the base properly. Best for use around toddlers.

17PinHut Handheld Cordless Blender

High-Quality Mini Blender

  • Auto Stop Design
  • Glass Cup
  • Lightweight Compact

Convenient charging and very easy to clean.

It can blend smaller pieces of frozen fruits.

Durable and well designed. Great for outdoors.

Key Factors to Consider before Choosing Cordless Blenders

Before moving to the list, you need to know the following things to choose the best rechargeable blender.

The few reasons people want to get a portable blender are the compact size and the lightweight.

Easier to take anywhere and use anytime. Always consider these factors before buying a battery-powered blender.

Size and weight

We all buy portable blenders powered with batteries for our convenience. The size of these blenders is one of the main factors to count when choosing one.

A rechargeable blender should fit in your bag while travelling, riding, walking, or camping.

These blenders should fit easily inside the jar holder of your car while putting it on charge.

The weight of these blenders is usually not much since there is no heavy machinery in their motor base like regular countertop blenders.

These blenders should be small and light enough, not holding you back in your outdoor tasks.

Always choose a compact battery-powered blender, but not too small to be useless as the one in the picture!

Too small rechargeable blenders

Battery life

Battery life

A cordless blender is of no use that requires a charging cord all the time! Battery power has a top priority when looking for a USB chargeable blender.

A single serving of smoothie takes 30 seconds at the most with these little guys. Good portable blenders should have at least 20 minutes of blending capabilities before their battery gives up.

As mentioned already, you should not expect much from these on-the-go blenders. But they should be capable of at least giving you 10-20 cycles of blending before needing a recharge.

Ease of use

Choose a rechargeable blender that is super easier to use. The charging mechanism, on/off buttons, closing and fitting lid and cup should be as easy as possible.

The way to use these blenders is simple. Everything goes into the cup. You press the button to activate the motor until you’ve got your desired mix. Super easy! It should be.


Perfect accessories enhance the magic of a portable blender. You should check all the components that come with the blender.

Always make sure they do not limit the portability. Jars, lids, and charging cables should be easy to use. They should be easier to carry and store with you when travelling or during outdoor activities.

Many battery-powered blenders come with jars having builtin to go designs. Other manufacturers have added easy-to-handle lids like the one shown.



Watch out for this one! Try getting those rechargeable blenders that are dishwasher safe or otherwise easier to clean.

Smaller blenders are sometimes hard to wash by hand. Be sure your on-the-go blender will not hold you in the cleaning part.

Noise level

Smaller low-powered chargeable blenders are not as loud as regular stand blenders. Still, few of the models can be loud.

Choose one which does not bother people around you with noisy blenders.

Get a silent portable blender to enjoy nature without noise when camping, and also not disturb your camping neighbours.

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