Blending is one of the simplest and most versatile kitchen skills. You can use it to create smoothies, soups, sauces, doughs, and many other dishes. There are many different ingredients that you can blend together in a blender, and the possibilities are practically endless.

Some foods just won’t fit and will create clumps or chunks in the machine. Blending certain ingredients can create some interesting and unexpected results. However, there are a few things you should never blend together because they will simply not mix well. Some of these include oils and fats, strong flavors, and raw eggs. When it comes to blending, it’s always best to start with basic ingredients and work your way up to more complicated combinations.

Here are some ingredients and recipes that you can easily blend in your blender. There are also details about things you should never put in a blender. And finally, you can read detailed guides on what your blender can and cannot blend.

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