Can you grind Meat In A Blender?

A blender is versatile kitchen equipment. It can replace a mixer, juicer and even a meat grinder.
I know you’d already be thinking if you can grind meat in a blender.

Yes, you can. Blender can grind meat.

  • Use chilled meat
  • Cut the meat into 1″ inch cubes
  • Put a few pieces at a time
  • Use pulse mode
  • Mix after a few pulses for consistency

Some blenders can have a hard time with it, while others can crush it like a piece of cake.

Do not use a blender for mincing frequently, get a meat grinder.

Grinding meat in a blender

It can be a little tricky to get minced meat using a blender! But, worry not. We will give you everything on using your blender to grind meat.

The day before yesterday I was trying to grind half-boiled meat in my not-so-fancy blender. It was painful, I didn’t know how to do it properly.

So I started researching if it is even possible to make ground meat in a blender.

I will share what I learned as there are many of us who still don’t know how to do this.

Best way to mince meat in a blender

If you are using a Ninja blender, a nutribullet, or a Blendtec, It is better to use pulse mode. And if you have the Vitamix try to start from the lowest speed preset 1, then slowly increase to speed preset 6.

Generally, whatever blender you have, follow these steps to get perfect ground meat after blending.

  • Put a few cubes at a time
  • Use Tamper or shake the jar a few times to push meat toward the blades
  • Add a little water if required

Prepare meat for grinding in a blender.

Here are a few steps you must follow before putting meat into the blender. It will ensure meat grinds fine and is consistent with a blender. It will take some time, but if you follow these steps, even a mediocre blender will blend the meat like a pro.

  • Put the meat in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before
  • Cut it into smaller pieces
  • Remove the larger chunks of fat from the meat

Half-frozen meat is easier to cut with a knife. It will also make it less tacky and easy to blend. Cutting it into smaller pieces and putting fewer pieces at a time will prevent overloading the blender.

Fats can dull the blades. Removing excess fats from the meat will keep the blades sharpened, grinding more meat in a single run. After following these steps, the meat is ready. It’s time to make minced meat using your blender!

What Kind Of Meat Can You Grind In A Blender?

You can blend any meat such as beef, chicken, etc. but make sure it is without bones. Before mincing meat in a blender, you must prepare it for better mincing.

Can You Grind Meat In A Vitamix Blender?

Yes, you can. Vitamix blenders are the most amazing blenders. To make minced meat using Vitamix, start the blender at the lowest speed. Keep putting a few pieces of meat at a time while increasing the speed. Do not try to fill the jar with all the meat.

Can you grind meat in a ninja blender?

Yes, Any Ninja can blend meat. You can even use your Ninja Fit Personal blender for meat grinding. Fill not more than half a jar and keep pulsing until all the meat grinds. Make sure you have already prepared the meat for the best results.

Can You Blend Meat With A Hand Blender?

A hand blender can be a better replacement for a mincing machine. Many manufacturers such as Braun add accessories like mincing blades and jars. These hand-blender addons are perfect for grinding meat.

Can you grind deer meat in a blender?

Yes, Just like blending another meat type you can also grind deer meat in a blender. Make sure the meat is cut into smaller pieces and the blender is powerful enough.

Can You Grind Meat Without A Blender?

If you have already tried your blender for grinding meat, and have failed. Just like I did. There is also another way to do it, one last stand. Use a knife and a cutting board to start mincing meat without any machine hand. Be careful with this procedure. It is better to watch this video before you attempt grinding meat this way. Take care of your fingers!


It is always great to mince fresh meat at your home and add seasoning according to your taste and requirements. It is hard for a blender to make consistent ground meat there is also possible that the meat grinds very fine. A meat grinder is perfect for mincing.

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