What Is a Blender Tamper?

Tamper for Blender

Are you wondering about the plastic stick that came along with your blender package? It is called a blender tamper tool or accelerator.

Most countertop blenders work on the principle of creating a vortex by rotating blades and pulling food down for proper blending. More liquids in the pitcher help to circulate and mix the ingredients.

But, when blending items with a low quantity of liquid such as frozen fruit, green leaves, nut butter, etc.

It needs a little help pushing the food towards the blades for consistent blends. This extra help comes from using the tamper on a blender.

A blender tamper is a BPA-free plastic cylinder with a top handle. It goes into the pitcher through the lid and helps to mix ingredients inside. The tamper allows a smoother and more uniform blending by removing air pockets from the mixture.

Universal tamper stick

There is also a model of the blender tamper that can adjust for any blender jar size.

The flat ring under the handle can adjust to many positions to change the length of the stirring part of the tamper stick and fit inside any container.

Using this blender tamper reduces the chances of damage that can cause by using alternatives to the tamper.

Universal tamper stick

Is a tamper necessary in a blender?

No, a tamper is not necessary for every blender. If you are using a Ninja or a bullet blender, you don’t need a tamper or accelerator tool. The design of these blenders will keep mixing the ingredients without any external push.

Also, manufacturers such as Blendtec and Vitamix design their blenders to mix anything by pulling ingredients toward the blade during the blending. But, for many dry ingredients such as nuts and tough food items such as frozen fruit, you will need an extra push to blend stuff smoothly. So, many people find it helpful to have some help in mixing items for more consistency of the products.

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