How To Make Soup In The Vitamix


cook soup In a Vitamix

A Vitamix is a blender that is famous for its power and versatility. It can do everything from chopping vegetables to making smoothies.

It is the only blender on the market powerful enough to heat up ingredients and make soup.

Thanks to its smasher blades and high-speed motor.

The blunt blades rub with ingredients and within minutes, heat raw veggies and liquid to boiling hot soup. Here is how to make hot soup in the Vitamix.

Cooking soup with Vitamix is very easy.

Blenders such as Professional 750 and Ascent 3500 have preset programs for soups.

These presets are very convenient for one-touch walk-away soup recipes.

The Vitamix can cook in so many ways. It can heat up soup that is already prepared, or it can cook soup from raw vegetables and ingredients.

To cook soup using presets all you need is to put ingredients in the jar, fix the lid. Then select the soup option from presets and turn on the blender. It will take 5-6 minutes to get creamy hot cooked soup from raw vegetables and cold water.

The frictional heat from high-speed Vitamix blades can make water boil in 8 minutes.
If you have a standard Vitamix blender such as 5200 with no presets you can still cook a delicious soup.

You can use the following method to cook soup in Vitamix using manual settings. Put all the ingredients along with water or milk in the blender jar. Set the speed dial to the lowest speed level 1. Turn on the blender and start rising the speed level to the highest, 10.

Keep blending at this speed for at least 5 minutes. Now, if you want to add some ingredients to make the soup crunchy, run the blender at a lower speed level 3 for a few seconds.
All it takes is 5-6 minutes of the high-speed smashing of Vitamix blender blades to cook a tasty soup.

How do you use the soup setting on a Vitamix?

The soup setting is one of the preset settings on modern Vitamix blenders. This setting allows you to cook soup with the least human interaction.

Using the soup settings on any Vitamix is very easy. Vitamix model 750 has a speed dial, which can turn around to select these presets. The ascent series has touch buttons with preset symbols on them. You can select the soup setting by touching the soup preset symbol. After selecting the soup program, turn on the blender and let the blender cook for you.

As making hot soup with a Vitamix blender takes at least 5 minutes, it is sometimes hard to wait for such long. With the soup preset setting, you can walk away doing other stuff around and let the blender do the job for you.

Is It Safe To Make Soup In Vitamix?

Yes, it is safe to make soup in Vitamix. The friction heating of these ingredients in a Vitamix blender does not boil food. The heating retains nutrients from the ingredients such as raw vegetables.

Can You Put Boiling Soup In Vitamix?

It is not recommended to put boiling hot food in a blender jar. The Vitamix blender containers are made of sturdy high-quality BPA-free plastic. But, it is better to avoid boiling hot soup inside blender jars.

Does Vitamix 5200 Make Hot Soup?

Yes, you can use manual speed settings to cook hot soup in Vitamix 5200 blender. use the speed dial to change the speed. Always use the highest level of 10 speed to cook soup. You should never blend at low speeds for long.

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